Our Imperfect Marriage - 15 in English Short Stories by Heena Solanki books and stories PDF | Our Imperfect Marriage - 15 - Intimating moment 

Our Imperfect Marriage - 15 - Intimating moment 

He said you are looking beautiful. I thanked him, we ate our dinner talking romantically, we danced. When I was going into the bedroom He picked me up in the bridal style and I gave him a quick peck on the cheeks. Only on the cheek? Umm no you will get more with each step and with each step I gave him a kiss on his face when we came near-bed he said now my turn and he did not wait for a second and attack me with his lips. He made me sleep on the bed. We exchanged glares.

I was nervous at first but then kissing him jolts of pleasure inside me. I didn't want to stop him today. So I let him unwrap the saree from my body. He touched my belly. His expression was similar to a child when he gets his favorite candy to eat. With each passing second, he desires more of me. He stopped unhooking my blouse and looked at me and asked Are you sure you want this? I said yes while gesturing to him to do his leftover work.

We left with our undergarments. I covered my body with my hands feeling shy. He removed my hands and gave me a forehead kiss saying I won't hurt you trust me. I trust you.make me feel special today and touch his bare chest. He leans forward to my cleavage area and I pass the soft moan. He explored my body with his tongue. Biting nipple, giving hickey over here and there it seems he did not finish yet. And I also craved for more. Again he kissed me while playing with my breast. His kisses are effectual. Why does every single touch of his feel good?

He looked at me for permission to remove the last cloth of my body and touched my inner thighs and asked in a seductive manner already wet? I nodded and he rubbed his fingers on my panties. I moaned out loud before I could stop myself. Your moan is a beautiful sound to my ear. It drives me crazy. He removed the panties. And he kissed near my vagina. And explore his tongue to feel it more. He did not stop until I came. His expression was full of love and lust.

He asked me are you ready? I nodded again but he stopped and asked, for what? so I let out by saying what he wants to hear. I love you Akshat please give me pleasure, I can not handle more. And when he revealed his cock. I felt so shy looking at his cock this way. And he teased me saying It’s all your baby. I love you more and He thrust in and out into me until we came together.

I rested my head on his chest and he asked, did I satisfy you? You enjoyed our first make out? I said yes I loved it. And he held me tighter and stroked my hair making me slowly drift into sleep.