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Our Imperfect Marriage - 14 - First kiss

He said I am not answering anything. I replied back okay goodnight I am sleeping. Enjoy it and yeah please sleep peacefully. He has to agree with me. I mumbled to myself. After some time irritatingly he said okay ask.

Where did you go yesterday?

for a drive.

Why are you ignoring me?

I am not.

Why did you not wake me up before going to the office?

Because you were sleeping.

Why did you not call me back?

I was busy.

I know he did not answer any of my questions rightly. But I want to talk with him and hear his voice, not his silence.

Will you open the door now?

I said not until you apologize and give me a compliment.

He did not say anything so I knocked on the door and said are you there? no reply came. I again asked after a few seconds did you sleep? Still no reply. I was scared of what would happen to him so I unlocked the door but he did not come outside so I went inside and he turned on the shower instantly. I was looking at him. He was laughing at me and said well two can play baby.

So I grabbed him closer. And told him huskily, well we can enjoy it together. while looking into his eyes. We stayed in the same position for some time. I could not take it anymore, So I smashed my lips against him. He seemed to be frozen. When I was about to pull back his hand moved to my waist and pulled me closer to him. And started to kiss me. We kissed until I was breathless.

And he said I am sorry for avoiding you And I must say you are a satisfactory kisser. I blushed and he went out and I cleaned myself. On the bed, he pulled me closer to him, and all night we cuddled and kissed. We like our new relationship.

In the morning mom dad said we should go back to our old house. We told them to stay here for more days but they declined and it makes me feel painful. It will be tough to stay without them. The house is empty again. I get bored alone. It's been a week since they moved from here and I miss their company. But we cannot force them much so I agreed.

One plan came in my mind I decided to give a small surprise to Akshat. I began to prepare food for him. When I finished cooking. I got ready, wore a red silk saree. Apply a little makeup and wait for akshat to arrive. After an hour or something, he came and looked at me and asked, Are we going somewhere? I said yes and told him to fresh up. I started organizing a table for our candlelight dinner. I switch off the light when he comes out. He surprisingly looks at me and I smile and shift a chair little so he can adjust himself.