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Unknown Love - Episode 36

Rajveer was trying to get in touch with Rahat but his phone was no reachable. Rajveer hit punch on the wall with anger.
Harsh inform Rajveer that they have go to location of jungle zoo to see the death body. Rajveer say with with anger, "Go I am coming...tell Ranveer Kavi and Kashish to handle here. Wait one more thing tell Anshika to take the important things that requires to take finger print and..."
Anshika enters to his cabin and interrupt his talk, "Harsh you go. We will be there in few minutes reaching to parking lot."
Harsh goes from the cabin, Anshika notice he is upset and tensed, due Rahat as he wants to talk to him.
Anshika show the message to Rajveer that Rahat send one day ago. Rajveer reading it get more angry and say, "Why he send message to you why not me? I am first for him not you. I know he knows you from many years but I am his like his child."
Anshika holds his hand and say, "Because he knows your anger and tell me to take care as his phone broken and using the phone of other person by putting his sim card in the phone if other person. Rajveer, I want to tell about this message from tomorrow but..."
Rajveer with anger get out of the cabin and Anshika feels bad as Rajveer got so angry that he not listen her full talk.
Rajveer thinks Rahat is in danger as he never send message before to him in this way. Anshika come at parking lot and sit in the car with the sad feeling. Rajveer asked her to forward the message of Rahat to him. Anshika forward the message and Rajveer carefully read the message and he finds something rared in the message words. Rajveer find some letters were highlighted in the bold letters.
Rajveer asked Aditya to write the some letters by keeping space or dots that he say, "D...A...N...G...E
...R, got it. Danger.... D...a
...g...g...e...r h...e...l...p and s
...a...v...e S & A?"

Rajveer asked to give the notepad to him, Aditya give him the notepad.
Rajveer reading it get doubt clear that he was right, as Rahat is in danger as he handling the case Danger Dagger case with him
He must have got the important lead with the evidence.
Rajveer saw Anshika was looking outside the car and thinking something with sad feeling, he feels guilty on self as he got angry on her unknowingly and hurt her with rude words.
Rajveer send a message of sorry and she send him an smiley face and say, "I am not upset. I am seeing the location well as this case should get easily solve. Take care and I love you."
Rajveer send her flying kiss and he loves her a lot in the reply of the message.
Rajveer thinks who must be the person S & A as he doesn't know any person...?

They reach to spot and local police already seal the area and death body area to grab the evidence.
Rajveer seeing death body get shock and screams, "Uncle... Rahat... Uncle...no!"
Anshika come running towards Rajveer and see he is crying badly. Aditya tells Anshika it's death body of Rahat. Anshika control her emotions and handle Rajveer.
Anshika tell Harsh and Aditya to gather the information and evidence.
Anshika take Rajveer to the car and make him sit in the car, then she offer water to drink to him. She try to calm him down but unable; then Anshika make him remember that he is on the duty and have to follow his responsibilities too.