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Unknown Love - Episode 11

Rajveer's uncle Rahat thanks her for the tea but he asked for a leave, Rajveer get tense and walks towards him.
Rahat asked him to get tension free as he had to meet with his friend, as having important work related office but that was a lie.
Rahat leaves and Rajveer close the door, Anshika asked about tea, he says with attitude that has to drink an bad tea.
Anshika walks towards him and keep the tea cup on table and sit on couch. Rajveer walks towards her and sit beside her on couch.
Rajveer gives naughty smile while drinking the tea. Anshika shows him the gifts that they can give to orphanage childrens and old age home people.
Rajveer like her choice that gifting them mugs, shawls and radio. Anshika feels like fainting, Rajveer was looking in the phone and thinking it's best gift that can be helpful in their daily routine also.
Rajveer asked can they go for shopping, but Anshika feels scared and hugs Rajveer.
Rajveer get more tensed and asked why is she so scared. Rajveer console her and rubs her back gently. Anshika feels better as in his arms she was feeling better. Rajveer remembers as she first also feels like fainting and she said she feeling better after sometime.
Rajveer gently make her away and place his plam on her cheeks. Rajveer and Anshika sees each other and she tells him that she is fine now.
Rajveer asked her, what suddenly she happened, Rajveer holds her waist tightly and Anshika says with hestiation, " Rajveer, I had an bad and serious accident, so I got badly hurt on my head because of that I had forgotten my past life. Whenever, I asked Dad, Ayesha Maa and Avinash about my past they hestiate to tell or divert my attention. Well, I left these topic on time as it will get revealed on correct time. I have trust on God and time, because if we have good intentions and essences all get good but it takes time. Do you believe it Rajveer."
Rajveer gives a smile and kisses on her forehead, cheeks and says, " Well, I agree on your words; because I got Rahat Uncle for me his is my family. I want to tell you that I don't know but your closeness make me feel comfortable and good. I tried to date and also try to get close to other girls but I never got close and...? I mean...I want you to date..."
Anshika laughs and says, " ACP Rajveer Shekhawat asking for me date. Well, I have to think about you means. You know what is dating? According, to you I think we should have understanding between us."
Rajveer says by teasing her, " Anshika, okay I can understand my behavior through three months was little tensed and arrogant."
Anshika gives annoyed look and holds his collar tightly and he says with mischievous thoughts, " Well, this moment can change to romance. So, stay away from me."
Anshika faints suddenly and he holds her tightly then pick up her in his arms. He was going to call doctor but she snatched away the phone from his hand.
Rajveer get angry and scolds her, " Are you mad, Anshika! I thought you might be...? I get annoyed because of your stupidity and childish behaviour."
Rajveer walks out of room and Anshika get sad as she make him anger. Anshika runs towards him and asked him for forgiveness.
Anshika then sing a song for him and dance on it. Rajveer was feeling good and try to show her that he is upset with her.
Rajveer drags her in his arms and says, "Okay fine, I forgive you and I like your choice, that gifts you choose. I like your tea that you made. It was lovely like you."
Anshika smile and hugs him. Rajveer asked her to wait that they will shop the gifts and then they will go for a dinner date.
Anshika get excited as he was going for date with him, but she was wearing a elegant design kurti and 3/4 jeans pant with sports shoes.
Rajveer get ready, he wear a black color shirt and dark blue jeans.
They go for shopping in market, were there was good quality mugs and shawls with at good discount rate and also they buy four radios.
Anshika sees her phone rings, that was Rajawat calling her. She disconnect the call and send a message that she will return home soon after dinner with Rajveer.
Rajawat get stressed and surprised about her message as she was not like to work with Rajveer; but now for going for dinner.
Rajawat return to home and tell these to Ayesha and Avinash, they all get happy as she getting a new start with a new relation with a new person after long time.
Rajawat was scared about her old memories as if she regain her past memories again, then what will happen.
Rahat goes to a restaurant where he met his old friend and says, " I saw her and she was with Rajveer. She now also work as police officer. See, I think Rajawat knows about her? Well, I am in hurry actually, I want to talk with Rajveer about her more."
His old friend says, " Well, its good that she didn't remember you. We have to first talk to Rajawat as he must know about her." Rahat says with serious look, "Rajawat is her Dad, see Rajveer sent a picture of them with colleagues as he working with them since three months."

Will Anshika remember her past memories?

Rajveer will able to get know about her past?

Will Anshika and Rajveer will fall in love or not?