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The Mysterious Island - 1

Dear readers this is my first work. Hope you read it and send me feedback in the comment box.
"Preparation time"
The news is every where that there is an island near Andaman and nicobar archipelago, its viper island.
This island has treasure hidden treasure somewhere in it.
Pirates and underworld mafias wanna get the possession of that treasure so everybody starts their preparation to get their as soon as possible.

Here in India, there is a group of four young boys who are in army and from some resource they receive the information about the treasure and hence all four of them decide to get a hold on that.
Sam (the informant) hello| rohit
Rohit- yes, its me.
Sam- I have information that can change your life entirely.
Rohit (whispers)- speak out.
Sam- I know about an island that has a hidden treasure. You can go there and get it.
Rohit (whispers) what island and how am I supposed to go there?
Sam- (carefully tells the name of the island) but there is a problem that you are gonna face there.
Rohit- ok, I can go there but what kind of problem you are talking about?
Sam- (little uncomfortably) you can go there easily but the way to reach to the treasure is totally a different thing.
You are gonna meet other people too who are also in search of the treasure and they are no good people you know.
Rohit - wow, very good my friend so you wanna throw me in a pit full of hungry lions.
Sam - well well high risk, high reward, and the choice is yours.
Rohit Ill tell you later.

In the camp rohit meets his three friends (arnav, aman, deep), they are very close to him and their bonding with each other is strong.
Rohit- (speaks in low voice) I gotta tell you something can you. Its confidential.
Arnav-(in a funny way) ok, well confidential then your relation with sujeet.
Rohit-(replies in a same manner as arnav) shut up man, how many times do I have to tell yall that was a mistake, I thought it was mohini but I dont how he came under my arms and I kissed him during that ball.
(Everybody laughs loudly)
Aman- ok lets cut the crap and come to the point. So, what is it?
Deep - yes now spit it out bro.
Rohit- ok, all three of you 8p.m, meet me in the woods. Too much crowd here.
(Everybody agrees to him in the woods near the camp at 8 p.m, there rohit tells them everything that sam had told him about.)
Aman - are you thinking about it?
Rohit- I think so; we should do it, right. It is gonna be an adventure that is missing in our life; moreover, this adventurous journey is going to change our lives. We are gonna be rich and when we are rich we dont need this job. You see it is a short cut to be rich.
Deep- but what if we get caught?
Rohit- we wont, because all four of us are gonna have holidays for one month and its 2 days from today.
All I need is your concord to join me in this journey.
(At the end everybody consents to join him)
Deep - since we all are ready to go we need a plan to go there and moreover we cant go there empty handed, you know what I mean.
Aman- so how we are gonna do it, Any suggestions?
Arnav - so here is a plan we will go to sams home there we will get a map of that island also he will help us get guns ammos and a chopper that will take us to our destination.
(Listening to arnavs plan everybody gets happy and exclaim with joy)

(First day of the holiday, everybody meets at the bus station from there they aboard to shimla to visit sam.)
Arnav- ( knocks the door, calls sams name)
Sam- (opens the door, with excitement) hellooo bro finally you are here, get in.
Arnav- (with a smile) come boys get in, consider it your home.
(Inside home everybody greets sam)
Sam- (With a funny mood) what do you want coffie, tea, soft drink, hard drink whatever you prefer will be presented to you.
Deep- (In a serious mood, lifting his eyebrows up) I want food bro.
Sam-(with a smile) ok my friend then food for all.
Deep- (hesitatingly puckering his nose) ummm, could get me bear to, I am thirsty too.
(Listening to deep everybody laughs
Fifteen minutes later sam returns with food and bear bottles for everybody present there.
Now while eating)
Sam- (begins, casually) so they are your companions of your journey to the island hah?
Arnav- (with no hesitation in his face) yes they are you see they are my best buddies and most important I trust them.
Sam- (While drinking bear) ok good, so here is the map that you need to find the hidden treasure.
You see the blue dot in the middle, only here you are going to find the treasure.
Rohit -(in a serious manner) what about guns I heard you would help us get it.
Sam- (With confident) why not, come with me.
(Sam takes all of them to a secret room where he shows them all sort of guns vintage to exotic ones.)
Rohit -(picking up a gun) m16 humm, I am will use this one.
Arnav- (Following rohit) ak47 for me.
Deep -(picking up a sniper) aaahhh I like sniping, m24 for me. l am gonna rip the heads off of the enemies.
Aman- (picks up m249) hell yeah, treasure is all ours.
Sam- (informing everyone) so now you have a map, you have guns and you have grenades also take smoke bombs you have everything that you need. But be careful of the danger that is waiting for you there. Anything unexpected may happen there so be ready for that. Take necessary medicines with you, moreover trust no one there but your mates.
At the end your journey to hell begins tomorrow, chopper is all ready waiting for you to take you there.
(Everybody returns to their room, and starts talking about how they are gonna get this job done)
Everybody enters into the room where aman and deep sit on the sofa with a beer can in their hands while arnav and rohit sit on bed drinking beer. Aman starts the conversation.
Aman: I and arnav will be taking charge on our enemies. We both will be in attacking mode and rohit will give us cover fire while deep you, you are the sniper of this team so you also have the responsibility to provide us with the status of the enemies. What do you say guys?
Arnav: (he has got hangover so in dizzy way) well boys, we will come out victorious with this plan for sure, but I need to get some sleep now. (And with this he passes out)
Aman: (while smiling) we will tell him about our plan on the way tomorrow, till then I wanna know your opinion guys.
Rohit: well I am agreed and I am ready to cover you up on the battleground, count on me my friend.
Deep: well as a sniper I have a job to keep you informing about enemies status which means I will have to be separated from you guys which means I am always in danger it is another matter that I will always maintain the stealth mode on but we can never predict the future so you have to be ready to come for me whenever I call you to.
Rohit: dont worry bro I have got your back. I will keep a sniper too which will help me take long distance shots.
Aman: well then keep everything inside your bag pack up everything as soon as possible so we could sleep early because we need to wake up early tomorrow. And cover this boozer with something before he gets cold.
Everybody finishes up their work in time and they all go to sleep.
Early morning everybody gets ready to take off to the mysterious aman, deep and rohit get into the chopper but arnav is there yet sam yells his name and everybody else too where the hell are you? and sometimes later comes arnav with black specs on two heavy bags hanging on his solders. Coming near to all of them he says I am ready to bang the enemies.
On this everybody there says get in before you get banged bro.
So finally all four members of the squad are ready to take off to the mysterious island, and within a few minutes copper disappears into the sky.
To be continued....

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