You Are not Mine - 13 books and stories free download online pdf in English

You Are not Mine - 13

Nishant , Aarvi and jenny cant prove their infront of principal and principal disperse them all after a warning.

they are all out of principal´s cabin and at the corrider, Nishant and aarvi staring at viraag with anger. Raghav and viraag are smiling cunningly at them and left.

nishant and jenny comforted aarvi and assure her to not worry about him. nishant decided to not left aarvi alone at college.

In claas viraag is staring at aarvi, She was little nervous and viraag was so happy by seing her like that.

Days are passing by and aarvi and Nishant becomes proffesor´S favourite because they are excellent in studies and projects.
viraag and ragahav are also famous but most of the times for the sports & pranks.
viraag is most of girl´S crush because of his looks and attitude.

meanwhile viraag dont leave any chances to harm aarvi but nishaant is always there as her saviour. such a way nishaant and aarvi´s friendship grows deeper and stronger.

Actualy nishant is in love with aarvi from begining but never gather courage to confess infront of her. and aarvi is enjoying nishant and jenny and her togetherness.

viraag is jealous of nishant Because all professor praise him and aarvi is also always with him , Praising him and ignoring viraag and his group.

now first semester´s exam came.. all are giving exam, Writing their paper in examination hall. now in sitting arrangement aarvi And viraag´S row are facing eachother so aarvi and viraag are sat far but benches are beside. so viraag is happy that he got a chance to annoy aarvi and not get good marks in exam.

on the otherside aarvi is not paying attention to viraag´s mischevious deeds. but viraag continued to disturb and annoy her. the superviser is continuously marking them. but aarvi has written her paper perfectly and first day of exam Done. aarvi warned viraag to not disturb her again otherwise she will complain to principal.

on the other day of exam viraag came up with very cunning idea. he has stuck some cheats under her benches.
aarvi is writing her paper and silently viraag has thrown some cheats below her benches .And tried to take proffessor´s attention towards them. after some efforts he succed.

professor saw cheats below aarvi´s bench and confront her. She denied of accepting that those cheats were of her . proffesor searched further he found some more cheats under her desk. he spoke " I never had expected these from a scholar student like you " Why you have done this"

Aarvi cried and told proffesor that she hasnt came with cheats, " Please sir try to understand , I dont require to do like this, I have prepared enough for exams "
Sir, Please try to understand , Someone have done this intentionaly"

Otherside nishant was watching this , He stood up and said " Viraag must have done this, He always have problem with us"

Raghav stood up furiously and said " How could you blame viraag always "

Jenny stood up and said " because you people are jealous and hopeless "

And tara stood up and both groups are start quarreling. so proffesor annoyed make them to shut their mouths.