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Freaky Forest - 8 - The Tiger Hunt

Chapter 8

The Tiger Hunt

Some people who have not understood the true meaning of life take the decision to end their life by committing suicide. This may be due to the unbearable sufferings they had. Some others die because of illness and poor health for a long period of time. There is plenty of difference between the dead bodies of these persons and that of a yogi, who has the true wisdom about life and who has realized the truth about prana by practicing yoga.

Yogis are able to control their breath at ease and they need only a very small quantity of oxygen to maintain life in their body. They are experts in controlling their pulse rate at their will through ‘Kundalini Yoga’ and ‘Vasi Yoga’.

In the case of normal people after death their body lose its connection with the universe. The rays of Marana karaka which is responsible for separating life from the body do its duty and leaves the body. But in the case of Yogis, even if their soul leaves their body ,if they wish, the connection with the body and universe is not cut but remains active.

Forest Department office…

One forest guard was waiting outside the office expecting someone important!

After a few minutes a sturdy short man and a tribal man fully covering themselves in black blanket and wearing black turban came towards the forest office.

They were walking very slowly.

They walked silently but with confidence. The way in which they walked will arouse doubt and fear in anyone’s mind in that so quiet lonely forest road. On seeing them ,the forest guard ran inside and informed the forester about their arrival.

"Sir, Kittan and Kunchu has come"

The forester stood up from his chair and watched them coming through the window.

They greeted the forester as per the tribal customs.

"Sir, you asked us to come?"

"Yes...there is an important matter"

"Sir, did anyone informed about us to the police?"

Kunchu asked with a slight fear in his mind...

"Do not worry about it ,Kunchu ,as long as I'm here in this forest, no one will touch you."

"Then…Sir, why did you called us so urgently?"

" There's a reason. Yesterday, the minister visited here…."

"We know that... we saw your people going in the jeep with rabbits and pigs, right?"

"Oh... you know all this?"

" Our eyes are always in and around this forest..."

"That’s good... now listen carefully and do what I say…"

"Tell us, Sir."

"The minister needs four tigers alive.."

"What Sir, It seems like now a days they have lost interest in teak and sandalwood trees?"

"It's none of our business our duty is just to obey orders..."

"But, Sir, It's a very tough task to capture even a single tiger alive but he is asking for four , what is he going to do with all these tigers?"

"It seems like he wants to do some ‘Yagna’!"

"But, why he need four tigers for this?"

"I do not have all those details… higher ups are involved in this so it is better not to ask too many questions…."

"Ok , Sir, What is the benefit for us?"

"He will see that you are settled safely in any foreign country of your choice without any legal hurdles.."

"Can we trust him?"

"I personally guarantee it."

"Will he talk to us?"

"Sure, I'll connect you with him. "

"Then please do it, Sir..."

Forester called the minister and handed over the mobile to Kunchu.

The minister said ,"If you finish this job perfectly, I will become the chief minister of this state and imagine what all things I can do for you.”

"Ok, Sir...we trust your words...give us a weeks time...we will catch the tigers one by one .It is not easy as you think, lot of planning is needed. We have to keep cages ready in many places where their movements are sighted. A lamb should be kept inside the cage as a bait. Once the tiger comes seeing the lamb we will shoot it using sedative bullets and when they are asleep we will transport them to the place of your choice."

"Be careful. This news shouldn't leak out .If media people come to know about this… they will exaggerate this in such a way that I am doing some black magic to sabotage the present ministry."

"Don’t worry ,Sir ,the news will come out only if you do not keep the promise you have given to us. .. "

Kunju knew well how to handle this type of business.

"Are you threatening me ? Do you know who I am?"

"You can take it in whatever way you like ,Sir ,but we have to do this by pledging our life, right?"

"Ok…finish the job and inform me and be careful…the news should not leak out."

"Don't worry about it, Sir,... we'll take care."

Their conversation with the Minister came to an end. They returned the mobile back to the forester and left the place silently.

In the Naga forest…

They could find only cut and burnt trees in that slope. Anyone could understand that the forest bandits has done their role perfectly there…

All four of them were walking along with Baba.

"Oh,God...they have cut almost all trees in this forest."

"If you count it ,they have cut more than two thousand trees till date!"

"Whose work is this, Baba? Are there still people like ‘Veerappan’ here? "

"Wherever teak and sandalwood trees are there this has become inevitable… ."

"Baba, can't you stop all this?"


He said this touching his chest…

"Yes... Baba, can't you prevent all this?"

"I am a single person… if a government cannot do it, then how can I?"

"But you are more powerful than any government?"


"Baba, the government is composed of normal people like us. but you are not like that! You are having supernatural powers..."

"With that, I can only disappear and do things like that …but how can I prevent these bandits?"

"Baba ,if I were you ,I would have stopped all this nonsense using the supernatural powers I have!."

"Is that so?"

"Baba, just teach us all those tricks, then wait and see what is happening!."

"So what you're saying is that you will protect this entire forest, if you know those tricks?"

"Not only that, we are ready to sacrifice our life to protect this greenery!

We have suffered a lot due to scarcity of water .We pay twenty rupees for one liter of water."

"So, you know the value of this green forest."

"Certainly, let us leave the Veerappan issue. We Indians are being ridiculed everywhere. When we visited US for research purpose we personally experienced it. It was very embarrassing."

"Oh, is it so?", Baba was just listening to them as if they were narrating a story. But the four were expressing themselves very emotionally!

Suddenly, an elephant came in front of them.

It lifted right leg and with its trunk up in the air ,screamed loudly looking at the sky. The four were trembling with fear…

Baba smiled at the elephant and walked towards it.

He asked, "How's your health?"

He was talking as if he was asking to a human being!

Baba went around the elephant once.

He could see scratches all over its body . Baba pulled out an iron nail from its right leg and threw it away.

Tears rolled out from its eyes.

"There is no use in crying now! I told you a number of times that I will not teach you that trick, because I know that you will come and stand before me like this one day! But you never listened to me .Now you're experiencing your bad luck. "

When Baba finished saying this…the elephant plucked a flower from a nearby forest plant, placed it at the feet of Baba and knelt in front of him.

"See, there's no use in doing poojas like this. Be patient…someday someone will die in this forest, then you can enter that body…you have to wait until then."

The way he talked to the elephant was quiet abnormal and unexpected to the four and they stood there totally confused!

Everything which was going on there , the four could not make head or tail out of it.

"Baba , we could not understand it,why you are talking to this elephant as if it is a human being?"

Baba just laughed in return.

" guru’s samadhi is nearby only."

"Please answer our question.."

"I'll tell you later…first we have to offer Pranams to my guru."

"Ok, will you explain after that? "

"Sure ,I will never go back from my words!"

They walked through the dense forest at times they have to push back the thick bushes which blocked their way.

Akram was busily engaged in recording their entire episode in his handycam without missing a single scene .In between in his SLR he took photos of white clouds, the formation of which revealed the forms of not one but many angels .The big colorful butterflies which can only be found in Naga forest never missed his camera eyes!

"Beautiful…marvelous… wonderful! “were his only reaction.

In one place they saw a black burned tree .On seeing this Baba turned back and looked at the four with a meaningful smile …