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Our Imperfect Marriage - 13 - Butterflies

Dad and I wanted to eat ice cream so I told akshat to bring it for us but he directly said no. Because we started to eat daily. I told dad while looking at akshat Dad no one loved us and akshat smirk. I ignored him and again started to talk with dad as he went into the room. After some time we said goodnight and I went into the bedroom.

When I entered the room Akshat was in the Bathroom. So I started to arrange a cupboard and akshat came near me silently and near my ear, he whispered so no one loves you. I stammer no..no it's just. His presence near me was making me feel similar to anxiety. He holds my waist in a seductive manner and makes me turn to face him.

His wet hair, the fragrance of his soap coming from his body. And his closeness made my body lose control over me. And butterflies started to run all over my body. I slowly spoke his name Akshat and he said while looking at me and his fingers were roaming in my neck, near the jawline and it was distracting me from saying anything.

His lips touch my ear lobe and his proximity is giving me goosebumps. I said stop akshat let me go. While nipping my ear lobe but you are enjoying this, don’t you? I did not admit anything for some time. I was feeling shy to admit it. He stopped doing whatever he was doing. He looked into my eyes for a second, gave me a forehead kiss and said sorry before I could stop him he went out of the bedroom.

I went behind him to stop him from going but he already left in his car. I slept while waiting for him. When I woke up he was still not there. I got up and freshen up. Mom and dad were waiting for me to join them for breakfast. And mom informed me akshat left for the office early you were sleeping so he did not disturb you.

I said okay. The whole day we did not talk when I called him and he said I am in a meeting. I had my lunch. I will call you later.

I was reading a book in the hall well actually waiting for akshat to come home. After some time the door opened and waited for the person to enter. He looked at me and avoided eye contact.

I did not say anything to him but asked myself why he is avoiding me? He is trying to stay away from me. Not gonna happen, dear hubby. I confidently went to the bedroom on the mission of something which I am also unaware of.

He was having a bath so I locked the door from outside. I stood near the bathroom door to wait for him to unlock it from inside. He tried to open the door. I told him the door will open when you will answer my questions.