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Revenge of the Ghost - 33

Baba was dead and his dead body was cut into half very brutally. The ghost won and was laughing hysterically and was saying, ‘I told you, not to cross my path, not to cross my path. But still you did, and you paid the price with your life Baba. Now who will save your beloved Ravindra from my deadly claws.’ Ravindra saw that entire scene and his heart sank as he started to respect Baba very much and he was feeling very helpless as Baba was murdered very cruelly right in front of him, but he could not do much or rather anything as he was still suspended in the mid-air. Ravindra felt something warm on his chicks and everything started to seem blurry around him. First, he thought that this was some trick of the ghost, but then he realised that he was crying as deep down his heart he knew that as Baba was gone, the chances were very slim to save his beloved Satya.

His entire existence was in trouble now and he was filling a heart crushing pain. His eyes did not want to see anything in the world, so they created a curtain of water as they did not want to see the world without Satya. Each tear coming out of Ravindra’s eyes was wet with Satya’s love and he was crying his heart out. But then something happened. Ravindra quickly swiped his eyes clean and tried to look. The creature which killed Baba was in agony. Something was attacking it, and it was screaming as it was undergoing excruciating pain. Ravindra tried to look clearly, and he was able to see that a very fearsome dog was fighting that creature like hell. And that creature was unable to fight back as the dog was too powerful to handle. Ghost saw that and tried to help the creature but then Shashtriji recovered and stood in between the ghost and that creature. Shashtriji pulled a rope out of his bag and started to chant some mantras. Before the ghost could react, Shashtriji threw the rope around the ghost and ghost could not move.

Shashtriji was pulling the rope very hard towards him and that was very hurtful to the ghost. The ghost was fighting very hard, but she could not get herself free from that death trap. It was almost 5 am in the morning and the Sun was about to rise. During this time the power of ghosts gets weakened. Shashtriji knew that and he knew that it was his chance to finish all of this at once and avenge Baba. The ghost had other plans in her mind. She waved her hand and Shashtriji flew 10 feet high in the air and struck very hard as he fell on the rock-solid land. But he was adamant and was very firm in not leaving the rope.

The rope was soaked in salt so wherever it touched the ghost, the skin of the ghost burned, and the ghost screamed very hard every time that happened. On the other side, the dog which came out of nowhere was fighting very hard to kill the creature. The creature was the pet of the ghost so, it had some powers too and using those powers it was playing with the dog and was not letting the dog to kill it. The dog realised that quickly and ran towards the ashes of the circle created by Baba. The circle was still powerful enough to kill any evil, but the creature did not know that. The dog stood in the middle of the circle and was waiting very anxiously for the creature to attack it. The creature was under the impression that the circle could not harm it and misguided by running of the dog as it seemed like a victory, and it ran very quickly after the dog. It was a well laid plan by the dog. As soon the creature tried to reach the dog, the holy circle burned the creature alive, and it was turned to ashes within a few seconds.

This was the first real sign of retreat from the ghost as she saw that and decided to save her life now rather than fighting with Shashtriji. But Shashtriji was very determined not let that happen. He was pulling the rope harder and harder and chanting of mantras which was cumulatively decreasing the power of the ghost and most importantly it was a matter of a few more minutes till the sunrise. But then as a last and might be the only resort for the ghost to survive. She waved her hand and the jeep started to fall very quickly. The death was imminent for Ravindra and his team if they fell with that speed on the solid ground. Shashtriji saw that and reactively tried to save Ravindra, and this let the ghost free from the rope and she flew away before the ray of the Sun hits her.

Ravindra was praying the God and was remembering his Satya and saying, ‘I am sorry Satya, I could not save you. I am sorry. I am sorry.’

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