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Freaky Forest - 3 - Light and Shadows

Chapter 3

Light and Shadow

Like a coin is having two sides, life is having two sides, the mind and the body. The body is constantly trying to survive by renewing the cells which are dying by the passage of time .For this, we drink water and eat food. When a disease comes ,we take medicines ,we cry when we are in pain ,we laugh when we are happy , the mind do all these tricks. The mind helps us to satisfy all the needs of the body. It is always worried about your welfare. Your mind is always in the desire for a position, to get rich, to become authoritative. If fear and anger get into one’s mind definitely it will not remain calm. If the mind gets restless beyond a certain limit, it will make the body to do many crazy things, even it may lead you to a suicide. This happens because it could not bear the volume of melancholy. From this it is understood that peace of mind is more important than the temporary pleasures in any one’s life.

No one can deny the fact that the life is having two sides .The mind must be at peace and co-operate in this process if the body wants to remain peaceful. At the same time, many win over their mind enduring the mental attacks from their enemies and physical attacks from diseases, no matter how much strong their sufferings were! Keeping all these in mind one has to understand clearly that it is the mind that wins ultimately over the body all the time!

It is true that if the mind is set on a particular objective, it will automatically command the body to execute it. But whatever the body does, it can't satisfy the mind fully. Therefore we seek the help of the science of yoga in this . Before you start the process of controlling anything, whatever it is, you should know and study about it in depth. In depth knowledge about the functioning of the mind is very essential for the control of the body. What is the connection between the mind ,body and the soul? How all these are connected to function in the body? What is the basic source of energy for this? Many surprises we will encounter in this search and research!

All the four young researchers came there in a gipsy jeep which was a rented one.

It is not that they purposely avoided the driver. Many drivers hesitated to accompany them when they told about their research project in Agastya hills. They asked what is so special there in that wild forest and refused to accompany them.

At last they realized that it is very difficult to hire a jeep with driver and unanimously decided to go for a hired jeep with the option for self-driving.

From the very moment they arrived, Akram was found very busy in trying to connect with someone in Delhi , soon he got connected and started communicating…

"Ji, till now no one was able to shoot this, luckily I was able to … could you please help me in this. We mock at the age old Indian mythology ,we all think all those are lies, mere stories.

Anyway, Ji, this video bite will change all that. We have come to Agasthiya forest to research and prove this to the world.”

Akram continued …

“Ji, If our attempt becomes a success, then we will be the world's most popular researchers within no time .I am sure that the whole media lens will be on us. Ji, just imagine If someone has a video clip of a party leader receiving a bribe and if they telecast it, is it a great achievement?”

Akram continued his boasting. His bragging irritated the other three to a great extent. Ajith got up and snatched the mobile from him and switched it off.

"Ok, Akram, we will talk about it later. " Akram glared at him.

"Why all of you are looking at me like that ?I didn't even start doing anything, you are talking like that I have finished everything."

Ajith warned him.

"Akram ,I personally feel that you are moving towards a dangerous zone unknowingly!”

"If I move … ?"

"My intuition says that it will not work out…."

"Sorry, friend ,I do not believe in your extra sensory perception ,till this date for us ghosts, demons and devils were only man's imagination. But now I have proved that you people were wrong, right?"

"That is …"

"Ok, shut up, keep quiet and listen to me …we have to be very patient and careful from now onwards.”

"What Arjun ...what did I do wrong. ..?"

"Akram, It doesn't matter what you did till now... please control yourself and try to understand what I am saying clearly."

Arjun seemed to be very responsible, acted as a leader, and controlled Akram who were in an excited stage...

An eerie silence reflected in Ajith's face.

"What Ajith?"

"Hmm...I have shared that video clip with a friend. I'm thinking what he will be doing with it now.."

"Oh my god...Why you have never said about this to us earlier?"

" Hey...I just thought it will give us a good boost. That's why I shared it "

"If he uploads it in the social media then our work here will be drastically affected.”


"You know well this research project is a highly confidential one and if it leaks out then that is the end of it…"

"What do you mean?"

"Two things can happen some people will take this very seriously and will do a follow up and some others will simply ignore this as a joke and will make fun of us… means even if you prove this no one will believe you."

"I cannot understand what you are saying... "

"You won't understand...first, let me call your friend and tell him that the video clip is a graphics and we just made it for a joke. Otherwise what will happen is not only us, but the whole world will rush here with a camera in search of that soul swapping Siddha."

"Oh ... I am sorry ,I never thought about this part of the story in my excitement.”

Akram rubbed his forehead feeling ashamed of himself…

They parked the jeep on the side of the road which lead to the water falls and started walking. At a distance they could see the milky water falling from a height.

It's very rare to see a rainfall in the city from where they came. If it rains continuously even for half an hour it becomes a very important news for them. Even when they talk to their friends over mobile about rain they get so excited . As they were coming from such a city , their joy found no limits when they saw the beauty of the Agastya waterfalls!

They walked very fast…

There was not that much crowd in the waterfalls at that time.

At a distance they could see a bearded man who was standing all alone like a stone sculpture. Who is he? Is he the Siddha, they were looking for or a nomad…