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Revenge of the Ghost - 18

An unknown number was being flashed on Satya’s phone. Ravindra dithered for a minute and then he picked up the call. Ravindra said, ‘Hello. Who is this?’ The caller said his name was Ramnarayan Shashtri. And he was called by Satya in connection with some ongoing inquiry about a case. Ravindra sighed and replied, ‘Shashtriji, she is in the hospital and I am the investigating officer of that case. We were attacked last night and now she is in the hospital. She seems physically alright, but she is not speaking anything and unable to identify anyone.’ The voice of Shashtriji was very calm and deep. The sound of his voice made the environment calm.

Ravindra felt some sort of calmness after a chaotic night. After hearing what had happened to Satya, he told, ‘Ravindraji, I will come to the hospital right away. Please text me the address.’ Ravindra sent the address to Shashtriji and was looking out the window trying very hard to grasp the situation at hand. His sole focus was to cure Satya and nothing else. But as an inspector he could not neglect the case too. So, he called a constable to look for Shankarbaba and ask him to come to the police station. Then he went to Satya’s room. He opened the door and the ground below his legs was shattered to pieces. He was taken aback by the horrific scene in the room.

Satya was floating in the middle of the room about some 3 feet over her bed. She was not awake but still she was speaking something or rather mumbling. She was not making any sense. With shaking legs and a pulsating heart, Ravindra stepped slowly towards her. He tried to catch her arm and it was hot and so hot that it left a burn mark on his fingers. He immediately let it go. He tried to pull her back on the bed, but he could not. The force was immense, and he could hardly move her. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and stared Ravindra. He felt something burning inside him but outside he was feeling cold. She made a horrible tick tick sound and bam. She fell back on her bed. The entire atmosphere in the room was serene. There was no sound and everything was absolutely still. Ravindra felt a presence behind him and he turned around.

It was Shashtirji and he was chanting something. He had a positive aura around him. Just his presence made the entire atmosphere charismatic. He felt that his brain was now completely calm as if there were never any worries. He felt light. After a while Shashtriji opened his eyes and looked at Ravindra. He blessed him and said, ‘Do not worry my son. Everything will be alright. She will be normal soon.’ Ravindra was amazed and could not speak anything as he was completely overwhelmed. But his eyes did not forget to show gratitude. Shashtriji went near to Satya and tried put his hand over her forehead. And to his surprise he was taken aback. Some unknown force pushed him back fiercely. Some crooked lines of worry appeared on his forehead. He said, ‘It is a very powerful soul who has taken over Satya. And it is fighting very hard.’

After saying this Shashtriji took a salt bottle from his bag and drew a circle on the ground with salt. He sat inside that circle and started to chant some mantras to fight the soul. But Shashtriji was not aware of the actual power of the soul he was fighting with. Satya started to float again but this time she was in the standing position mid-air. She opened her eyes and those were burning red eyes. There was a shrill sound like a wild animal cry. Shashtriji spoke with a very calm voice and there was a single hint of terror in his voice, ‘Do not look into her eyes Ravindra. ‘Ravindra was perplexed to see all these. He just stood there like a statue. But he understood what Shashtriji meant and he tried very hard not to look at Satya’s face. Satya spoke in a very deep distorted voice, ‘Leave me alone or this girl will die.’ A very fierce blow of wind rushed inside the room and disturbed the salt line completely. And after that she just flown out of the window and Ravindra could not do anything.

Shashtriji stood up and pulled Ravindra out of his trans. Ravindra’s mind was blown and he was unable to recollect his thoughts. He was just staring Shashtriji with horror struck dilated eyes. Shashtriji put his right-hand thumb on his forehead and Ravindra came back to his senses. He just shouted, ‘where is my Satya Shashtriji. Where did she go? Please find her.’ Shashtriji said, ‘I will. First tell me everything from the beginning but not here. Let us go to the nearest temple and sit there. And do not leave any detail even if you think that it is not a necessary detail. They both went to the temple and left behind a hive of stories which would be told and shared by the villagers for centuries. While walking towards the jeep, Shashtriji took a talisman from his bag, narrated something very slowly and gave it to Ravindra and said, ‘Wear this my son. And do not ever remove it from your neck and wear it everywhere even while using the restroom. As this is the only thing which will protect you from that evil soul.’

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