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Revenge of the Ghost - 32

Baba fell very hard on the tree behind him and hurt himself at various places. Shashtriji was on the side, so he was also thrown back but not like Baba. Ravindra saw that but could not do much as he was still 30 feet high in the air and there was no way that he could climb down. Baba fainted after a while and now there was only Shashtriji left to fight the ghost. The ghost laughed hysterically and asked Shashtriji, ‘Do you want a death like him or do you want to run away and save your life?’ Shashtriji said, ‘I am a disciple of the lord Shiva and I have not learnt to run away from petty creatures like you. As far as I have faith in the almighty no evil can do any harm to me.’

The ghost floated near to Shashtriji. A pungent smell hit Shashtriji’s nostrils and automatically his left hand covered his nose. The eyes of the Ghost were burning red and like an endless pit. Looking a bit deeper Shashtriji could see something moving in the eyes too. The sick and troubled solus were there getting burned in the eyes of the ghost and it made Shashtriji sick to his stomach. But he was a brave man, so he stood still. The ghost raised his hand and a nail started to grow on the first finger. It was now looking like a claw with razor sharp nails. The ghost made a thin scratch with that claw like nail on the face of Shashtriji and as soon as it touched his skin. Shashtriji’s skin started to burn, and the area was filled with that burning smell.

Shashtriji was chanting some mantras and was trying to finish the sequence as soon as possible to fight against that evil. The ghost felt that after the completion of three mantras and she realised the power. So, she decided to kill Shashtriji with a single blow of her strong claw like hand with razor sharp nails. The ghost raised the hand to cut Shashtriji’s throat and suddenly an invisible force tied up the ghost from behind. The ghost turned her head without turning the whole body with a crackling sound and it was scary for weak hearted people. Baba was awake. Baba had some sort of thread in his hand and that thread was dipped into the holy water of the Himalayas and the ashes of Baba’s guruji.

The ghost started to scream as the thread was piercing her skin. She tried to free herself from that but the harder she tried, the harder it pierced the skin. She screamed with a very high-pitched noise that blood came out of ears and noses within 100-meter radius of that sound. Ravindra and his team covered their ears very hard but still they felt the same effect in their ears like somebody had poured molten lava in their ears. Everything was burning from inside. The ghost said, ‘Leave me alone or I will kill your beloved Ravindra and everyone else in that jeep.’ Baba smiled and said, ‘Now you can’t touch them or do any harm to them as now you are my prisoner.’

The ghost requested with a painful voice, ‘Last time saying. Leave me alone or I will kill every last one of you.’ Baba was in no mood of leaving that Ghost from that holy grip as that was the last thread he had and there was no other way to stop that ghost. It was fortunate that the ghost was unaware of the situation. This proved to be the grave mistake from Baba. Baba underestimated the power of the ghost and he had to pay a very hefty price for the same. There was another creature on a nearby tree, that creature was an obedient servant of the ghost, and that creature was slowly climbing down the tree and with a single motive, to kill Baba to release its master.

The creature was despicable. It had no eyes, and the portion of the eyes was covered with burned skin. It had an awfully large nose without any skin on it and it looked horrific. It had an eye but not on the face. The eye was at the end of its tail. So that creature could see in any direction without moving its head. The claws were like brutally wild animals and capable of killing anyone with a single blow. The creature was now ready to land a fatal blow on Baba and everyone one around Baba was unaware of this situation. Baba was busy in destroying the ghost and suddenly a thin line of blood appeared in the middle of Baba’s face. Baba’s face was cut in half and slowly the two pieces of face started to depart. Slowly the eyes and then the nose and then mouth. Baba collapsed with a loud thud and the ghost was free.

Baba is dead. Who will help Ravindra now? What will happen next? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.