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Freaky Forest - 6 - Hot Bites

Chapter 6

Hot Bites

Normally cooked food has six flavors: salty, sour, pungent ,astringent , bitter and sweet. Those who are addicted to these flavors will become slaves to emotions. The taste of salt will trigger ego in your mind .Sour taste will set the domain of jealousy in your mind. The pungent taste will increase the anger within you. The astringent taste will give you lot of tolerance. Bitter taste will develop the sense of patience in you. The sweet taste will develop a sense of pride in your mind. The body is controlled by these flavors of food and do not allow the human beings mind to realize its full power. That is where the life of human beings and monks differ. The body also in turn performs its role to control man. Man is a slave to at least one of these tastes. According to the taste which influences him or her they will be guided in their life . A man who is under the control of his body do not achieve anything in this world. The hidden secrets of this universe will never unfold before him. So, to control the body our ancestors taught us the practice of fasting. In addition to this they developed various exercises for the mind and body.

At exactly five o'clock in the evening, the flight landed the airport.

Madan was so excited with what he had with him …


He could not simply believe how he has reached MB TV so fast by 5.30 pm he was inside his cabin and was playing that very special video enjoying every second of it with amazement.

At sharp 6 pm Menon, Director of MB TV entered Madan’s cabin. Many questions remained unanswered in the mind of Menon. ’Is this possible ?’or ‘Is it some sort of graphics ?’

"Sir...the girl you see in this video is from Kollam, we will know the truth once we find her.”

"There is no need for it Madan .If we telecast this in Hot Bites, the truth will come out by itself.”

“Yes Sir. I do also think so, you are right! The write up is ready Sir, shall I read it to you.”

"Yes , please do not waste time !"the Director was standing there all excited to telecast that very special video as early as possible.

Madan started reading…

"Hi, Good evening ,every one!

In today's Hot Bites we are going to show you something of a paranormal sort of thing…

We all know that a dead person cannot come back alive!

The modern science has grown to a great extend but bringing back dead people back to life still remains as a great challenge for them.

If you just turn the pages of our age old religious, mythological books, lots of people who died has come back to life.

For us mythologies are mere myths; we just consider them only as a piece of fiction. The incident now we are going show took place in a grave yard in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram. It proves that myths are not mirages but mirrors truth.

‘Tricks ’ the popular NGO, behind bringing out the truth in many paranormal activities happening in and around the world has now proved that a grave yard is nothing to be afraid of and the theory of ghosts are nothing but mere imagination of the human minds, a group of youths have stayed there in the night and captured the last rites and things like that. Then only, there was a miracle that happened when a man switched his soul to a dead body which was buried.

When this incident took place, there was a small girl and a man present. We can hear them telling the now alive man that he shouldn't tell anyone these secrets.

When watching this, we can see that it is a soul switching incident.

We are telecasting this incident for our viewers through great difficulties.

As Madan finished reading this, Menon applauded loudly.

“Okay…Madan but this will come only for a very few minutes but considering the importance, we will telecast this immediately just before the prime time... Come on, Go ... push up things it is getting late! ”Menon said.

There was an unusual glow in the face of Menon.

"Whatever it is, Madan . If this is true, then our channels TRP will shoot like anything suppose if this is fake ,we will play as if we have shown this to alert the viewers either way it is only a gain for us." Menon convinced Madan.

"You are right, Sir, one thing is sure, this bite will become a great hit!” Madan said...

And that's how it became!

At five minutes to 8:00 pm they telecasted that video.

While it was being telecasted , Arjun, Akram, Anthony and Ajith were in the Naga forest guest house watching that days ‘Hot Bites’ .The video made by them was being telecasted before their own eyes without taking their permission!

Akram stood there as a statue, he could not come out of the shock he had which was quiet unexpected. The other three were staring at him.

"Why you people are staring at me like that?"

"It is you, who sent that video to your friend and now it is in the ‘Hot Bites’."

"Friends ,I didn't expect this at all ,but in one way it is a blessing in disguise now the whole world will know about this. "

"Leave that...we expected to make a lumpsum amount out of it's gone"

" Still we have not lost anything !We will demand an amount of 10 C from MB TV as compensation and if they do not pay we can sue them ,ok?"

"That’s a good idea, Akram but… now what is more important is that we have to find that Siddha, who knows this trick of soul swapping and learn that from him .We have to shoot this as a full documentary and there we are ,then we can sell this for any amount we wish!."

"I believe we can simply mint money out of this!"

"Don't be too greedy. Let’s find that Siddha first. Ok? "

"Yes, we have to move fast, as we do not know how many people who has seen that telecast will come in search of that Siddha!"

" That's true.. we have to act fast .. otherwise we will be the losers…"

Akram lighted a cigarette and occupied a seat near the window in the room, he was in deep thoughts about what next? The window doors were wide open.

When he looked out of the window, what he saw shocked him…the bearded man whom they saw in the water falls was there staring at him!

The way he stood there like a statue, staring at him …aroused an unknown fear in Akram.

"Hey, Aji, Arjun, Anto...look there…" screamed Akram pointing out of the window, the other three quickly leaned out of the window. They were also shocked to see that bearded man there at that time.

At that time they experienced different sensations, for some ants crawling all over their body and for some others a woodpecker pecking their heart.

There was a snake around the bearded man’s neck which increased their fear and reminded them all thosemovies in which they have seen Lord Shiva sitting with a snake around his neck.

"Hey, man who are you? Why are you standing there at this time of night?"

"Come on man, answer us otherwise we will call the police!”

The bearded man was silent! Their fear kept growing. Akram closed the window door tight.

They checked the room door ,yes, it is locked from inside!

"What is this, guys.. the man seems so scary… why should he come here .... "

"Guys ,maybe he is a Siddha from the nearby Naga forest ,he is also having a snake around his neck!"

"Ok…but he is not opening his mouth, he is simply staring at us."

"Hey, Akram, why did you kept that window opened?"

"Hmm ,ok…now go and open that window and see whether he is still there or not."

Arjun was standing at the edge of curiosity !Aji stood up collecting all his courage to go and open the window door… .. slowly.. .very slowly…he opened the window door inch by inch…

To his shock he found no one was there!