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Love By Accident - 13

Arnav was very sad. He was blaming himself for Ayesha’s condition. It was way too much for him to handle it. He came home did all his chores and went to his room as usual. But his mom knew something was eating him from inside. Arnav was not a playboy. He could never think to hurt anyone else even in his dreams. But he did. Although, it was not intentional, but she was hurt. He had to apologize. But how could he? Her friends won’t allow him to meet her. So he decided to apologize in college. For the next two days, Ayesha didn’t come to college. Here Arnav became restless. He wanted to end that topic ASAP. After two days, when Ayesha came to college. Arnav was so happy, that he could finally say sorry. The burden of his grief was finally going to fall off. He was just waiting for the right moment when Ayesha would be alone. But to his misfortune, Sara and Ritu were following her everywhere like her shadow. He could do nothing but go there and say sorry in their presence.. “Arnav, Be calm and say sorry. Be calm and quiet and don’t reply no matter whatever they say.” Arnav told himself and went there. Seeing him, Sara came in front of Ayesha and covered her. Ayesha didn’t understand why suddenly both of them stopped. She looked forward only to see Arnav was coming towards them. He was holding 2 chocolates and a tense face. Arnav approached them. When he was about to say something, Sara spoke
Sara: Wait. Don’t say anything. We told you before that you should keep your distance. Why couldn't you understand this simple thing? Do you really want us to complain to the principal? Please leave us alone. We are sorry. But we cannot help you.
Ritu: Yes sir! Please leave us alone. We are sorry. Even Ayesha doesn’t want to talk to you.
Arnav: How could you even decide what does she want? I just want to say sorry. You can’t even imagine what I have been going through. Please let's talk to her.
Sara: Oh, really? But why? So that, you will again hurt her.
Arnav: I told you why. Please help me. I will end this today and won’t meet you afterward.
Ritu: No means no.
Ayesha was not feeling good where this conversation was going. She had just recovered from her fever. She wanted to leave that place. In the meantime, Ridhima came out of nowhere and she added more to Arnav’s misery.
Ridhima: What happened Arnav? Are you ok? Are these girls making trouble? Tell me. I can handle them. Especially that girl behind him.
It was enough for Ayesha. She couldn’t bear it anymore.
Ayesha: Enough… Please let us leave. We don’t want to be dragged into any further problems. And please mam we are sorry. You won’t see us again.
Ridhima: Good for you. Now leave.
Arnav was helplessly standing there. He was looking directly into Ayesha’s eyes. Her eyes were watery. Sara and Ritu took her to the classroom.
Arnav was in a tough situation. What should he do in order to convince Ayesha? He had thought that everything would be shorted today. But no. Nothing happened as planned, thanks to Ridhima. Again he came home sadly with a heavy heart.
Arnav was thinking of as many ways as possible to apologize to her. But nothing stroked his mind. He was very uncomfortable throughout that night. He barely slept that night.
The next day, Arnav woke up late. His mom didn’t call him intentionally, because she knew that something was off and Arnav needed rest. It was about 10.00 a.m. when he came downstairs. He went to the kitchen and grabbed some fruits from the fridge. He sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. He didn’t want to watch but he wanted to pass the time. Meanwhile, his mother came and sat beside him. She gently patted Arnav’s back. He looked at her.
Arnav: What mama! Why are you looking serious?
Urmila: I think you should ask yourself that question. I have been noticing for several days that you are upset. You are not even playing with your sister. I know that it’s not the study pressure. Are you facing problems in college? Is anyone annoying you?
Arnav: No mama. I am just tired nothing so serious. Actually, the exams are coming and there are a lot of courses to cover. So just exam pressure.
Urmila: But your semester isn’t going to happen this month.
Arnav: Not the semester mama. It is a class test.
Urmila: Ohh ok ok. But I want to ask you a question only if you answer correctly and tell the truth.
Arnav: Yes mama. Sure. Ask me.
Urmila: Who is Ayesha? And what is going on between you and her?
Arnav(with a surprised look): No Mom. Nothing. It’s just a misunderstanding. I will sort it out.
Urmila: Does she always roam around you? I got to know that she follows you everywhere.
Arnav: Who told you that? There is nothing like that mama. We are not even friends. I am her senior. And we have some misunderstanding. And she is not following me. Just tell me who told you all this nonsense.
Urmila: Ridhima. She is a very good girl dear. Why don’t you talk with her? She told me all about your troubles that Ayesha had given to you. She even stood against that Ayesha for you. And you ignore her.
Arnav: No mama. Nothing like that. I don’t like talking to girls. For Ayesha, she is a sweet, innocent girl. Actually, she is a topper in her class. And Ridhima is a liar.
Urmila: Arnav!!!!! Shut up. I think that girl has taught you something. How could you even say something to Ridhima? He is your uncle’s friend.
Arnav: Ok mama. Sorry. But I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
Arnav stood up from the sofa and went upstairs. His mom was looking at him going from behind.
Arnav locked his room from the inside. He sat on his study chair. He was going through his phone when he got a call from an unknown number.
Unknown number: Hello bhaiya Jiii! I am talking from Subh Garage. Your bike is ready now. It is fully repaired. You can take it now.
Arnav: OK bhaiya. I will take it today.
Suddenly an idea popped up in his mind.
Arnav: Hello bhaiya jii. You remembered that girl who came with me to repair her scooty?
Mechanic: Haan ji ! I remember.
Arnav: Is her scooty still there or she picked up?
Mechanic: No bhaiya. I called her several times before. But she told me she couldn’t come because she had a fever. So she is coming today after her college.
Arnav: Thank you bhaiya ji. I am coming right now.
Arnav called Sahil and told him everything. Then he asked him to come to the garage directly after the college hiding from Ayesha and her friends.
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