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Revenge of the Ghost - 57

Nagesh got distracted by the calling and both the creatures found their opening to attack him. Creature from the left veiled and swung his tail so hard that it made a wushhh sound. The tail struck very hard on the spine of Nagesh and swept him to the far corner of the room with an evil force. The creature expected a loud thud sound followed by a cry of pain but that never happened. The creature got surprised too and looked in the direction. Nagesh quickly balanced his feet on the wall and jumped back like a master cat but he was in pain as the strike left a deep gash on his chest and blood droplets were oozing out of that with slight reflection of pain on Nagesh’s face. His face was a little contorted due to an increase in pain due to the gash. Mahabali couldn’t bare this anymore and he left the protective circle to face the soldier of demon. Mahabali was the soldier of the almighty God and was capable of handling anything. Mahabali pulled out a small trident from beneath his upper garment and prayed a little by putting the trident on his forehead. The trident shone a little bit. The creatures looked a bit troubled as now they have to fight two great warriors instead of one.

Nobody knew that this was the plan all along. Mahabali forgot an important rule of a fight with the evil powers and it is never lose your mental balance and start to think aggressively. The ghost was anticipating this move and she waited for the dual to happen between her evil soldiers vs the soldiers of the God. Mahabali held the trident like a sward in his hand and took a pose to defend himself against the attack of the creature. The creature circled Mahabali for a while trying to find a chink in the armour. Being an evil creature and of dubious nature, the creature attacked Mahabali from the behind and attacked hard with its long and very strong tail. Mahabali was ready for this kind of attack and he was very agile so he moved his body very swiftly out of the attack range. The creature was agile too and it swiftly attacked in a reverse swing too and it was difficult for Mahabali to save himself from that. Hence, Mahabali let the blow hit him but he kept the trident in the way of the attack. The moment the trident touched the creature, it let out a huge cry which was filled with immense pain. The entire room was filled with the acrid smell of burning rotten flesh. Everyone took a breath of sigh as now something can hit back to these creature.

But that did not last long. As the creature started to heal quickly and ready for the attack. Mahabali’s heart lost a beat. He quickly felt ashamed of that and his pure heart filled with courage. Round 2 began. Mahabali and the creature both tried to attack multiple times but none of them was able to hurt each other much. Mahabali had a few cuts but nothing serious. On the other side the situation was slightly difficult for Nagesh. His body was about to leave his side in the dual due to massive blood loss. Sheer courage and blessings from Shankarbaba were the only things which were pumping his blood with droplets of courage. Mahabali knew that he had to help Nagesh as quickly as possible otherwise it would be difficult for him to see the end of the day. Mahabali knew that the rapid movements of the tail gave an advantage to the creature as it could see the movements with a precise timing due to the location of eyes on the tail. This was a huge roadblock for Mahabali. Mahabali had to quickly sort this problem out as Nagesh did not have much time. Mahabali’s mind was distracted while the creature attacked aggressively and it jumped directly on the chest of Mahabali. Mahabali fell down by the sheer force of the attack. There was a loud thud and then something terrible happened. Mahabali’s grip on the trident loosened and it fell down. The creature started to crush the chest of Mahabali. It pierced the bare skin on the chest and its claws was chewing through the muscles. Mahabali felt a volcano burning on his chest and multiple torrents of blood stream were flowing in all directions from the chest creating some fearsome red lines.

The plan of the almighty was different. Mahabali was able to move things with his mind with the power of telekinesis. He almost forgot that he had this “siddhi” as he never used it in his life. But this was a crusade against the evil and he chanted the mantra to activate that ability and directed his entire focus on the trident. His eyes were painted red with anger. After a try of two, the trident moved a bit. Then it flew in the air as if someone were pushing it. The trident struck hard on the three eyes of the creature with a massive godly force.  The creature yowled and clearly it was in a ton of pain. The creature was shocked and was in naked raw fear. The entire body of the creature shivered and it left the chest of Mahabali alone. Something started to happen. The creature lost its balance and fell on the ground. The ground shook and tiny sand particles on the floor danced a bit. It was moving rigorously and vehemently as if it were about to explode. The trident was slowly penetrating the skin under the eyes. The eyeballs were completely destroyed. Due to that the entire body of the creature was slowly filling with gashes, cuts and bruises. Whichever cuts, bruises and gashes previously healed were resurfacing. Thin black streams were running backwards from the tail to the entire body.

What will happen to the creature ? What was the plan of the Ghost ? Will everyone survive or someone will be lost forever? As the story is about to end every question will be cleared. To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.