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Freaky Forest - 1 - In Search of the Mystery Man

Chapter 1

In Search of the Mystery Man

Just like the hidden art and science of soul swapping, maintaining a soul within the body is also an art . It is a hidden art which is known only to a very few . We should take efforts to search, research and learn this. In addition to this we have to remember any form of art is a subject for education. If it’s a subject of education, then everyone can learn it. So, continuous search and learning will enable anyone to open the secret doors of any hidden art. One should not forget that some type of hidden knowledge is hiding there with and within every human being. It's important to find and locate it. For example some people, are having the ability to paint as an inborn talent without learning it from anyone. For some others poetry will flow out naturally from their minds. Some people though they have never learned engineering will be planning like an engineer to do things easily. In Madurai, Tamilnadu a person who didn't even go to school is running a simple science laboratory in the name of the former President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. He's only a coolie with heavy lifting as his profession! But he realized his potential and talent and was acting on it to quench his thirst for the hidden knowledge!

God's grace is essential for man to learn any type of rare and unique art and this should be supported with selfless strong prayers. In short, deep devotion, relentless search, and hard work are the three key factors which will lead to the highest level of any knowledge. There are many more wonders in this world. In some cold regions, some kind of fishes and frogs freeze themselves and remain in an immobile condition during extreme cold winters. They stay in that condition for more than six months. Some people thinking that these frogs were dead cook and eat them. But the truth is that they start to respirate and move during the summer season. Like this, we can also convert our body into something similar to a solid state. This is known as Non swap body training. There will be only the slightest sign of breathing in the body at that time.

In Agasthiya falls, the water flow was pretty good. A van full of tourists who have just arrived were enjoying themselves in the crystal clear water as if they have never seen anything like this before.

It seemed like thousands of white horses appeared from nowhere and were running and falling on the heads of the people, trampling on their shoulders and leaping back again.

Waterfalls always personify beauty and even the one who has a blind taste of nature will forget himself in the waterfalls. Wouldn’t it be more heavenly if five or six young pretty girls were taking their bath there at that time?!

Those young girls were within eighteen years. Their dress code announced that they were from the local village.

Today's city girls look very slim … but somewhat good physique and gravity-defying breasts can be seen only in villages.

Rice cooked in the electric cookers, the compulsion of having to work 24x7 , fast changing climatic conditions and the need to limit their bath within one or two buckets of water has slowly swallowed the beauty of the city girls little by little.

Although the village girls had somewhat escaped from these, the culture of wearing the lingeries seems to have spread deep into the minds of the village girls.

It showed out through their wet blouses while they were taking their bath forgetting themselves.

Some young boys with eyes straight focused on this were there…perhaps they might have come for this purpose only.

Some of them were from the nearby city, where they were destined to see water only in the plastic cans and bottles. Enjoying the flow of running water is not in their books of life.

Many water sources in the city are now slowly turning into blackened stagnant puddle.

Therefore if the city people see a waterfall, that too is a giant overflowing waterfall, they lose their sense of control and jump in to it with joy without wasting time. There, even a fool will understands that nature is really the greatest power in the world.

Someone was sitting near the waterfall and was looking at them as if this statement is true. He was wearing a dirty dhoti and torn shirt and looked like a beggar, he was busy making a fire with some dry leaves and waste paper.

He had a long beard in which one can notice here and there the grains of tamarind rice which someone had just given him. It just looked like a few bees were swarming in their beehive. But he wasn't conscious about this or anything which is going around him.

Some people were washing clothes and drying them in the river bank where the water from the waterfall was flowing. He was looking at them and at those who were bathing in the waterfalls alternately.

For those people who see him they could never judge, whether he is a beggar or a lunatic. Is he something in between this….?

At this point, a Benz car came like a chariot on the way to the waterfalls and a very handsome well-dressed man came out of it….

His appearance was such that of a CEO of a big company or may be he is a doctor from a renowned hospital in the city. After him came someone dressed in a full hand shirt and Panchakacham style dhoti with a small hair bun in his short hair got out of the car.

Both of them were searching for someone with their hand as a roof above their eyes. When they saw the bearded man, there was a lightening joy in their faces.

"Yes, Mukesh. He is the one. Go and catch him. See he's going somewhere…"

As one of them screamed, the other man ran. But it seemed like the person they were searching for went behind a big rock near the waterfall, when they went there and checked, it wasn't him. Some four people were there very busily playing cards.

They got dejected.

"What do you want,bro? " One of them asked.

"Did you see a bearded man come this way.."

"Not one... a hundred people cross this way every day, tell in detail ,Bro."

"Just now…may be a minute ago... an elderly person with a beard and moustache.."

"Who?Shiv Baba?"

"I don't know his name and all"

"It must be him only. He jumped into the water. "

One of them showed a pool where the water of the waterfall was flowing into,it just looked very bluish.

"If he jumped in to this pool he may be somewhere here only, right"

"He's not like that as you think. If he jumps down here, he may appear wherever he likes."

"What are you saying...we cannot understand."

"Do you think we understand? He's just like that"

For a minute they stood their totally confused. There were no trace of the man they were searching for….

They started to return.

At this time the boss like person was waiting for them near his car.

"Sir. He left. We lost him in a fraction of second."

"What are you saying? But we saw him here just a minute before…"

"It looks very strange and magical.Sir,we met some people near that pool who were playing cards they said that he just jumped in to the pool and that he may appear anywhere he may like or decide. They say his name is Shiv Baba a siddha. We are totally confused..."

As the priest with them was saying all these, the boss with them looked very dejected. One could see the disappointment in his face very clearly.

He looked at the waterfall blankly. Those girls who were taking their bath were still there and the young boys were also still there staring at them…

But his mind was literally blank and he could not concentrate on anything.

He turned around and tried to get back into the car.

"Hello, come you are here? "

All of a sudden a voice stopped him and he turned back to look who it was … MB TV Reporter Murali!


"How come, you are here Sir…? To refresh in the waterfalls?"

"No, I just came here in search of a person very unique. But to my bad luck I am not able to find him anywhere.."

"A unique person and that also here in this remote village, quite interesting!"

"Yes,Murali,You will not believe me ,if I narrate my experience with him. It’s really interesting and you know there is no end for unexpected surprises in the human life! Hope you are here for some news, right?”

"Yes,Sir,There is a suicide case and the body came ashore near that rock. I came with my team to cover that for the evening news..."

"It's a pleasure to meet you again Murali. Your special bulletin about me in your ‘Business Today ‘was really nice. Thanks a lot for that."

"You are really a businessman with ethics, Sir…It's very hard to find people like you...but actually I have to thank you for the appointment you have given us in the midst of your busy schedule...."

"Okay... Murali, I have to leave now some important work is there, I will meet you on another occasion... thank you so much"

"One minute sir... did you met that very special person whom you have mentioned? I can see the disappointment in your face."

"No, Murali, I don't know who he is…I just came to take a bath in the waterfalls last year to refresh myself. At that time he was also taking bath in the waterfalls with me. You won't believe what I'm going to say...."

The businessman paused for a second.

"Just tell me, Sir.."Murali was very curious.

“When the water was falling on his head … I felt like Lord Shiva himself was taking a bath there. Although I was a little shocked and surprised … at that time, I didn't take it seriously.

After the bath when I was drying myself with a towel, he came near me and said that I should not go anywhere by air for a week and left the place immediately. I didn't understand why he said it to me…"

The businessman continued …

“After a few days I planned a business trip by air to Mumbai and was rushing to the airport. There was a heavy rain and my car got stuck in the traffic. I was not able to reach the airport in time and I missed the flight. I remember seeing that very special man on the way ,standing in the roadside platform, in the rain completely wet and staring at me.His words not to go by air for a week ago echoed in my mind for no reason.”

" I was shocked when I came back to home and watched the TV the flight I was about to take exploded in the air..."

As he finished saying this in a very emotional tone , there was a glow in the reporter’s face as if he's standing near a tongue of fire.

" he here now? “Murali asked.

“I met him in this very spot last time. That's why I came here in search of him to say a word of thanks. But no use, it seems like , he just disappeared in to the thin air!"

Murali was silent but the reporter in him woke up.

"Do you know his name? “Murali asked.

"I came to understand from my PA Mukesh that he is Shiv Baba but even Mukesh is not very sure about it."

"Oh.. that man! “Murali said.

“Do you know him, Murali?”

"Sir, I have heard a lot about him. He knows every nook and corner of this forest, he is a siddha!"

"Is it? But something…I want to tell, he has some super natural powers…"

The businessman was so strong in expressing himself and Murali could do nothing but just smile and accept it. The Benz car in which the businessman came departed from there in a flash. Murali started walking towards the spot where the corpse was lying with his team. At the same time a jeep came and halted there with a screech…

From it, Ajith,Arjun,Akram and Anthony came outside as if someone has thrown them from inside he car!