Freaky Forest - 10 (Final) Trap...Trap...Soul Trap books and stories free download online pdf in English

Freaky Forest - 10 (Final) Trap...Trap...Soul Trap

Chapter 10

Trap…Trap…Soul Trap

World's greatest intellectuals used only a very small percentage of their total brain potential for their inventions. If a man can do wonders with only a small percentage of their brainpower, just imagine if he uses the full potential of his brain what he cannot achieve! He can reveal all the secrets of this universe to the world! Kundalini yoga is the name given to the action of activating the different parts of our brain that is not functioning to its fullest potential.

Kundalini Yoga is the source of energy which runs this universe. It can also be called ‘prana’. Scientists say that our body is powered by e – impulses. The energy source creating it is chemical. But our ancestors, the Siddhas and the Yogis claim that our physical energy is driven by a small drop of Kundalini energy . Here we have to understand that basically both are one and the same. Sage Patanjali has clearly explained about Kundalini Yoga through many of his works. Only because of the practice of the kundalini yoga, the Siddhas and Yogis lived for a long period of time without any diseases and had the immense knowledge of all times such as the ‘Ashtama Siddhi’ .There are still many Siddhas living among us today who have the knowledge to bless us with these techniques instantly!

The black monkey just popped out its head from the sack and got a good beating right on its head by Kittan and it immediately pulled its head in with a scream. Suddenly a dotted deer jumped out of a nearby bush and crossed them.

All these are quiet common in the night stage drama of every forest!

Kunju threw his spear aiming at the deer but it missed and struck a nearby tree.

"Ha…Kitta ,I just missed it!" Kunju said.

Sinchuvadi Siddha’s Samadhi was visible now as the sun was slowly showing its head out!

Baba pointed at the samadhi and said,

"As we have walked throughout the night now we have reached the samadhi.”

The four looked at it without any reaction.

"Now, slap yourselves once on your cheek ..." Baba said to the four.

All the four laughed hearing this.

"Hmm. .. don't show your arrogance here. You cannot learn anything without the blessings of my guru…" Baba expressed himself very strongly.

The four slapped themselves on their cheek as instructed by Baba. At this time Kuttan, the caretaker of the samadhi was busily plucking flowers for the morning pooja from the flowering plants near and around the samadhi. Seeing Baba coming there with the four and watching what the four were doing, he could not control his laugh.

When they all came near…

"Pranams ,Baba!"

"Kutta, how are you? Is everything fine?."

"Yes ,Baba ,I am doing everything as per your instructions. Who are these people, Baba?" Kuttan asked with curiosity.

"These four are like the four vedas to me. As Dattatreya Swami wandered with four dogs, I am wandering with them."

"Then are they your disciples ..."

For this there was no answer from Baba he only laughed!

Looking at the four, he commanded, “Till I say, do not stop, run around this samadhi...”

At first they looked at him in disbelief and then they understood from his looks that he is serious in what he said .They did not want to disobey him knowing well that who he is and how powerful he is… !

"Let's go and take a bath in that waterfall first.."

They moved fast towards the waterfall and took their bath.

“Your head has to get wet then only your body will work fast." They did as Baba said and came running out with water dripping all over their body!

"Hmm... around the samadhi of my guru saying ‘Guruve Namah’(Pranams to Guru)and do not stop until I tell you!"

They did not deny anything he said and obeyed all his commands word by word!

“Guruve Namah…”

"Guruve Namah.."

“Guruve Namah..”

“Guruve Namah.. "

They started running around the Samadhi, the path around the samadhi was very rough and full of sharp small stones which pricked their soft feet’s.

There was a meaningful smile again on Baba’s face!

“Who are they Baba? Why are they running like this?”

A smiling Kuttan asked.

“Running?, No, Kutta...this is a punishment for them!.”

“But what mistake they have done?”

“The mistake you have done once..”


“They leaked the age old secrets of this Naga forest to the public!”

“Oh my god...then what we are going to do?”

“For the mistake they have committed now they are going to become the protectors of this forest...”

“But how?”

“Just wait and see...”

Baba sat before the samadhi of his guru and started his meditation, chanting mantras silently in his mind!

After finishing his meditation, he opened his eyes ,turned back and looked at the four…

Still they were all running around the samadhi very sincerely…

After many months…

Madan, one of MB TV's reporters was getting out of his car near a sign board which read as ‘Way to Naga Forest ’.

Looking at it, he walked towards the forest check post. He could see some four to five officers there on duty. He went to them and showed his Press ID.

"Oh, from MB TV , welcome to Naga forest , Bro,we were waiting to meet you, how can we help you?" They asked mockingly and continued…

"Even , we the department staff are afraid to go inside this forest and you people have come… !

"Are you here for some sort of interview?"

" Yes, Sir, We came to know that there are many man eating tigers are here and the life of the tribal people are in danger. So far, fifteen foreigners, twenty- one tribal people, one state minister and a forester were killed. Can't you hunt it down ,Sir? "

"Sorry, Bro ,..we are not in a position to answer your questions .Now the CBI has taken over the case and we are not permitted to talk anything about it.”

"What they are going to do, Sir, only meetings after meetings and more and more discussions which will never solve any problems, that’s all!"

"We cannot answer any questions right now…please go now." The officers tried to drive him off from there!”

"You media people are responsible for all this chaos !It is your channel which has telecasted that video announcing that many siddhas are here in this forest with supernatural powers! Now what happened is the whole world is here in search of them..."

One of the officers, who was very much upset by the situation expressed himself very harshly.

"But, Sir ,it is our duty to bring all these to the notice of the public. "Madan reciprocated in the same tone!

"Please understand that because of your telecast people rushed here and many innocent people were killed by the tiger."

"But, Sir , this has never happened before ,we find that now only there are more tiger attacks on the innocent tribal people!"

"Bro,please do not waste our time by asking questions for which even we do not have any answers !If we open our mouth then you will add some color to it and will telecast it and again we have to face our higher authorities ." a really scared officer answered.

A much disappointed Madan walked back towards his car.

At this time Kunju was standing near Madan’s car waiting for him…


"What.. what do you want?"

"Who are you?"

“You will know everything if you come with me ..."

"But where?"

"Come with me… I'll tell you.."

"No, who are you? Tell me that first ...then I'll come with you."

"Sir, You wanted to know, what's going on in this forest and why the tigers are attacking people ,right?"

Madan straightened him up as if a needle has been inserted into his spine. Gathering up courage, he walked behind him and started his journey through the rough forest roads…

"Don't be afraid ,Sir...just follow me."

Kunju guided him encouraging him now and then to walk through that rough path.

Madan could not judge how many kilometers it was …but he walked and walked the never ending path !At times he was wheezing ,sweat ran down his cheeks and his eyes closed automatically.

Whenever Madan’s mind told him to stop and return the thought that, if he has find some sensational bites, he has to undergo all these pains forced him to continue his journey!

Finally, a valley kind of thing came. There was a bamboo hut. Near that, the sound of waterfalls nearby. It was a beautiful sight. There was a field. In that, four tigers were playing and hugging each other like dogs. In the nearby rock, there was Mandhi Siddha.

He straightened up as Madan and Pasu came and even the four tigers looked at Madan and ran towards him in a single leap. He immediately said, "Akram... Arjun..go behind .. Aji, Anto you have to stand right there." Those tigers also were obedient.

It was heavily surprising for Dominic.

"Welcome to Naga forest! ..."Baba greeted him.


"Baba…Shiv Baba!"

"Why did you bring me here?"

"Are you the reporter from MB TV?"


"I just wanted to share some information with you."

"What information ..?"

"Go and announce in your news channel that whatever you have telecasted earlier about this forest is a fake news and you telecasted it to create awareness among the public .Please also add that there are no Siddhas here and soul swapping is a myth and not true!." Madan stood there as a statue staring at Baba.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"But, Baba ,by the way you are saying it ,I understand that everything which happened here is true!"

"May be, but I do not want the outside world to know about it."

"Okay. May I know, why the public shouldn't know about this?. "

Baba turned his head towards the four tigers.

"Look at these tigers they were roaming freely in the forest but the minister wanted to perform a yagna for his selfish interests by capturing them. Because of that a lot of problems came not only for these animals but also for this forest."

"Do you mean to say that is why he was killed?"

"He is not the only one. The forester who did not do his duty properly also was killed !Whoever who comes to this forest with greediness will be killed without any mercy."

"Are you the one behind all these murders with those tigers?

"May be … "

"Baba, this is a criminal offence?"

"I'm not a man like you. This forest isn't meant for people like you to live with. Do not talk about your rules and regulations here!"

"Are you threatening me? "

"If you think so ,what can I do?"

"Suppose, if I telecast this in our channel ,do you know what will happen?"

"Of Course, I do know, but before that, listen to what these tigers have to say..."

He looked at the tigers and one of started to talk like human beings…

"Madan, that video clip of soul swapping which you telecasted is filmed by us only. After that we came to this forest to do a research on soul swapping. We thought that we can mint money out of this.

We learnt soul swapping from Baba and started practicing it on the tigers which the minister has caught for his selfish purposes .We tested our knowledge on it. But unfortunately once we entered the tigers body, Baba who came to know of our greediness hid our original bodies.

We know how to come out of this tiger’s body but we were not able to do it as we do not know where our original bodies are.

At the same time, we were able to protect this forest from all the dangers and damages which were caused to this forest by you and by one Minister and a Forester. Remember after this, whoever thinks of destroying this forest will destroy themselves! We know well that we can return to our old state only after this forest returns to its normalcy.

Please do not make us remain in this tiger’s body forever by telecasting any ‘Hot Bites ’about this forest again. At the same time, please don't think bad of Baba he is the one who is protecting this forest, we became like this because we were money minded. If you don’t want to be like us please do as we say… "

Madan stood there shocked hearing what Akram, one of the tigers said .His mind was in between belief an disbelief…