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The Mysterious Island - 3

A rabbit is running, seems like it is trying to escape the death in another scene it gets shot down.
Rohan:- i am fast you see.
Deep:- yes, but who has most kills so far.
Arnav:- rohan bro deep's shooting skill is incomparable.
Rohan:- i know, he demonstrated earlier.
Aman:- we shouldn't fire for no reason, this will invite our enemies.
Rohit:- why do you worry my friend, i have brought suppressers.... Put it on.
Arnav:- its 2 o'clock but we don't have a clue how far do we have to walk.
Rohan cries in pain and wants to rest so they stop and sit down under a shady tree.
All five of them lay down while rohan wants to take a nap.
Rohit:- you have rest bro, take a nap.
Arnav:- yes, and you three too take a nap guys as you could not sleep last night. I will stay awake and keep a watch at the surroundings.
Rohit:- yes, you are right we should.
So they go to sleep while arnav begin to read a book. And suddenly arnav hears a voice of cracking of leaves and twigs, he looks around but finds nothing but soon he notices that something is missing.
"Oh god! Rohan is missing" arnav says
He wakes up everybody, they are surprised too to find him missing. They go all directions calling his name but they find no clue of him.
Finally they give up searching him and return to the tree where they were taking rest. No sooner do they reach to the spot rohit finds that their guns are missing. Deep finds that all the mags are missing too. Now they have pistols which they did not put in the bag and luckily they have a sniper left.
Aman:- atleast we have this sniper and pistols.
Rohit:- don't forget the knife that we brought for melee fight.
Deep:- we have to spend our ammunition carefully.
Now they move forward carefully, and suddenly they hear a sound of gun fire.
Rohit:- stop? You heard the sound?
Aman:- yes, its from that direction.
So all of them move to east and a little far from them a gang of people who has three persons captive. All three of them are on their knees while, all four friends keep their eyes on from behind a tree. And suddenly one man shoots a captive, this horrifies them, " wooow! What was that?" Says rohit. "Shit! Why are they killing them? Says arnav. A little later another mamber of the captive dies. Last member remains.
Deep:- she is not going to die.
Rohit:- what you are going to pick fight with that them.
Deep:- yes, I can't see a girl die.
With that being said deep snipes down a man of the gang, "one man down" says deep.
"You are crazy bro." Says aman. Other member of the gang gets alert. Leader of the gang says,"who has come here to interrupt us?" Deep snipes down another man. " Aman, rohit and arnav go and try to save her. I will keep them engaged" says deep.
Rohit:- fast bro.
So all three of them go to other direction while deep changes his location, and takes high ground to snipe, soon he sees one man of that gang coming to his way so he snipes down without wasting a time. On the other hand rohit shoots down a man with his pistol, aman, "lets surround them and don't show yourself stay in the cover." So all three do as aman says and keep firing from the cover.
Leader of the gang tries to run away with some of his members but arnav shoots his leg, rohit shoots another man while rohit shoots a man too and last remaining man gets shot down by deep who is in distance sniping.
After firing is over and only the gang leader remains who is now dragging himself to find a cover for himself but before he could do something rohit, deep, aman and arnav appear in front of him with the girl. "Now, tell us why were you killing them?" Asks deep.
But before he could speak a word that girl snatched the gun from rohit and shoots him in the head.
" Wow! What was that?" Says arnav. "No more talk by the way thank you for saving my life." says the girl.
And dropping the gun the girl begin to walk away.
Arnav:- she is going guys.
Rohit:- let her bro, we saved her, our job is done, didn't you see the result of saving a man's life last time. He just disappeared with our guns. We can't trust anyone anymore.
Arnav:- but she is a girl. She won't survive for long here.
Deep:- yes, we saved her now let her go.
"Oh come on." Says arnav and goes to her running and stops her. "Where will you go now?" Says arnav. " Home" says the girl.
"What about the hunt?" Says arnav. "Its over now" says the girl.
"We can help you go home, you can trust us. And you see that cave is not too far too." Says arnav.
On this she begins to think and then" ok lets go."
Arnav smiles and says "come my friends are waiting their, well may i know your name mam?"
"I am sonali" she says.
"Well! Join us i promise you, you won't be hurt anymore" says arnav.
Arnav to his friends:- meet our new friend sonali.
Deep:- so she is sonali, good and we are sorry for what happened with your friends. Its was sad.
Sonali mourns for them and says:- they killed my brother and husband.
Aman sadly:- it should not have happened, well don't worry we will help you get home. Come with us.
Deep while walking to the direction of the treasure asks her " why did they killed you?"
" They were wild like animals, we tried to convince them not to kill us but they were cold hearted, didn't listen to any of us." Sonali says
On the other hand rohan reaches near the cave and asks his friends who are already present their trying to remove the large stone from the mouth of the cave says, "have found a way to open it up boys."
"No sir, not yet." Replies his fellow mates
This angers rohan and he says angrily," how much more time you morons need to open the damn gate, their in the jungle numerous people are killing each other just to reach here. What will you do once they reach here hah?"
"But what we do sir, we have not seen anything like thia like before." Says a man
"So now you have seen it my friend now get the job done while you habe love time other wise you will have to cry for your life when those wild people arrive here." Says rohan
"But, we don't know how to open it, we have tried to detonate it too but didn't work out." Says a man
There in the jungle rohit with his friends keep on moving to the direction "its getting dark." Says arnav
"Yes but destination is near we have to keep moving." Says deep
"I am hungry, i wanna eat something" says sonali
"We don't have anything, a guy stole from us." Says rohit
"Now, target is in front of us we will go their and soon we will be heading towards our home, don't worry." Says deep
On the other side a man come to rohan running and panting and informs him about the arrival of rohit and his friends " sir, four men with a girl are coming towards this way, and yes they are armed."
Rohan begins to think listening the news and he says to himself, " they must be them, i need to do something before they arrive here, well lets give them a chance to open the get we have already failed to open the gate, if they open up the gate then it would be a great opportunity for us to cash that in. So now before they come here i need to set up a trap."
So he commandes his men to hide behind the bushes and tells them not to come out until he orders.
All his men obey his order and soon they disappear from the spot to hide behind the bushes and trees as it was already dark so they are hard to be noticed. On the other hand rohan hindes himself behind a tree and starts to see through a binocular.
Soon five figures appear near the cave they look around carefully and.....
Rohit:- seems nobody is here, i think we are the first ones to come here.
Arnav:- good for us, lets finish the work as soon as possible and get out of here.
Deep:- but how to remove this huge stone from the mouth of this cave.
A little later aman hears a sound. "What's that? Says aman
Rohit tries to see by turning on the flashlight and says "ahh it's just a rat."
Deep:- aah cut the crap, do something about this door. I can't open it up.
Rohit:- aaah let me see.
Rohit starts to observe the huge stone door, their he sees some marks they are like buttons so he touches the middle one and the door begins to move, soon they find the mouth of the cave wide open waiting for them to enter in.
Rohit with excitement," who is the genius?'
Arnav:- yes, yes get in don't brag.
They happily enters into the cave and sees the gold and jewel everywhere.
Rohit:- fast open up your begs and stuff it all in.
Arnav:- wow I can't believe it, we are going to be rich.
Deep:- didn't think that we would be able to reach to this treasure. But finally we are here looting all the stuff for us.
Aman:- yeah yeah, loot up woooh.
Arnav:- come on sonali get something for yourself too. Here take the bag and stuff the gold as much you can.
Sonali:- (in a sad mood) but I can't, for whom should i take it all.
Arnav:- look forget about what happened, what happened was sad but you have to move on take it for yourself if not for any, it will help you for your forthcoming life.
Listening to arnav's words sonali gets convinced and she takes some treasure for herself too.
Sonali:- are you happy now?
Arnav:- i am happy that you considered my words.
Sonali smiles with his words.
Rohit:- it's dark enough to go out, what should we do now guys?"
"Well you guys sit here i going out to see the condition." Says aman
As he goes near the gate he sees four shadow in front of him and when he looks up he sees four man armed pointing gun at him.....
To be continued.......