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The Mysterious island - 20

And besides this time dont you do the mistake of underestimating us, we are not the same guys as you had encountered ages ago. This time you are going to see the other side of us which will surprise you for sure. Says manjari
he is blind my children he has always been. A corrupt can never understand words of a wise man. He will always act as his rotten mind says him to do. Says harini
aaahhh enough of you, you biddy woman. Your sweet voice is really annoying. I have come here not to here you but to destroy you all and create a new world out of this dammed place. Says agnisarp
really a childish mind can say such serious thing with such ease. Says triptsya
ages ago I had a dream of getting this place and you too harini but that dream remained my dream.. now again the opportunity is knocking my door which is pushing me to complete the work which was left unfinished. Says agnisharp
Suddenly wind begins to blow. Everybody is getting confused. They dont know what it is.
who is this? asks agnisharp
your ally says the man from the mist
can you show yourself says toy
“I will show myself when the right time comes. Says the man from the mist.
if you dont show yourself then we will find you on our own. Says the shadow.
really, you say so. Well I give you a chance if you can really see me at your will. Says the unknown man.
so here I come. Says the shadow
The shadow goes flying into the mist but he gets a super hard punch in his face which dispatches him miles away.
But the shadow man doesnt give up besides he gets back up to fight back. This time he is more determined to break into the mysterious wall inside which there is the man hiding himself.
I know you are just a trickster and nothing more, soon I will show it to all who are present here. Says the shadow
“and I think you are just a talker and nothing more. Says the unknown man
show your real power the shadow man. Says arnav
shut up you dumb. Says rohit
oh you have got supporters too. You have your chance show your real strength. I am here waiting for you. Says the unknown man
Now the shadow man begin to fly, his hands begin to glow, he has fire in his hands, he manipulated the weather too wind begins to blow there is dust everywhere. now you will see the real me boy.( his sound echoes) now you will know what I can really do. Gradually his entire body begins to glow with fire and now he has become the fiery shadow who throws gigantic fire balls at the unknown man but that dosent put much effect on him then he joins his hands together then with a sudden jerk with the spontaneous speed he goes near the mist to break into it and as soon as he goes near the mist, the man inside whirls himself from inside which again flings him away.
you are just a prick, kind of a show man who just talk and shows magic to amuse others hahahahaha says the unknown man
hahahahaha harini I am expecting more from your sons. Says agnisharp
dont talk to mother that way. Says toy
seems the ember of fighting is igniting. Says agnisharp
On the other hand toy picks the wounded shadow man up and takes him to mortals (the team of rohit) take care of him. He will heal soon. Says toy
you didnt do good whoever you are behind the mist and for this you will pay a price. Says toy
so you wanna try too, well I am here for you too, you are welcome. Says the unknown man.

To be continued..

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