The Mysterious Island - 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Mysterious Island - 2

Ch2. What lurks in the dark?
Chooper enters into the zone and starts hovering over the jungle. From above what could only be seen was only trees. Pilot of the chopper said " i cannot land the chopper the forest is so dense that you have to jump down with help of the rope.... Now take necessary stuff and jump."
With that being said the pilot throws one end of the rope down and asks all four of them to jump down and wishes them for their endeavour.
In the reply of that all four of them say him "thanx" and then jump down with their things that they bring with them. By dropping them chopper disappears. Now they are in the middle of nowhere and know nobody there all they have is a map and anonymous enemies to go through with.
The environment around them is so calm and everything there is so silent that arnav gets horrified with that.
Deep:- so finally we are here in the middle of nowhere in this horrifying jungle. What should be our next step?
Rohit:- (opes up the map) here, see this, we are here at edge of the island and we have to move south to the point where big rocks are situated. There we need to find a cave because money is there in that cave.
Aman:- so we can advanve since we still have couple of hours left before it is dark. And i guess we should load our guns just for our safty.
Arnav:- yes we should not take any chances.
Deep:- ok i have already loaded my pistol.
Rohit:- we all should do the same.
So everybody loads their pistols and march forward steadily and carefully so nobody could notice their presence.
Its half an hour past when they feel that something is following them. Rohit hears sound of cracking the twigs of the trees.
Rohit:- (suddenly stops) did you hear that sound.
Aman:- yes i did.
Rohit:- everybody be ready.
Deep and Arnav(unanimously) we are bro.
The become more cautious to see what is behind that sound.
Rohit:-(with low tone) sound is coming from east.
Aman:-(in the same manner as rohit) lets go to see.
But suddenly sound stops and with that everybody else stops too. Then few seconds later again the same voice rings their sences, but this time the sound was coming from little distance, yet all four of them cautiously march forward together. Cautiously they remove the leaves to move forward... Suddenly arnav sees something run Rohit says "aahh it was a deer who was eating leaves whom we frowned just now"
Aman:- what? We frowned? Oh shut up bro, actually that deer frowned us."
Arnav:- (laughs) hahah yeah bro you are right that deer really did frown me.
Deep:- ohk bros its beginning to get dark i think we should camp here. We will stay a night here and resume our journey forward tomorrow.
Everybody agrees to him and set a camp rohit arranges twigs for fire while aman brings out food on the other hand deep and arnav are busy fixing the camp. So times later when everything thing is done all four of them sit by the fire.
Deep:- aman be quick with serve us food, we all are hugry you know.
Aman:- aaah i can't be quicker then this, i am doing my best to serve you as fast as possible.
Rohit:- (in a funny way)don't get de-reailed (don't make mistake) mr. Rajdhani express.
Aman:- aaah ya ya i know my work well don't tell me what to do and how to do.
Arnav:- (desperately yells at them) i want foooodddd.
Everybody gets silent when arnav shouts and aman quickly serves food to all of them.
Arnav:- aahh food is delicious.
Aman:- i had prepared it.
Arnav:- wow you are a magician.
With that being said arnav kisses amans hand. On this everybody else laughs at arnav.
Aman:- hahaha you are crazy man. Well, its dark enough i think we should sleep now.
Rohit:- yes we should sleep early so we can resume our journey early in the morning.
Everybody agrees to rohit and the goes to sleep.
Now its about midnight rohit opens up his eyes tries to look around in the dark but he finds nothing as it was dark already but he hears some sound coming out of their camp so he pushes deep to wake him up. Deep opens his eyas and in a low voice he asks " what bro?"
Rohit:- i think something is outside our camp.
Deep:-( become cautious and hears the same sound as rohit) i think you are right... Should we out to check what's going on there?
Rohit:- lets go.
So both of them take their pistols in their hand peeps out of their camp and soon do they peep out they see man pouncing on them. That man attacked them so wildly that rohit and deep loose their grip from the gun and that man attacked rohit with the knife suddenly aman kicked that anonymous person, deep punches him in the face and finally arnav grabs the man by the leg and drags him out. As soon as they come out two more man attack them but this time aman take no chances and shots both of them with an instant, and the third one who is with arnav somehow able to set himself free from arnav's clutch and slams him and starts to punch him in the face fiercely.
Arnav:- (yells) hell he is a beast save me.
Deep instantly hits that man in the face while rohit shoot him in the head.
Arnav:- shit! what was that? They literally took the life out of my body.
Deep:- (while panting) yeah bro, they were fighting like beasts.
Arnav:- oh god we are going to face beasts like men through out our journey.
Rohit:- aaahhh i have got a cut in my face that barbaric person had hit me with the knife.
Aman:- oh man, come inside fast, we need to treat it fast. Come sit here rohit, let me clean it.
Rohit sits beside aman and aman cleans the cut part and stops the blood flow then put a bandage on the wound.
Rohit:- we should be more cautious guys. There are more .
Deep:- you are right.
Arnav:- come on, i watching a beautiful dream.
Rohit:- (smiles) go resume your dream dream boy.
Aman and deep laughs and say " hahaha yes bro sleep we are going spend rest of the night while talking."
Arnav takes a sigh of relief and goes to sleep again.
"Man! That was a horrifying scene when that man pounded upon us" rohit says.
"Yes i still am in disbelief that we faced such barbaric men" says deep.
They continue their conversation and soon birds begin to chirp and sun ray peep through the leaves of dense forest.
Rohit:- its morning, we need to march forward now.
Aman:- ya, i am going to wake arnav up.
Deep:- fast pack everything we don't have time.
Everybody gets ready and begin their journey forward. Aman, deep and rohit feel tired after the past night's brawl on the other hand arnav is fresh since he completed his sleep nevertheless apart of arnav all three of them keep their pace well maintained.
Soon they see a steep slope so they go through that place carefully but as they move forward from that place they realise that they are being followed but before they could react to do anything a man emerges from the bushes.
Seeing him all four of them take their stance for any situation but he doesn't do anything to harm them, he put his hands up instead, like he wants to surrender.
Stranger:- hello, guys i have not come here to harm you. I need your help. Aaa aa i am stuck here.
Rohit:- on your knees first.
Stranger:- ok sir.( He goes down)
Rohit:- you have any weapon? And do you have any name?
Stranger:- no sir, I don't have weapon. And my name is rohan. I came here in search of the treasure but i faced a group pirates they kept me as their captive but some how i managed to escape, but their men are following me.
Deep:- what? You brought company for us.
Well have seen anyother treasure seekers apart of those pirates.
Rohan:- yes i have seen more men, some of them are dead but still many more are there wondering in search of the treasure. Some of them are too close to that treasure.
Aman:- what about those pirates you escaped from? Why would they follow you? Why would they care?
Rohan:- i stole something before i left, its a golden chain of the god they worship.
Aman:- are you crazy?
Rohan:- sorry, but they made me their captive.
All of sudden a group of painted faced people appear and they surround them all.
Guns are pointed at all of them, and suddenly one of them speaks "you stranger come here."
Deep:- no he won't.
Pirate:- yes he will and if you come in our way you die too.
Aman:- ok, what do you want actually. Lets make a deal.
Pirate:- he has something that is ours.
Aman:- yes we know, so we give that to you and won't hurt him.
Arnav:- yes fair deal as it sounds.
Pirate:- no, he comes with us.
Aman:- bro, he won't come. You have come for your thing take it and go. We don't want any situation here.
Pirate:- well, he comes with us.
As soon as he finishes his lines a pirate fires but aman dodges which hits another pirate, taking advantage to the situation on deep instantly headshots seven fire from his pistol and seven people go down.
Pirates were 10 in number now 8 remaining one is shot down by aman as a result at the end leader remains alone.
"So still you want him or your life, although we can still give you your chain" says rohit with anger.
Pirate:- ok i will go with that chain.
Rohit arnav takes that chain from rohan and hands that over to the pirate.
From there he goes away where as rohan doesn't seem right.
Rohit:- what happened?
Rohan:- my leg is injured.
Rohit:- he has taken a bullet.
Aman takes the bullet out of his leg cover the wound with a piece of cloth.
"Can you walk?" Says aman.
Rohan:- yes i can but they will follow us i know there are more of them.
Deep:- don't worry we will take care of them but you have to be with us, arnav and i will carry you and you will help us with the route.
Rohan:- thank you brothers.
Deep:- here keep this pistol and use it in need.
From their they resume their journey forward.