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The Mysterious Island - 4

Aman is running inside the cave, trying to reach upto his friends, just then a man fires the gun but aman dodges. Seeing aman coming that way everybody else pulls him behind a short wall asks him, "what happened? Who are they?"
"How would i know, i am not their friend, stop asking silly questions." Says aman
Arnav says," yes he is right, how would he know about them?"
Rohit:- ok ok fair, but now drop a plan to get rid of them.
Deep:- first we need to know the exact number of people out their.
At same time one of the attacker says," well, if want to go out of here alive then leave whatever material you have then put you hand on your head and go out. And if you don't follow us then consider yourself dead.
On the other side deep asks to his friends,"how many of them do you see?"
Aman replies,"four"
Deep:- do we have stun grenades?
Rohit:- yes we do.
Deep:- pull the pin and throw at them.
Arnav:- hell yeah!
Rohit replies to the intruders," we have not come here neither to die nor to surrender, its not even in our blood." And before he would finish his words he throws and soon as the grenade stunns those intruders aman and arnav fires at them. Four of them goes down on the spot.
All of a sudden everything goes silent and sonali begin to think as if everything this is over, she jumps with joy and it is first time when four of them sees happiness on the face of her after the tragedy that happened with her.
"She looks so beautiful when she is happy." Says arnav
"I think everything is over now." Says sonali
"Can't say anything just yet, this journey has been full of unexpected surprise and none of them were good at all." Says deep
Rohit:- yes from here on we will stay together, we go out together and if anything is waiting for us out their, we will face that together and keep one thing in mind we came to get this treasure and we will leave this island with it.
Deep:- yes we can't be stopped.
Arnab:- but you go out i will catch you up in a bit.
Deep:- but why are you not coming now.
Arnav:- their is some space left in my bag i neee to fill it( and he smiles)
Deep:- you are a silly fellow, you know.
Arnav:- yes bro i know it since my birth.
Sonali:- (smiles) yes, don't be late othewise we will leave you.
Arnav:- don't worry about me mam, I won't keep you waiting for me, i will be back soon.
Finishing their conversation they move forward to leave the place.
Meanwhile, outside the cave rohan instruct his men.
Rohan:- we don't know who is dead and who is alive, but if our enemies come out surround them with every direction and open fire when i command to.
We could not open the gate but we will surely get that treasure from them.
One of his man:- we will do as you command sir. So now we hide ourselves behind the bush and we act as the situation demands.
Rohan:- good so now get your positions before they come out.
At the same the on the other side rohit says to deep "what are you gonna do with this much amount of money?"
Deep:- I don't know may be i will build a good home for me then get married and then start a business.
"What about you, what would you do?" Asks deep to rohit.
"Thinking of going abroad, then buy a royal castle like home then marry a beautiful girl and start a business their, i was thinking about going USA." Replies rohit
Sonali:- great you have a great future plan, what about your friend arnav? What will he do with such huge amount of money.
Aman:- well, we can't really say anything specific about him.
Sonali:- but guys are his friends.
Deep:- well, you see, he loves to spend money.
While continuing their conversation they go out of the cave and before they could take any further steps rohan commands his men to surround them from every directions.
Seeing so many men surrounding them sonali gets afraid and sits down on the ground in fear.
"Who are you and why have you surrounded us?" Asks aman
A reply comes from a man who is standing on the higher ridge. His has mask on his face so he couldn't be recognised," well the question is wrong my brother, because you know why are we here.
But my friends as far as i know then think that you were given a chance to surrender and leave this place safe and sound but you chose the otherway.
Since you have chosen the way of violence then why we stay back."
But before he could order his men to open fire arnav from inside throws somke grenades which smokes out the entire place. He blockes the vision of the intruders and asks to run from that place rohit says" everybody crouch down and fire to make way to run from here."
So all of them crouch down in the smoke and fire at the men standing in front of them, arnav on the other hand shot down some men and make way for himself to run otta there.
Now arnav gets seperated from his friends because of the chaos.
Rohan yells at his men to chatch them rohan in anger orders his men,"you worthless piece of shits, what are you waiting for hah chase them and get them to me, go go go fast i want my money back."
One of man," ok sir, come on boys."
Another man says," i saw a man running to the opposite direction of the cave we can catch him.
Rohan:- yes yes go go don't waste time in talking go and get them to me.
From there all his men run after arnav to catch him, while arnav is running and gasping. He is tired of running so he sits down under a tree to take rest then suddenly he feels a hand on his solder then..........
To be continued.