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Freaky Forest

Ajith,Arjun,Akram and Anthony four researchers go to Naga forest to learn soul swapping from Shiv Baba and were trapped inside the body of four dead tigers.

In Naga forest Reporter Murali meets Varma a business magnet and his personal assistant whom he has interviewed recently for MB TV. Varma was in search of a Siddha named Shiv Baba,When Murali asked the reason, Varma replies that when he visited Naga forest last time Shiv Baba has warned him and said that he should not travel by air for the next three months. Varma who did not cared for the words of Shiv Baba continued to travel by air and once he missed his flight because he was held up in a heavy traffic due to heavy rain, later he came to know that the particular flight he was about to travel met with an accident. So, he came back in search of Baba to thank him for saving his life but unfortunately he could not find Baba anywhere and returns back to the city.

Ajith,Arjun,Akram and Antony four youngsters who were doing a research on soul swapping visit Naga Forest.

They meet Pamman an youngster from the tribal community who sells tiger teeth, blood of lorris and other forest products who explains to them the miraculous powers of each one of those items.

They enquire with him whether he knows anyone who knows the secret of soul swapping. They also promise him a big amount in return. Pamman refuses to help them and leaves the place immediately without disclosing anything.

Ajith starts to brag to someone on his mobile about some rare video on soul swapping he has taken in the forest, Arjun interrupts him and warns him that if the news leaks out money minded people will come and ruin the peace in the forest. But Ajith ignoring his words sends that video file by WhatsApp to one of his friends in the city. But Anthony also requests Ajith to call and tell his friend that it is all graphics, otherwise a lot of people will come in search of the soul- swapping Siddha-like them.

MB TV has a segment called 'Hot bites' in which they telecast shocking news. Murali, the chief reporter of MB TV, contacts the friend of Ajith for any interesting news. He tells him about the video that Ajith had sent. The video contains someone digging up a grave and swaps his soul into a body. Murali requests him to send that video file to him immediately in exchange for a big amount.

A minister asks the Forest Officer in the Naga Forest for four tigers alive for performing a pooja which he believes will make him the Chief Minister of the state. The Forest officer in turn asks some criminals who have been hiding in the forest for this. They agree and started capturing tigers one by one.

Ajith,Arjun,Akram and Antony who were in Agasthiya falls, meets Shiv Baba again. He appears in their room all of a sudden although the room door was locked from inside. He teaches them different kinds of rare mantras including the soul swapping mantra.Shiv Baba tells them to use these mantras only for the benefit of human kind and for punishing the evil. Baba tells them that now the time has come to visit the samadhi of his guru.

On their way the researchers meet an elephant and a parrot which speaks to them and warns them that they should avoid learning the soul swapping mantra. They ignore it and proceed …. Read in the next episodes.