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Freaky Forest - 7 - Ants and Mountains

Chapter 7

Ants and Mountains

It is a general practice of most of the women in India to wake up early in the morning, spraying water before the house, cooking, chopping vegetables, washing clothes and so on .Do you know that many yoga practices are imbibed in them?For men there are separate yoga practices to guide them .When we practice yoga we will understand what the body is. We can feel that the body is floating like a fluff in the middle of those practices. We can fully realise what body is only through yoga practices. When we start to realize what it is many hidden secrets will be revealed to us .The ignorance which clouded in our minds will vanish and the mind will shine like a bright sun, gradually we will understand about our nervous system and after this one will never go in search of finding where the life exists in his body because now he can feel it himself!

"Hey…guys he isn't there...he just vanished again."

When they turned back, on the sofa lying in the corner of the room…the bearded man was sitting there silently!"

" Hey, you're here? "

The bearded man just nodded his head in approval.

"How did you come here?"

The answer was a divine laugh which echoed in the whole room creating a surround sound effect …

"Stop that and talk to us as a human being!"

"What should I talk about?” again he chuckled at them.

"Ok, we saw a snake around your neck. Where is it ?"

As Arjun asked this with fear, Instead of answering the Siddha looked up at the roof and there it was the snake very ferociously lifting its head resting on the steel rod of the ceiling fan in the room.

All four of them stood there completely frozen for a second.

"You.. how did you came inside?" Arjun asked with a stutter.

"Coming in through a door and going out through it is normal for people like you ,but I am an exception for all this"

"But how?"

“How does a smell spread in the air? Ha,Ha, just like that I travel!"

"Do you mean to say that you can also spread in the air like the smell of a perfume and travel…" Aji did not know how to believe it, but still he asked…

The Siddha answered ,“Yes…why not? Air is the source for all types of energy."

"Are you a Siddha?"

"You can also call me by that name."


"Siddha means, a perfected master who have achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection .There's also another meaning for it people with paranormal capabilities. "

"Then are you supernatural?"

"How do you want me to prove it?"

"Like we have seen in movies, a long beard, moustache, saffron dress, a religious mark in the forehead and a Rudraksha around the neck... but you do not have all this…, then how can we believe you ?You are just with a beard and moustache."

Again that divine laugh surrounded the room…

"What's your name..?"

"They call me Shiv Baba!"

"It's an interesting name."

"It's also a meaningful name. You would have noticed me roaming around always with a snake around my neck."

"Is this a nickname? "

"I don’t know. They call me…"

"Okay…why did you disappeared after seeing us in the waterfall?"

"May be, but now I have come to you, right?"

"Oh,then, you know about us? "


"Who told you about us?"

"No one need to tell me… a mere look at you is enough for me !"

"How can you just look at a person and know about him?"

"If you practice yoga regularly you can also do it!"

"Well ..what do you know about us?"

"To me you are only kids…who trust in science and in senses but your knowledge about the human body is zero."


"Whatever you believe, you believe it after seeing it, hearing it and discussing about in depth and you also do a lot of research on it."

"Yes…every word you said is true but what we were not able to understand is … "

"Ha, Ha ,I know that you were not able to make head or tail out of that secret video you have made ,right ?I also know that you made it but someone has taken the credit for it … "

" Yes...true but we want to know the truth about this .We understand it is something known as soul swapping a paranormal sort of thing !We came to know that a Siddha here in this Naga forest is an expert in this…. that's why we came here…"

"So you want to know the truth about it?"

"Yes, if we know about it we can make a documentary on it and make the whole world look at India our mother land. "

Akram was at the tip of unmeasurable excitement. Others stood around Shiv Baba with expectations…

From the eyes of Shiv Baba they could not make out anything. He silently stared at them. But they could feel that there is some hidden meaning in his look.

"What are you thinking?" Arjun asked.

"No... I'm just wondering whether this soul swapping is that much worth and a miracle!"

"What... isn't soul swapping a miracle? Is that a small thing for you?"

"There is no small or big thing in this world .For me ants and mountains are the same. It's all in the way you look at it."

"What you mean to say that the soul swapping is not such a big thing? By the way do you know anything about it?"

"Ha ,Ha ,I know not only that but many …how did I come inside your room?"

"Oh, I just forgot about it… how did you come in?"

Not one but many ‘How? ‘showed its face now and then in that room!

Inside the room all the four youngsters were in such a state that if any outsiders would have seen them they will definitely come to a conclusion that they are all mad. Akram took his handycam and started recording what was going on there.

The ceiling fan in their room was spinning in a medium speed. One could see its leaf blades which were rotating with a humming sound. Baba got up and changed the speed of the fan to maximum. Now they could not see the leaf blades but they could see the yellow colour of the ceiling in the room very clearly!

Baba asked them whether they could see the leaf blades now…

"No, because you increased the speed of its rotation!"

"So it is invisible ,right ?"

"In a way, what you say is correct."

"Then…suppose if I rotate you in that speed will you disappear?"

It just looked like a teacher explaining a group of students a very difficult concept in a lucid and simple manner !The four youngsters stood glued together listening very carefully to Baba.

"Is there anything unusual in this ,any miracle any paranormal sort of thing?" Baba asked.

The four simply remained silent…

"Everything is a big deal until you understand it. After you understand, it becomes a small matter...take the case of an aircraft…how big and heavy it is? Even a small bit of paper cannot fly at that level in the sky. Then how can it be ,that heavy metal bird flying, that too with 1000 or more passengers? When someone invented it, many people were laughing at him and said that he is mad ! It was very difficult for them to believe in his invention!

The four stood stunned by his elite talk!

"Baba, what all things you have said is true...we can understand every word of yours. So, what you mean to say is that this soul swapping technique is also like that ,once everyone knows about its will also become a generic one , right?"

"Yes ."

"Then why it is kept as a secret? Why can't everyone learn about this?"

Baba laughed and asked ,"Why you want everyone to learn about it?"

"Baba ,If everyone knows about this, how thrilling it would be?"

Baba asked ,"Thrilling or dangerous?"

"Dangerous? How?"

"Akram, please keep aside your questions ... let's first talk about the soul swapping technique and try to record it in detail!."

“ know that the doctors try to separate twins who were born with heads together. Sometimes when they try to separate them unfortunately they die and everyone will mourn for them. If the knowledge about soul swapping was there, they would have lived in another body, right?"

"Ha, Ha ,you want to know about that technique, right?"

"Baba, we want to know how it works. We are sure that the whole world will be amazed by it.

Americans think they are the number one in the world in many things. The Japanese ,they are also experts in many fields. But if they all know about this ancient technique which was prevailing in India they will be shocked to the core!"

"So your aim is to make the world look at India, is it?"

" Baba, we do not want to hide anything from you… we can mint money out of this technique by selling the television rights !We will never forget you , we will give you a share in what we get! Forget about this nomad’s life, you can live like a king."

"Yes...Baba, If you do as we say, you will become a VVIP in this world like Joe Biden, Tim Cook or Bill Gates within no time. Your face will appear in the front cover of the world fame ‘Times’ magazine. We will also get some benefit out of this…what do you say?"

Ajith's eyes glowed with greed…

There was no reaction from Baba for all these , he was just staring at them…

"Baba, your stare often confuses us. What's wrong in what we said, please think about it."

Baba smiled in return and asked them,

"Do you know why we have eyebrows above our eyes?"

For a minute they stood totally confused thinking about why this question was put to them!

"Baba, we cannot understand your question ,please consider our request to join with us."

"Answer my question first. "

"Sorry, Baba, we don't know the answer for it. "

"Ok...suppose if we don't have eyebrows imagine how we all will look like?"

"We never thought about all this."

"Okay…now tell me, what is the need for eyelashes for eyes… nails for hand ,hair for head..?"

”Just for a safety purpose... why all these questions now, Baba?"

"Suppose If each of this is not in their right position what will happen?"

"Baba, please…answer our question first..."

"Sure , I am coming to that only… first of all you have to understand what is self-realization, it isn't as simple as you think, it can be attained only by those people without any desires!"

"Without any desires...?"

"Yes, without any desires"

"Baba, how can a person live without any desires?"

"People who have attained self-realization are of this kind .Imagine if unscrupulous people with unlimited desires get hold of the secret formulae of soul swapping what will happen ?"

"What will happen?"

"What won't happen..? You can't simply imagine..."

"Baba, are you going to tell us the secret or not? "

Ajith asked in a little intimidating tone.

"Of course ,I will. My guru Sinchuvadi Siddha attained samadhi after teaching me the soul swapping technique, he also had the bad experience of teaching this to unscrupulous, unworthy people. Perhaps that may be the reason that brought you here! Now because of you this news was spread among many .It is my duty to find a solution for this immediately!

They were not able to understand what he said…

"Ok…now come with me." Baba said.

"Where, Baba? "

"First we have to go and get the blessings of my guru who lies in his Samadhi, after that we can start the training for soul swapping!."

"For how many days we have to attend the training ,Baba?"

"Actually it is not days, sometimes it will take several lives for a person to learn this !"saying this Baba laughed loudly.

" Why do we need so many lives...I learnt to drive my car within a day... to learn anything, what we need is sincere involvement. Baba we can learn anything as fast as a robot."

Ego and pride inside them made them talk like that!

Shiv Baba looked at them pathetically…