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Revenge of the Ghost - 38

Baba needed to rest for a while. Nagesh helped Baba to lie down and then he sat down in one of the corners. Ravindra and Shashtriji just sat quietly as it was peaceful after a havoc in their lives. They needed some rest too, but they could not till the time they found Satya and how everything was related to the murders and the ghost. As usual there were many questions, but not answers and the journey took many twists and turns till that day.

Half an hour passed and during that half an hour there was not a single moment of peace from Ravindra. His mind took a deep dive into past moments he had with his beloved Satya. He almost felt her touch and presence. Deep down his heart, there was an unknown fear lurking and taking his consciousness away and the fear was not to see Satya again. His heart felt tormented even by a thought like this as Baba confirmed that she was alive. But love is an overpowering feeling and doesn’t know any boundary. Baba opened his eyes and tried to back up. Nagesh helped him and gave him water.

Baba started again, ‘Gayatri was a well-known lady in the village at that time and she was very beautiful. Whenever she passes through, every eye seems to be eager to catch a glimpse of her flawless beauty and every head turns to view her from every angle possible. And her beauty was her biggest enemy. She was under the evil clutches of Surajsinh. She used to curse her life every single day but she could not do anything as she knew if she displeases Surajsinh in any way her entire family will be killed brutally and nobody will lift even a finger to help her family. Hence, she was a puppet in his hands and even if she did not like it, she had to do whatever he used to say.’

‘Sonal was a very sweet lady and religious too. Gayatri was in no direct contact of her, so she decided to know about her daily activities in detail to help her build a relationship with her. After keeping a close eye on her routine Gayatri came to know about a peculiar detail about her. Sonal did not leave her house much apart from going to the temple on every Friday. Rest most of the jobs were done by her husband Shyam and that gave a very narrow chance for Gayatri to work with. Gayatri confirmed this for two weeks consecutively and then decided to put her plan in motion. Gayatri started to visit the temple at a regular time like Sonal but did not initiate any contact with her.’

‘One fine day morning, Sonal started to go the temple from her house and at the same time Gayatri reached the temple and eagerly waiting for Sonal to come as today she decided to talk to her and initiate the plan for Surajsinh. Her face turned pale due to the mere thought of Surajsinh. She cleared her mind and erased the feelings from her face as her face was the entry point to coerce Sonal into a friendship. Sonal was visible at the bottom of the temple where the shoe stand was. Gayatri started to walk down slowly as if she were in tremendous pain. Her face was having clear signs of pain and that was enough for Sonal to see and ask about her health. Suddenly Gayatri lost her balance and fell down.’

‘She rolled for two three steps and Sonal stopped her from rolling more and that gave a like jerk too. Sonal also lost her balance while stopping her due to the force of rolling but managed to keep both at the same step without rolling further. There was a deep cut on Gayatri’s forehead and blood was oozing out of it. Gayatri opened her eyes and could not gather her thoughts for a while and just kept staring at Sonal and then hugged her tightly and started to cry. Sonal’s shoulder got wet due to warm tears. Sonal helped her to stand up and made her sit on the side of the stairs. Sonal quickly ran to the nearest shop to get some cotton and turmeric to caress Gayatri’s wound which was not big but surely painful. Gayatri’s entire body was in pain due to the hard surface of the stairs. Her milky white body had multiple bruises and that turned to cherry red, and it was making her more beautiful.’

‘Gayatri was into her senses now and she was looking very kindly at Sonal. For a fraction of second she thought why she wanted to hurt this kind soul, but she let that thought vanish quickly as she knew Surajsinh very well. Gayatri was still in pain and Sonal was trying very hard to maker her comfortable. Then Gayatri held Sonal’s hand and told her thank you very much, sister to help me out like this. Your rituals are also disturbed because of me, and your flowers and other items are also scattered on the hard stone floor. She told her sorry. Sonal told her not to worry and told her to take care of that cut on her forehead. Too much time was spent in this, So Sonal just decided to leave with just a small prayer as she had to reach her home on time.’

‘She smiled at Gayatri and left her surprised at the temple’, said Baba. What will the big plan of Gayatri for Sonal and how that would hurt Shyam? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.