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Freaky Forest - 4 - Tricks

Chapter 4


It’s amazing when you travel a little deep in to the wonders happening within a human body . Let us assume, if we put a dot with a pen, what will be its size? we all came from that… can you believe it! Yes, we have to accept it .The human sperm is about half a dot size each one measures about 0.002 inch from head to tail. The female ovum is 0.1 mm in diameter that is about half a dot size. The mixture of these two will be a about a dot size which goes into the uterus, that's it. The fetus’s development starts there. A banyan tree grows from the seed which is not even of the size of a single mustard seed, right? A baby’s development in the womb is also like that in a liquid, solid or mixture of both...The confusion begins when we think and analyze about where all, this started…

The present day scientists are able to record and film the growth. In Hinduism it is believed that the soul enters the womb at the time of conception, and this makes the fetus a living, individual person .Some Hindu theologians believe personhood begins at 3 months and develops through to 5 months of gestation. One thing that is clear from this is that the soul needs a body for its development. Soul's entry into the mother's womb, to the fetus itself is soul swapping . We must first understand how the soul implements this. If it is known and if it is understood then it becomes clear that the soul can be swapped. For that, knowledge about the body is very essential. Then the question arises What's our body?

MB TV's news section…

Raji was sitting tight with her headphones on and eyes wide open.

Sumathi was fishing with her eyes on the internet for that day's news!

While someone on the phone was narrating even the smallest movements going on in Delhi Parliament, the Chief of Bureau Vimal was listening to it as if he is not concerned with it.

The members of the news team were sitting around a table and were busily discussing about current politics, and sports. Print copies of mails and fax were lying before them.

They were in the process of filtering the information lying before them.

The room's digital clock showed it is 11 o'clock! They were struggling a lot to get unique news from all around the world.

It is the time at which many of their competing channels used to telecast news. But MB TV always stood out of the crowd by telecasting there very special and unique episode ‘Hot Bites’. Literally they never faced any competition as this type of program involved lots of risk.

‘ Hot Bites ‘episodes of MB TV were very popular with the viewers and scored high TRP ratings!

In many offices the staff used to watch ‘Hot Bites’ during their working hours in the MB TV mobile application.

In a recent episode of ‘Hot Bites’ they showed how an Assistant Inspector of Labour was receiving five thousand rupees from a shop keeper for issuing a license. Neither the briber nor the one who received the bribe knew that they were on air till their lunchtime.

Another funny thing was that the particular A.I.L was watching the TV at that time to see what would be that day’s special telecast on Hot Bites. When she saw her own face on the TV, one could imagine the impact of shock …

All the officials in the state were very much afraid of that particular telecast because no one could predict whose face will come next .This forced them to a new practice of looking around before they did something illegal.

Some politicians who had mistresses sent their mistresses on tour to unknown places.

‘Hot Bites’ was so popular that many viewers were having an inhibition in their mind that any time something will happen to that telecast and it will come to an end!

At that time the staff in the‘ Today’s News’ section were also sitting and scratching their heads to find some thrilling for the day. Their struggle to find some unique news was not such a small task. A team from MB TV went with their camera man to the local zoo, to film the birth of a tiger cub. They were waiting there for hours to shoot the tiger cub come out but nothing happened.

They continued their waiting in the hot sun!

Another team of MB TV was behind a popular actress planning to elope with another young actor.

In this situation a call from the Director came…

Madan took the call.


"Yes sir.."

"Did you get any news for the Hot Bites today?"

"No sir. It seems like that the tigress won't give birth today and that actress is still in a confusion whether to elope or not. But there is a bite …”


"Yesterday in a public meeting in a village near Thiruvananthapuram, a politician spoke very rudely using local language about the ruling party, Sir. Shall we telecast it?"

"Hey.. leave that, man. There are about hundreds of public meetings going on daily in this state most of them do not make any sense .If we telecast it, people will come in mobs and throw stones at our office! "

“Then what shall we do, Sir? "

"Let's catch up with our Chennai Reporter. He told me that he has some unique and weird news with him... Let's see what it is."

"Ok, Sir"

Madan knew well that it is only a temporary escape…

He called Narendran the Chennai Reporter.



"Do you have anything interesting for hot bites...."

"Yes Madan, you will be shocked if you know about it."

"If it's for hot bite, then it is always shocking .Tell me Bro, what is so unique about it."

"There's an organization ‘Tricks’ here. They are professionals in researching on the facts about supernatural sort of things ,they film it and upload the same in social media to create awareness. They are funded by many philanthropists. Even some amateurs shoot rare videos and sell them to ‘Tricks’."

"Come to the point man. Is there anything worthwhile in that for telecast?"

"Yes...Bro,please listen to me patiently! I went to their office to meet a friend and was shocked to see something which they were playing in their laptop!."

"What was that?"

"A corpse coming back to life!"

"What … are you mad? How can it be ?I cannot believe it ,may be graphics?"

"No. It isn't graphics I am sure. This was taken in your state only. A group of young researchers have shot this by camping in a graveyard somewhere near Thiruvananthapuram. The body of a person who died in an accident was buried there and we can see in the video someone is digging and taking it out and doing a soul swapping spell .We can see in the video that the dead one is coming alive.

"Bro, now I remember the soul swapping movie I have seen recently in the theatre ..."

Madan continued…

"Bro ,I have got a doubt, did you had a bet with someone to fool me today!"

"To fool you...then in that case, I would have called you first, I already informed our Director. that I am having something for today’s Bite. Bro,this happened in your area and that ’Tricks’ group is now in an irrevocable shock!."

"Okay … now how you are going to give me that clip for ‘Hot Bites’? "

"Bro, don’t worry about that, all these people are money mongers , if you throw some currencies to them, we can get hold of that clips! "

"Ok, then I am coming over there in the next flight…."

"Bro, that is not that much easy they will demand a very good amount for it?"

"Bro,you need not worry about it, our management will take care of it ,for them TRP is more important…."

After disconnecting the call Madan called the news desk and asked them to be ready for a breaking news.

He then called the Director of MB TV….

"Sir, As you told I talked with Naren, There is something very interesting and weird for today’s ‘Hot Bites’.”

"What is it"

"A corpse came alive .The Siddhas age old soul swapping spell is now proved!"

"Is it a breaking news? Now, Who did that soul swapping spell?"

"Sir, please wait for another one hour. We have just started the deal only .Let us pray that we get this unique bite for our telecast! ."

"See...Madan, you are telling me something like a riddle ,I cannot make head or tail out of it."

"That is my current situation Sir, please bear with me…t"

"You're talking about soul swapping. May be it is some amateur's magic trick or something like that.."

"Sir, the famous ‘Tricks’ people are involved in this and we need not worry about the authenticity as the ‘Tricks’ has already verified and vouched it!"

"Oh... is it so, are you sure the ‘ Tricks’ are involved in this ?"

”Yes, Sir.."

"Where did it happen?"

"Be patient, Sir, for us it is news but for the viewers, it is something very supernatural and weird .I will brief you about everything within a short while."

Madan calmed the Director temporarily and started his journey towards Chennai.