Unknown Love - Episode 35 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Unknown Love - Episode 35

Rajveer get ready in the casual jeans and white shirt with black color shoe. But Anshika wear Talwar suit, jewelry and style the hair in puff with little curly hair. Rajveer seeing Anshika get surprised as she was looking gorgeous and beautiful girl.
Rajveer was admiring her, but Anshika tease him by kissing on his lips and cheeks. Anshika then wake up him from his dream land, " Oh...my lovely Rajveer please stop staring me like this. I now I am not so beautiful but really I know you must got an idea looking me of surprise!"
Rajveer get emotional and say, " Anshika, I wish Mom where here she be must be really happy for me. Seeing you she get more happy as..."
Anshika gives tight hug and say by swiping her tears, " I told you that we will bring our Mom back. That's my promise to you but promise you will take care of self on the mission . Let's go we are getting late for..."
Rajveer asked with surprised gesture, "Getting late for what? I know it's early for duty. But..."
Anshika asked him to shut his mouth and reach the office now.
When they enter to office the rose petals falls on them from up and Rajveer get surprised.
A pandit was chanting mantras and Rajawat-Ayesha well them.
Ranveer, Kashish, Kavi, Siya, Harsh, Aditya, Avinash and Dr.Kaira were talking about their unique style of dressing as Anshika was looking beautiful in Talwar suit and Rajveer wear a casual jeans and white shirt.
Ranveer tease Anshika, " Oh... Anshi by the way Dumbo girl you got ready so beautiful. Rajveer Sir, in casual dress? Wait...I know about you so i arrange something for Sir. Sir please come with me. Hey, Harsh come with me, we will make Sir beautifully ready."
Rajveer wear embroidery design sherwani and Anshika seeing him get surprised as she never thought he will look like her favourite action hero in a movie, she saw and dream about her prince charming should wear the same sherwani that she dream come true.
Pandit tell Ayesha that good muhurat of engagement getting away so please hurry up.
Avinash bring the rings and Harsh clicks the photos from the his mobile.
Finally, Anshika and Rajveer get officially engaged.
Rajveer say with smiley face, " Rajawat Sir, in short time you arranged so much... Thanks for this wonderful moment. Decoration is good and simple...I like it very much."
Avinash say with mischievous smile, " Actually, brother it's my sister's idea to surprise you. She decided when Dad booked the hotel room for date. She was planning from few days and Pandit also told muhurat was good and lucky for you both as Rahat uncle already given your Kundali for matching to with Anishika's kundali to Dad!"
Rajveer get worried as he got no news about Rahat. Rajveer asked Rajawat if he knows about Rahat where he is has gone and for what work?
Rajawat say with calmly, " He told me there is something serious matter and after coming from there means wherever he had gone; he will discuss with me and you. By the way, he should come wherever he has gone, I try to call him but his phone was switched off."
Rajveer get surprised and feels something is missing that he is hiding from him. Rajveer remember that Rahat knows about his Dad he must have been caught up him?
Anshika notice Rajveer is tensed.
They all enjoy with dancing on song. After some time, they get change their clothes. They get back to their work as daily. Ayesha and Avinash return to home.
Aditya tells that he had got call from the local police officer that a died body is found near jungle zoo.