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Freaky Forest - 2 - The tiger tooth

Chapter 2

The tiger tooth

Maintaining the body as it is very important during the act of soul swapping. In that, the mind should coordinate a lot with the body for keeping the body alive by breathing without a single grain of food. There exists such an unknown connection between the mind and the body. No matter how tired you are, if your mind is so strong it will give you the strength which you can never judge! The mind alone has the power to unite the basic elements of the body. Mind...but where is it situated in the body? Is it in the heart? Is it inside the chest? Or Is in the brain?...where is it? What is the mind? Where the hell it is in this six-foot-tall body, Is the mind just a bundle of thought waves? How can it wake up the energy sources within the body which is in a mere solid form? Questions so many branch out…

Some Siddhas say that the mind is spread out throughout the body. Some others say that you can see it everywhere you look. For example if you see a friend of yours at that moment, he is your mind. If you start to study and research the properties of the mind like this, understanding the so complicated concepts about the world will become very easy for you to understand. Our body is something which is very special god has given to us that too bestowed with many unknown powers. If you learn and understand what it is then you are the winner always! If your mind is under your control and if you strongly think 'I'm god...I don't have the feelings of normal human being like hunger or sleep’ then no force in this universe can do any harm to you. Many of those who has reached this stage has remained like that for many months. You can still see them if you go to Manas and Pothigai region. They are the soul swappers! They are the ones who know how to swap the souls.

All the four young researchers were standing in front of the waterfalls enjoying the rhythmic sound of the water which fell into the hard rocks below with force.

They were all in a dream world. They forgot where they are and for what they have come. The photographer in Akram woke up and he ran to the jeep to take his handycam and started shooting the mind blowing scenery around him and the water falls.

His handycam was panning all around ,it seemed like he was in a confusion about what to shoot and what not to shoot.

In between sounds of joy came out from him even without his knowledge.

"Hi,Aji,look there ...woah crystal clear water. Wonderful… is not it ?"

"Hey…Akram, what are you going to do shooting all this? Don't get so excited!. “Ajith tried to calm him down.

All four of them were wearing bermuda and were sharing a single cigarette.

Everything there was new to them a new world, which they have never seen before. The wind was so chilly and was blowing at a moderate speed of a slow riding bic.

At that time a tribal man came to them asking,

"Need a tiger's tooth…Ji...tiger's tooth.."

He had beaded necklaces in his left hand, a small cage behind his shoulder with a slender Lois inside it -and a fox's head on his right hand. He looked so different and weird.

Akram’s camera eyes never wanted to miss it. He just turned the handycam towards him the tribal man was so shy to face the camera. He smiled at them with a little embarrassment.

"What's your name,Bro?"


"Pamman…is it a name? "

"Yes, I am Pamman… don’t ask me the meaning of that and all …"

"Hey leave it...they are in the wilds and you cannot expect something more than this!."

Answer to Arjun's question came faster than expected from Pamman. not talk like that…my elder son's name is Mani, and my younger son's name is Suraj...."

The four never expected this.

"Okay... Bro,you said something… tiger's tooth ..where is it..?"

While Anthony was asking this, Pamman eagerly took a small wooden box out of his waist belt and opened it. It had two curved teeth, sharp on one side with blood stains on it which indicated that it was pulled out recently.

It was very sharp curved tooth indeed. Definitely, it should be from the upper jaw. How many animals it would have killed cruelly..?Aji thought as he looked at them.

"Well…is this original?"

"How can you say that, Ji...I plucked it today morning only."

His answer shocked them.

"Hey…Don’t tell us stories! “Anthony said while rubbing his hands together to do away with the chillness.

"Why should I tell stories, Ji? These are teeth which I plucked by trapping a tiger in Melanadu."

"Then where is the tiger?"

"We'll pull the tooth out and free them away."

"Oh, bastards…why can't you sell that tiger also?"

"That is not possible, Ji. Things are not as before. We can't tolerate the torture of policemen and forest officers...they keep on watching and counting how many tigers are there and how many elephants are there...we can't even catch a peacock because of them" An explicit sadness was there in his voice.

"Hmm,with all this security you manage to pluck the tiger tooth and If they are careless, god knows what will happen…”

Akram was looking at the tiger's tooth with his own doubts.

"What are you looking at, Ji...original tooth Ji. If this is with you, no evil force will come near you. If you have enemies or problems with anyone.. everything will vanish...Ji."

"Is it a tooth or a military fighter that destroys enemies?"

"Tiger's tooth aren't simple as you think Ji..? That too, the tooth of a tiger which is alive is very rare and precious Ji."

"Okay... tell me your price?"

"Only two thousand Ji. "

Akram returned the tooth the very next moment he heard the price. "Woah…bro,even if you ask that much money for a tiger , we will not give, so get out of here…”

"It is not just a tooth Ji...this is a lucky charm buy and feel it yourself."

"Why you are demanding two thousand for this? Now we are in the forest and we can also find a tiger and pluck its tooth just like you."

"No,bro,... It's not just simple as you think. First of all you should have rabbit meat smeared with sedatives for that. Then only we can go near it. That's the secret!Bro,don't go behind the tigers for this you will get caught..." Pamman warned them.

"Don’t try to make fool of us. If you can catch a tiger all alone and pluck its tooth, why we cannot?"

Pamman got a little angry, he glared at them and was about to leave from that place. But Ajith stopped him…

"Hey... Bro... please come here for a second!" He called.

Pamman came back with hope.

The other three looked at Ajith as if they wanted to ask ,why are you calling that fellow back again?

"What Ji. If you want, I can reduce hundred rupee." He said.

"Leave the tiger tooth...are you familiar with this mountain forest?"

"Why are you asking Ji?"

"Oh tell me"

"I know this forest very well...I can go alone till the peak of this mountain."

"Are there only animals in this forest or is there anything special here?" It was only after Aji dragged that question, the other three understood the hidden agenda behind it.

"Hey...this guy has got the point." They blinked and started sharing the cigarette.

"Why do you ask this Ji? "

"You need not know that... answer my question first..."

"What, you need black monkey's blood? "

"Black monkey's blood... what's that for?"

"Black monkey's blood and meat will cure asthma"

"Black monkey's blood for asthma?"

"Do you know how many monkeys, I have slaughtered?"

"Oh my you kill those poor monkeys and drink its blood believing that it will cure asthma?"

"I do not know anything about it...the city people ask me to catch the black monkey and I will do it...for a monkey they pay me two thousand rupees.."

"So two thousand is the standard rate you have fixed for everything you sell here?"

Pamman laughed innocently. Then he said, "Come into the forest and live, Ji. There is no guarantee for life here. That too if you were get caught by leeches.. then that is your end."

"Aji...Why all this loose talk…don’t waste your time with him, we have come here for an important research, right?"

Arjun spoke seriously. The other three kept quiet.

Pamman did not understand anything.

"Ok...answer my question. Are there any Siddhas in this forest?” He asked.

"Oh, you're asking about them." He understood.

"Are they there?"

"Lots of people are there, Ji, but it is very difficult to see them."

"Why so?"

"Siddhas are all like that. "

"That's right... won't they be afraid of the wild animals in this forest."

"The wild animals behave like tamed dogs before them Ji!"

"How's that?"

"Who knows. I just told you what I've seen"

"Can you take us to some Siddha’s?"

"What are you going to do by seeing them , Ji? ask me for any rare medicinal herbs you need... I'll pluck them for you."

"Bro,we don't need any herbs. We want to meet a Siddha. We came to know that the Siddhas know how to swap souls and we want to know about it and that is why we are here …"

"Soul swapping….?" His mouth opened wide.

"Yes Bro,do you know any Siddhas? We just need to meet them only… we'll give you any amount you demand...what do you say?

The four of them said in a chorus.

“Ji... I don't know anything about them. Even if you give me a crore, I don't want it. Please leave me alone...I have to go now." He ran away from there.

"Hey stop there ... stop.."

He was running as fast as he can and disappeared into thick forest within no time, they shouted at him in vain but it seemed like that he was not in a mood to listen to them.

They were surprised. Their curiosity meter jumped to the infinite level. All four of them came to a conclusion … a Siddha means a soul of highest order.