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Unknown Love - Episode 12

Anshika and Rajveer do shopping and after shopping, they see it was night time 7:45 pm.
Anshika asked they have finished shopping then, where they are going?
Rajveer with attitude says, " Anshika, my drama queen for dinner date!"
Rajveer smiles and Anshika feels shy and blushes with lovely smile.
At pub, Ranveer was with Jiya dancing and she try to kiss him. Jiya finally get a chance to kiss him and get close to him. Ranveer also get close, but he feels Kashish is standing.
Kashish seeing closeness of Ranveer with Jiya get heart broken and she leaves from pub with cheated feeling.
Ranveer runs towards her and Jiya get happy as her intension to create misunderstanding between them get successful.
Jiya try to stop Ranveer but he in return slap her and says, " Jiya, you knowing that I love her and then also you try to get close to me. I told you that I am not serious about this fake drama of relationship."
Jiya then get angry and says, " Oh...no I am breaking this relationship. Go to hell with her."
Ranveer runs towards Kashish to stop her.
Kashish walks fast to avoid him, Ranveer stop her and hold her hand tightly. Ranveer drag her in his arms and say, " Kashish, I am not with her, I want you to stay away so I thought to have a fake drama with her to make you hurt."
Kashish seeing him and says, " Ah...hm...you succeed in that plan. I love you as I thought you might have some misunderstanding about my feelings. But real fact is, I got cheated by me by knowing that you are try to pretend to show only fake concern."
Ranveer and Kashish get emotional break up and he says, " Please, listen..."
Kashish with annoyed face, " I said leave my hands otherwise I will...!"
Ranveer take his face near to her face, he kiss on her lips. Kashish pushed him away and runs away from him. But she meet with an accident.
Ranveer runs towards her and see a car hits her.
Ranveer take her to hospital.
Rajveer and Anshika reach to same resturant where Rahat was present.
Rajveer orders the food, he tells Anshika that he going to washroom and will come in few minutes. Anshika nods her head and play the game in mobile.
Rajveer walks towards washroom and Anshika see Ranveer has message her about Kashish's accident and he admitted her to hospital.
Anshika get stressed as they must have fight so this may happened because of Jiya.
Rajveer meet his informer in washroom and get some confidential information from him, Rajveer received a envelope from him.
Rajveer gives him a beautiful envelope and reward for his work.
Rajveer was returning to his table and see Anshika is crying.
Rajveer get tensed for her and walks fast towards their table.
Anshika tells him about Kashish's accident and they have to go to hospital. Rajveer asked her to handle self emotions.
Rajveer and Anshika rush to hospital. Ranveer sitting out of special ward, Anshika runs towards him, Ranveer can't control his emotions and hugs Anshika.
Rajveer feels jealous as he was unable to see Anshika with other guy.
When, a person is in love and can't see the other partner with other guy as get more possessive and feels insecure.
Ranveer tells about her misunderstanding between with him as Jiya try to get close.
Anshika get annoyed and slaps him, "Because of you she meet with accident, I told you first also to stop this fake drama. See your past is gone but present is in your hands. Every relationship suffer with misunderstanding but we have to keep little trust for love partner. Kashish keep trust on you and she said that Ranveer will accept her love but his past memories making him scared. See she told me this and now also you feels that she don't love you and understand your pain. That Jiya knowing all things then also try to get to close to you, I will wash her with detergent powder and she will shinning like... okay, I will control my anger. Don't give annoyed look."
Doctor comes and tells Ranveer about Kashish is out of danger and they can meet her. Ranveer asked Anshika to meet first to Kashish.
Rajveer sit on chair beside Ranveer and console him. Anshika goes to meet Kashish in special ward.