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Our Imperfect Marriage - 12 - New turn

It's been a month and Our relationship took a new turn. He tries to spend time with me as much as possible. We started going out on weekends to a restaurant for a movie. On a long drive. Our action was enough to show we love and care for each other. He became a totally new person. While going to the office and coming back home he hugs me and gives me a forehead kiss sometimes on the cheek also especially when he knows he will come late today.

I miss his presence when he stays busy. I call him 3/4 times a day to check on him if he has lunch or when he is coming. To say indirectly I miss you. Many times we eat on one plate and feed each other. He always takes more effort. I started to like his company.

The doorbell rang and it brought me back to the present. Akshat came early today. He was lost in thought so I asked him what happened? He asked me will mom dad forgive me? For staying away, saying rude things to them, and not calling them? I hugged him and said Go meet and talk with them. He said will you come with me, please? I Said yes and told him to get ready. We are going now.

We took a cake for dad. Before entering the house Akshat held my hand and said I am nervous. What if mom dad…. Before he could complete the sentence mom came and hugged us. She was so happy to see her child after so many months. My dad came and hugged me. I took a blessing and he said where is my cake? He thoroughly ignores akshat. We talked for some time and for breaking the ice between father and son I and mom went to the kitchen.

Akshat said sorry to dad. Dad did not answer. Akshat text me. Come here help me, please. I smiled and went near dad and told him, dad, if you won't talk to him then you will make me upset and next time I won't bring the cake for you. He thinks for some time and then asks, Are you happy with him? Yes dad Is he keeping you happy? More than anyone can, I answer proudly.

Dad said looking at akshat Aap Ka yeh gunah maaf Kiya jata hai dramatically and they hugged each other. Because of mom’s health issue, akshat forced mom dad to shift with us, and in the end, they agreed to shift but they said it will come tomorrow.

When we reached home we talked for sometime when we were going to our own room. I stopped akshat and he questionly looked at me. I said tomorrow mom and dad are coming. He said so? I said they are coming emphasizing each word MOM AND DAD ARE COMING TOMORROW.

Then he realized what I am talking about. He needed to shift here with all his stuff so they could not find out that we are not still sharing a husband's wife's relation. Now we have to share a room.

Mom dad came but said we will stay here for only a couple of days. I love them. My days started to pass so easily. Mom taught me many new recipes. In the evening every day, we go out. They always treat me like a daughter.

In Fact, they love me more than they love akshat. And when I say this, Akshat gets jealous. One thing I realized in some days we love each other at the start by saying I love you or in another way but after years of spending together you don’t have to say again and again things to prove them.

Your partner understands your silence also. You won’t feed each other but you will cook together. You will spend time together walking in the park holding hands. You will have each other back. And that love will be pure. You will still look at your partner with all the love. You will find each other cute in those wrinkles also. Love is not all about gift, wealth, money, power, surprise, it's all about caring, sharing, respect, sacrifice understanding. Will akshat And I also experience this? Will we be successful in our marriage?