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Unknown Love - Episode 16

Ranveer get curious to listen, what she is going to say. Rajveer comes with tea in two glasses and see Anshika, Ranveer talking something serious matter.
Rajveer wants to listen their talk, so he hide self and stand near door then listen to their talk.
Anshika says with annoyed look, " RV, I remember all the things and moments of past life. I don't want Rajawat Sir means Dad to know about this as they all will get stressed. Promise me!"
Ranveer promise and hugs her by getting emotional as his old best friend is back.
Anshika gives a smile in her face and asked Rajveer to enter in the room, as he had listened all the talk about them.
Rajveer get surprised as how she got to know about he is standing at door.
Rajveer enter to room and Ranveer laughs on him as he didn't know about Anshika's old strict behaviour and her unknown recognizing skills of person's behaviour.
Anshika asked Rajveer to sit on other stool and says, "Actually, I saw you standing as it's night time no one walking outside as your shoes tapping sound I heard. But please it's a request this information should be stay safe in between us."
Kashish comes there by surprise visit and says, " Oh... really my cutie pie. I will support you and Ranveer you left me alone in the ward. Ranveer, I am searching for you and by the support of wall and this fellow stick, I came here."
Ranveer asked for a leave and Kashish was going to fall. But Ranveer pick her up in his arms and take her to her ward.
Rajveer give her tea and asked to rest. Anshika says with emotional feeling, "Rajveer, sorry for Rajawat Sir didn't want to hurt you but he lost his son. He promised to him that, he will take care of my. I will tell you whole truth but not now as wall also have ears to listen. Thanks, for tea as I need it. Are you okay not got hurt as goons was little strong."
Rajveer feels special and says by sitting on other stool, "Anshika, I am fine but whenever you feel like help or need in anything, just inform me. I will definitely help you out. But how will you hide that you have gain old memories."
Anshika says with sad face, " As they hide secret from me since 4 years. Rajveer, I will need help but if I unable to tell you about that you have to understand it."
Rajveer holds her hand tightly and nods his head. After having tea Anshika asked him to rest as the night was stressful. Rajveer asked her to first close her eyes and sleep. Rajveer admires her and in mind says, "Anshika, I don't know about my feelings for you, as you got hurt I feel pain more than you, I feel a connection between us. But, I always try to help you but, I am scared of my past life...?"
Rajveer closes his eyes and keep his head on her bed side and sleep.
It was morning time, Rajawat and Ayesha pack the breakfast in tiffin, Rahat and Avinash comes to see Rajawat.
Ayesha comes with a bag in living room. Rahat says with tensed look, " Sister, I have talk to doctor and she can get discharge today, but they need to preform some test as Anshika cut is deep or not to see the impact on her brain."
Rajawat asked Avinash has he taken old reports of Anshika. Avinash nods his head and goes towards outside towards car.
Rajawat, Ayesha and Rahat see Avinash is ready with car and they sit in the car, then they leave for hospital.
Kashish get discharge and Ranveer with her walks towards Anshika's ward.
They enter to ward and see Rajveer is sleeping holding Anshika's hand. Ranveer says with mischievous smile, " Kashish, Rajveer is in love with Anshika. I am damn sure!"
Kashish asked him to wake up Rajveer and take him to his house for rest.
Anshika wake up and see Ranveer-Kashish are having cute fighting. Anshika see Rajveer is sleeping holding her hand, by sitting on stool.
Anshika feels he must have back pain due to he not slept properly. Anshika get annoyed with Ranveer-Kashish and throw the pillow on them.
Ranveer says with anger, "Anshi, come on keep this anger for criminals. Well, okay we are coming to you help."
Anshika see Rajveer has wake up. Anshika was going to fall from bed but Rajveer holds her in his arms.
Anshika's family reach and see them together feels happy as someone is there to take care of Anshika.
Anshika see Rajveer holding her and Ranveer throw pillow on Anshika.
Ranveer says, " Oh...my friend, come out from your filmy scene. Everyone is observing you!"
Anshika feels awkwardness and Rajveer asked her, " Are okay Anshika, may I help you."
Anshika with hestiation, " I want to go to washroom and my body balance got mis-balanced. So I was going to fall. Thanks to saving me again."
Ayesha walks towards her and take her to washroom. Rajveer sees Rajawat remember his words to stay away from her.
Rajveer walks out from the ward, Rahat and Rajawat walks towards him.
Rajawat asked Rajveer to stop and he asked him to come to canteen. They all have tea together, Rajawat get emotional and says, "Rajveer, I behaved..."
Rajveer interrupt his talk and says, " Sir, you are my mentor and you know Anshika told me that you are possessive for her. Sir, you are right my past life may affect her. Sorry because of me...!"
Rajawat says with emotional feeling, "Rajveer you are my favorite Cadet. As you trained her physical and mentally strong by proper training. As, she never followed my instructions but she followed your all session without ignoring or making reason for not attending. Today, she didn't have panic attack as she had first when she got hurt in her head."
Rahat says with emotional face, " Rajveer, we both thought you and Anshika should get engaged. As, I will explain you in detail but if you both agree for engagement then only we will proceed further."
Rajveer get surprised as he never thought about Anshika like love partner. Rajveer was not able to answer and he asked for time to think.
Rajawat says with hestiation, " Rajveer, I know for you it's a sudden surprising but you and Anshika it is a best decision. But,then also we both then also give you both a chance for think. As, you both age is right for engagement. Fine take your own time."
Anshika get fresh and get ready by changing the clothes.
Ayesha says with hestiation, " Anshika, you and Rajveer are dating each other means we are planning for your engagement. Don't get annoyed as we saw he is very concerned for you. Rajawat and Rahat though about your engagement, I also agree as he is good person and Rajawat was his trainer and he worked with him for 3 years. Don't worry take your own time to think; but we think this is best decision for you both."