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Revenge of the Ghost - 31

Ravindra’s efforts were in vain. He could not free himself from that deadly grasp. He was calling for help but his words died in his mouth, and nothing came out apart from gushes of air. He was trying hard, but he could not reach the side mirror and as soon as he reached that mirror, he broke it, and that sound directed the attention towards him. Shashtriji saw that and chanted some mantras and blew air from his mouth after opening the fist of his right hand. And Ravindra got free from that deadly clench of the ghost. He gathered his strength and looked around. The jeep was still in the air but there was nothing around the car.

He tried to open the door to get out. Meanwhile at the ground there was a situation. The creatures filled with rage were trying extremely hard to enter the circle of holy fire created by Baba. Baba knew that and he was concentrating on a series of mantras and the moment the entire series got over Baba stood up. He waved with his hands and a very powerful beam of holy light started to spread from the border of the holy circle. The force was so powerful that all those creatures were taken aback and because of the holy light they got burned and turned to dust. The ghost saw that, and she got very angry. She came very near to that circle, and she transformed herself into the most hideous creature possible on the Earth.

Her entire face was pitch black with two red burning eyes and there was the third eye in the middle of her forehead. That eye was an endless pit of pain and agony and whoever looks or stares at that eye gets into deep pain and transfixed. Her nails were as long as her fingers and as sharp as blades but there was no skin and the bones were visible to its core. From her stomach a head was trying to come out and trying to tear the skin of stomach. And that head was screaming like hell and that sound was so loud that it was enough to pierce the eardrums of every ear within a mile radius. Her legs were dripping blood from various places and hideous creatures were trying to eat the muscles from the legs and when she walked the creatures got dragged along with.

She came very near to the circle and spoke in a very ghastly and ear-piercing voice. She said, ‘Baba why are you trying so much. You know that you cannot stop me ever. Now I am stronger than you. I will exert my revenge without any hitch so either stop fighting me or be ready to die.’ Baba smiled very mildly and said, ‘My God is with me and as far as he is there with me you cannot hurt me ever. Though you are powerful beyond my imagination, but I trust my knowledge and I will fight and will try to stop you till my last breath. So, you also be prepared to get defeated by the power of the God.’

She laughed hysterically and said, ‘Let me show you what I can do.’ She just waved her hands, and the jeep came down to the ground in a fraction of second and every heartbeat stopped for a while because of the possible impact and effects of that impact on the passengers of the jeep. Baba and Shashtriji were shocked and in tremendous amount of pain upon seeing that. But the jeep stood still just an inch above the ground. Ravindra and other constables could not believe that they were still alive. As soon as they tried to move out the jeep, the ghost waved her hands again and the jeep went back in the air almost 30 feet from the ground higher than the last time. She laughed again and said, ‘See I can kill everyone in the jeep with a wave of my hand and you cannot stop me.’

Baba looked worried for the first time and that provoked the ghost further. She knew that Baba was worried and now he was afraid of her. She said, ‘You look worried Baba so leave the place at once and I will spare yours and this Shashtri’s life too. But both have to leave now without any further delay so I can finish my work without any petty trouble from you.’ Baba said, ‘To leave someone in the middle of a crisis is not the way of life for a saint. I am a true believer of the almighty God, and I will use that faith to fight against the evil like you. Before even the sentence got over, the ghost waves her hands, and an invisible force threw away Baba and Shashtriji at least 10 feet back and destroyed the holy circle.

Will Baba survive? Will he be able to save Ravindra too? What will happen next? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.