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Freaky Forest - 5 - The Saintly Touch

Chapter 5

The Saintly Touch

Science says that the body system is powered with energy particles which contain various vitamins. Vitamin A for eyes, Proteins for hair growth and Vitamin D for bones and teeth . The pancreas converts the food we eat into fuel for the functioning of the cells in the body .Not only that… it labelled the various parts in the body as heart, kidney, gallbladder ,small intestine, large intestine, glands, the spinal Cord system, joint bones, fingers, nails, nerves like that. The length of the blood vessel itself is more than 60,000 miles. The volume of blood in the body being on average 5 liters there is no end for the information about the body provided by the science. Nowadays we can also see our internal organs through scanning .From the heart pumping the blood to the functioning of the cells everything that is happening inside the body can be seen now visually. Science has reached greater heights than any one can imagine! But the view of Siddhas about our body system is quite different .To them the human body is a myth and is only, just a bag full of air.

Siddhas say that we can live without any food or vitamins, just by breathing air for many days. And many a time they proved it to the world .They say that we can sustain our body by doing pranayama(a practice of breath regulation)and that everything the body needs is there in the air. Science says that our body is made up of solid ,liquid and gas. Normally body submerges in the water but it will float in the water when it is breathless. The Siddhas changed this rule by showing the world that the human body can float and can even fly in the air .But the scientists mocked at them and said that it is a magic trick. Our breath is the only contact of our body with the outside world and that is called Prana(the life force). That prana is controlling all the nerves in our body. A man who wants to do soul swapping has to force and bring his Prana to his heart and then should release it slowly from there. To achieve this you need plenty of practice and knowledge in the science of yoga .Once you learn and understand yoga thoroughly you will understand many hidden secrets in the human life. But in reality It is not so easy, we understand the concepts but our mind refuses to believe and accept it .That is why we think soul swapping is an impossibility and a dream!

They all got shocked when they saw that man standing there like a statue in the waterfalls.

For a moment ,suspicion clouded their mind as to whether he is a human or a statue. At that time he opened his eyes to assure them that he is only a human . He washed his mouth.

Then he did something ,they thought that he was brushing, but he inserted his right hand completely inside his mouth. To their astonishment his hand went inside through his mouth up to his stomach ,he took out something … it was a live small fish and it was struggling between his fingers. The fish might have by mistake went into his stomach while he was taking the bath but the way he took it out made it clear to them who he is …either he is insane or is acting weird.

Akram ran away from there as fast as he can to take his camera from their parked jeep which was on the side of the waterfalls road ,but by the time he came back…

"Where is that guy..?"

"We are also searching for him only… he just vanished"

"Vanished, but how?"

“If you simply ask how ?There is no answer for it with us!"

The shock was quite unbearable for all of them. Akram stood there with his camera, a big question mark was there in his mind as if what next?

"Guys, the experience we had is something quiet unexpected, but one thing we have to remember is that we have not yet entered this mysterious forest!."

As Arjun told this with water droplets dripping from his face, others nodded in agreement!

The thin clouds moving above the mountain forest looked like smoke coming out of a large bunch of incense sticks and spreading it over the entire mountain forest as if it is a prayer hall.

That building was in the middle a number of tall trees. In the entrance door of the building, a police constable was standing with gun.

In the golden nameplate, it was written, 'Government Guest House'.

From a mere look at the type of vehicles parked there one could easily understand what type of people will stay there.

Forester Jose has come there to visit someone very important he jumped out of the jeep and entered the building briskly.

The police constable seeing him in uniform give a smart salute and said, "The minister is in …"

Entering the hall, Jose give a courteous salute to the minister.

For this there was no reaction from the minister, he asked,

"You're Jose, right?"

"Yes ..."


"It's okay, Sir.."

"Please, take your seat ,I have to discuss something very important with you."

Jose sat in the wooden sofa just opposite to the minster…the minister was sitting in the sofa with his legs crossed and shaking it every now and then.

"How many years you have been in the forest ,Jose?"

"Nearly 3 years ,Sir."

"What is the matter ?Is there any problem, Sir? "

"No...the reports that I got from reliable sources say that you have made enough money for three generations!”

Jose’s facial expression changed all of a sudden out of fear…

The minister took a break and continued…

"It’s ok, now brief me a little bit about that forest."

The minister got ready to listen to the history of the forest relaxing in his luxurious sofa.

"A total square area of eighty miles ,Sir, the middle part of the mountain forest is known as ‘Anamala’ . That's about 5000 ft high .Then the ‘ Vanaramala’ which is about 3000 ft high. Earlier there were a rain fall rate of 300 cm, but since last 5 years this rate has dropped drastically..."

Jose took a little break...he could see the cunning smile on the minister's face.

"Jose , how can there be rain, if you foresters just permit the cutting of trees after receiving You have cut trees in half, then half a rain only will rain."


"Ok. Tell me more.."

"In addition to that teak, sandal wood trees, jack fruit trees, pepper, it's quite a virgin forest,Sir. There are waterfalls in many places. In that Monkey water falls never dries."

"But this year ,it was not like that, right?"

"Yes, Sir..."

"Do you have any statistics about the wild life in the forest?"

"I have only approximate figures , sir."

"Tell, me that man…."

"32 elephants,50 deers,120 spotted deers.."

"Is there any Cheetahs..?"

"Yes, Sir."

"How many?"

"From what I know, only one."

"Only one? Really?"


"Ok. Any tigers? "

"Yes, six or seven are there ,Sir"


"No , Sir, not even a single one…."

"Other animals?"

"Slender Lois are more in numbers, Sir, and also black monkeys"

"Have you reported this to the ministry?"

"No, Sir, this year’s report is yet to be send…”

"Are there tribal people in the forest?"

"About one hundred families are there Sir."

"What do they do for living? Hunting?"

"No, Sir, they collect honey, pick fruits and sell…mostly they follow barter system only,Sir."

"Well…do you have any more statistics about this forest."

"That's all in the record, Sir"

"Then what's not in the record?"

"That…that is.."

"Tell me what it is"

"There are some Siddhas in the forest..."


"Yes, Sir, Siddhas.."

"Tell me in detail... some culprits who escape from the jail may also wander in the forest in the disguise Siddhas."

"This is not like that ,Sir. "

"They are all real Siddhas only.."

"How do you know they are real?'

"You won't believe me if I say ,Sir..."

"First you tell me, then I will decide whether to believe it or not."

"Once our team was on rounds in the forest unfortunately we had a breakdown and the jeep stopped there. At that time from the bushes a tiger was watching me and started chasing me.I did not take my pistol with me on that day....I started running like anything..."


"To my luck a Siddha was coming just opposite to me.I was about to bounce with him head on, but he held me, understood my plight and looked back at the tiger fiercely, the next minute like a little lamb, it disappeared in to the nearby thick bush.”

"So, you came to the conclusion that he is a true Siddha!"

"Yes...Sir, I thought so...on another occasion they helped the tribal people also…”

Jose continued…

Once while the tribals were collecting honey, one of them fell from the tree and was lying there with unbearable pain , he also had a bruise and was bleeding. If we have to take him to the doctor, it will take more than an hour ,as the roads were in a very bad condition..."

"Then, what happened?"

A Siddha who came by that way brought a doctor within five minutes.

"In five minutes? Did you note the time?"

"Yes...Sir, I remember clearly it was five minutes only.."

"Maybe the doctor was there nearby"

"No, Sir. The doctor himself told me that he didn't know how he came there."

There was a smile in the minister's face. It was obvious that he didn't believe a single word Jose said.

"Well…continue your story..."

"What more to say ,Sir, there are many Siddhas in this forest who do miracles."

"Ok,then how come you manage to cut trees from this forest?"

Jose remained silent.

"I'm asking you only Jose?"

"Sir.. that's.."

"What that?"

"People come with letters from higher authorities but I used to ignore them ,then they were forced to give me something else…that's all"

"Oh , is it ,what did they give you? "

"I accepted what they gave. Sir, please leave it Sir…”

"Ok, who sent them? Department of Finance or Transport?"

"Both of them…Sir"

" I'm going to ask a favour from you...*

"What shall I do for you, Sir?"

"I don't want any timber .You people have already cut almost all trees in the forest and now only drought is there everywhere..."

"Then What do you want ,Sir?"

The minister said… Jose stood there as a statue on hearing what he said…