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Our Imperfect Marriage - 16 - Marriage.

Today when I am sitting near the window everything seems different. It's been 5 years of Our marriage. We love, We fight, we care, we argue. Every day felt different, sometimes we are a lovey-dovey couple but sometimes we stay in a different corner of the house. But what reunites us is our little princess Tvisha. Tvisha's presence makes us live again every day we try to become better parents than yesterday. We love our daughter. Akshat joins me with 2 mugs, still, our choices are different. He likes coffee and I always prefer tea. We looked at the moon for some time and akshat spoke Thank you. I looked at him confusingly and he continued Thank you for working on this marriage. For taking efforts to save our relationship. For taking care of this house, Tvisha, mine, and about everything. I love you so much daily we don't need to express it but I want to express it today. I know I mess up things sometimes but trust me I am afraid to lose you. Yes, I want to be the best dad in the world but with that, I want to be the best husband also. I want to live the best life with you. Your love is all I need in this life. He doesn't express much. And I try to understand his silence. But today he is trying he is expressing. He expresses or not But I know one thing he is with me and supports me in everything. I wait for him to continue but when he did not I said... When marriages happen. We are not ready in some way or another but with the time that unknown person started to know you. Without even realizing it. Your every single detail your morning face, your morning breath, how you chew, your dance, how you look without makeup, what suits you, how you feel, how you understand, how you behave, how and when you hyper, how little effort makes you happy, how little lie hurt you, how your mood swings, that person will know every single detail of yours but still sometimes you will disappoint you, but that time your partner should understand you. You guys have to communicate what is bothering you. You have to pamper and love them. You know akshat nothing is perfect, you are imperfect, so I am, our marriage is also imperfect. And I love this imperfection of our relationship. And what matters is our love, our happiness, our efforts for each other, and our daughter. So let's get comfortable in it. And move in with life.

Everything is Imperfect in life if you notice. Yes, you, me, love, food, life, friendship, air, water, tree, but we should start to like this imperfect thing.

"Start accepting, stop expecting"

And your relationship will become the best.

The story of OUR IMPERFECT MARRIAGE. Dear readers, Thanking you for reading my story. Keep blessing me with your love. Thank you, readers, family, friends who motivate me support in this journey.

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Fantastic dear Heena.. Keep doing.. All the best

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