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Our Imperfect Marriage - 11 - Full baked friendship

When she did not communicate anything further I confessed I am sorry hetu for going away like that sorry for not being there when you needed me I am sorry for being selfish. I was not aware of all this you know right if I had any clue of what's going on your life I would have come here you trust me right? Trust me, you are still my best friend when I hear the news of your father's death.

I wanted to visit you but couldn't come because of the work pressure. When I saw you in the restaurant I came to know you got married and didn't invite me. Why didn't you call me to help hetu? Why? When I met baani you know what I told her. Before our marriage I want to meet my best friend and 'wanted to bake my full friendship' I don't want my friendship should be half baked do you remember when we first met you were reading a novel of 'half baked love story'. Life gave us a second chance to meet to reunite our friendship then, please forgive me. I need my hetu back. the girl who was strong, independent, charming, and most importantly who makes the best food. Say something hetu your silence is killing me.

She started to cry like a baby and I hugged her and she hugged me back. a few more minutes she sobbed and she looked at me and said I was alone. I missed you you won't leave me this time right? I won't go anywhere but what about your husband? He will kill me out of jealousy if I stay here for more time and we both laugh. Suddenly she said now it's "our full baked friendship"

We were talking and suddenly the doorBell rang when I opened the door. Arya, baani, zivha, Aryan everyone was there. Surprise they scream out loud. Akshat also came outside hearing their voice. We had a small celebration.

Akshat was looking towards hetvi every once in a while. We should give them some alone time. I texted baani. We said bye to each other. While Hugging, I advised Hetvi. Talk with him. He loves you. Make sure you take an effort to make things better.

Akshat was cleaning the plate and I waited for him to come outside. He asked me do you want anything? I hugged him and said I am sorry for not hearing your side of things. Thank you for understanding me. I am sorry for saying harsh words to you. He said It's okay Let's start fresh. try to know each other. Share everything about us. Our likes, dislikes, choices, habits, food, and everything. I want to be your favorite person. I want to know everything about you. Can I?

I said yes we will make efforts for our marriage. For our relationship. And he kissed on the cheek and said good night. while entering his room he said don't blush much your cheek will hurt.

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