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Unknown Love - Episode 14

Anshika asked for leave as her father must be worried for her. Rajveer asked her, he will drop her at her house.
Ranveer thanks Rajveer and Anshika for coming to help him and Kashish. They both give a smile and nods the head.
Rajveer and Anshika leave the ward and Ranveer says to Kashish with doubt, "Kashish, I am feeling that Rajveer and Anshika are dating each other. Have you seen Anshika was blushing when I asked her about dating."
Kashish get annoyed with him and says, "Ranveer, first handle our relationship then serach what is going on with others relationship."
Ranveer asked her to shift a little as he will sleep with her on same bed. Kashish hits him on his chest, but before he was going to fall, she drags him towards her, he was leaning on her body.
Ranveer get cozy with her and Kashish kiss on his lips.
Ranveer get up and walks away from her, Kashish asked what happened?
Ranveer kiss on her forehead and give her a tender kiss on her lips. Kashish seeing him concern and caring for her, got emotional again.
Ranveer asked her to take rest as she has to recover soon as he wants to take her on romantic date.
Kashish close her eyes and take rest. Ranveer sleep on other bed as there was a extra bed in ward.
Rajveer's car tyre was puncher, Anshika asked him about knowing how to change the tyre. Rajveer seeing to her with mischievous smile, " Well, I can do it by myself. Anshika, I think you should be a boy because you like to fight, don't like to do make up and like to wear pant-shirt. Anshika you sit down on roadside."
Anshika sit on roadside as Rajveer was changing the tyre of car. Anshika says with annoyed face, " I am not sitting on road, I am sitting aside. Every has own choice and never told about what I like really but didn't like to make up because I like show as I am because I feel a mask out on face that hide our original beauty. Well, a girl have right as I feel every girl should have own way to live. A girl have ability to save self by just trusting self and fight the problems by own. Rajveer, if I was a boy then you can't able to date me."
Rajveer says with serious look, " Dating you and me. I just said to make you talk less but nothing changed. Anshika, I am not serious about dating."
Anshika says with anger, " Means, you just said for shutting my mouth and you want to follow your blind orders."
Rajveer after changing the tyre walks towards Anshika and asked her to get up.
Rajveer holds her arms tightly and warns her to stay away from him and his life.
Anshika asked him by holding his collar, "Rajveer, we were on date tonight right you said. I was excited and want to tell you that...Ah...Ah..."
Rajveer leave her as he saw she getting pain in her arms due to he hold it tightly.
Anshika walks away from him with anger.
Rajveer turned back after leaving her, he says to self in lower voice, "Anshika, I don't want to get hurt because of me. Rajawat Sir, wants me to stay from you as my past life my affect you Anshika."
Rajveer turns and see Anshika was not there and he screams, " Anshika...Anshika where are you?"
Anshika was in anger going on walking and suddenly she stop, she see that she has taken wrong way to home.
Rajveer sit in car and put on seat belt with tension and drive slow for to find Anshika.
Anshika remembers in anger she go on walking and says, " Rajveer, because of you I have come to wrong way. There is no cab or rickshaw available. Oh...no I forgot my phone in his car."
Rajveer dail the phone number of Anshika but phone was in his car. Rajveer get angry on her as she is so careless as not carried her phone along with her.
Anshika turns back to return back to Rajveer but then some goons trapped her. As they was drunk and seeing her in beautiful dressing got greedy of her beauty.
Anshika hate drunk people and she asked them to stay from her, otherwise they have to face her anger.
They feels as she was joking and one of goon try to touch her body with bad thought in mind.
Anshika seeing a goon touching her arms, she slaps him harshly. That goon get annoyed on her they all attack her, she fight with them.
They get scared of her anger fight mood, one goon says, " This girl looks so innocent and calm but her anger is so bad. She fight back with us and she so badly."
Rajveer take a turn for road to another way but see Anshika is fighting with goons. Then he stop the car a side of road and walks towards her to save her from goons.
Rajveer comes to save her and seeing her anger get little bit upset, but seeing her get happy as he found her.
Rajveer hits the goons and Anshika asked to leave as she handle them no need to protect her, but Rajveer not listen to her.
Anshika falls down as a goon pushes by hitting on her back and, she seen a goon going to hit with a iron rod to Rajveer; but Anshika comes between to save him and she got hurt on her head.
All goons runs away, Rajveer see Anshika got hurt in her head and it's started bleeding.
Anshika says in lower voice, " Are you okay Ra...Ra... Rajveer? Please don't inform to my family, please listen it seriously and understand."
Rajveer nods his head and pick up her in his arms and take her to hospital. Anshika faints in his arms. Rajveer pick up her in his arms take her to car, make her lay on car's back seat.
They reach to same hospital where Kashish was admitted.
Ranveer come out of ward for drinking water as he was feeling thirsty, there was filter water cane. Ranveer was filling up the bottle but seeing a man asking for doctor as he was holding a girl in his arms that was unconscious.
Ranveer see it's Anshika and he walks towards to see.
Rajveer see Ranveer asked him for help. Ranveer with help of ward boy bring stretcher and Rajveer make her lay on that stretcher.
Doctor comes and seeing her wound tells it's bleeding heavy due to little deep cut on forehead side, but don't worry he brought on correct time for treatment.
Doctor take her to OT and treats her wound.
Rajveer get tensed and inform to Rajawat.
Ranveer get tensed as Anshika's injury will create a new problem for her!