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The Mysterious island - 8

With the intention to bury agnisarp deep into the ground toy flew high in the sky and then began to flew down. Toy's body fist was flamed up but no sooner could he get close to the serpent, the serpent spat fire on to toy and by grabbing him by the neck it jumped from the pit with force so immense that took toy into the sky. Toy's face was burnt but he was able to seperate himself from the grab of the serpent and somehow punched it in the face which broke his teeth.
"Hahaha this much you have got "said serpent.
"Whatever but you won't win this fight." Said toy.
Suddenly serpent felt a thud in the back and it was pushed forward, as he looked back he finds that it was manjari.
"Oh a feeble person has arrived to help out his feeble brother. Hahahah! Both of you will meet the same fate now." Said the serpent.
"We will see about that." Said manjari.
Serpent received a powerful punch in its face then a kick in his guts and from behind, manjari grabbed agnisarp's head, who took it into the ground. They landed with force that entire surface around them got cracked.
Agnisarp was stunned with that unexpected surprise attack that could not hold it for long as he shook the pain off and charged an attack on manjari.
He began to punch him in his entire body with all the hands he got with the speed of light.
Before toy could do something to protect his brother form the brutal attack manjari was finished.
Agnirasp threw manjari's dead body towards toy and said "next, your turn, give up or die."
"Giving up is not an option you butcher." Said toy and charged an attack with anger but agnisarp wrapped him with his tail and slammed him on the ground.
Toy was bleeding out yet he was trying to fight but came a puch that hit him in his head which ended his suffering.
Deep:- holly molly what was that. Then what happened.
John:- yes then, agnisarp took the four son's body and threw them in front of harini and said " i told them to give but they didn't. Now your turn, i give you a chance to give up too or meet the same fate as your beloved sons did."
Harini didn't say anything thing because she was so angry with the consequence that she could not speak but yelled so loud that every thing around there began to fly, agnisarp also couldn't hold and flew away with the heavy gust of the with the harini generated with her yelling.
Agnisarp fell somewhere in the distant part of the island. He was clueless what to do but then he saw dead body of her sons so he took them and buried them somewhere. It is said the he buried their bodie in the all four directions of this island.
Well, the mother came and asked for her sons he replied " they are gone."
Reply of agnisarp infuriated harini and being the mother and creator of the island she had the power to control everything thing around her so she manipulated nature to kill agnisarp as she tied it with crippers, she tied all it's hands and with she used some magical power that weakened agnisarp and it began to bleed, but somehow agnisarp was able to free himself from the captivity and fleed from there never to come back again.
Harini having lost her sons cried for days and she turned herself into a stone
Which affected this island negatively as this place has become hell in disguise.
Even trees and plants eat living things.
It is so because mother is sad and mourning that she has forgotten that she has other children to take care of.
Rohit:- well, now what we have gotta do.
John:- we need to find the statues of her sons and take them to the temple which will make the mother happy and that's the way we can go to our world too.
Rohit:- how are we gonna find them.
John:- we need to solve some riddles in order to find those statues, here i have those riddles. See....
To be continued.......

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