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Unknown Love - Episode 18

Everyone laughs on them, as they was sacred to express about their thoughts for each other.
Rajawat walks towards Rajveer and say, " Oh...my dear you both are so sacred as you both saw a ghost. But listen I have planned a date for you in a 5 star restaurant. Actually, I am thinking you both need some privacy. Well, I bless you both for your happiness and good future. I am sure, you both definitely get engaged. But we all not forcing you, but you have to get marry with someone else why not to each other. So, we thought you work in same field and can understand better. Let's return home. Rajveer let's have breakfast together and we will then have to go to head office, there is a important case which have to handle very carefully."
Rajveer gives a smile and nods his head. Anshika feels shy and says, " Dad, I know you like Rajveer... means Rajveer Sir as he is your favorite Cadet. I am your daughter but who is not smart enough right..."
Anshika make cute sad face, Rajawat laughs and says, " Oh...my lovely daughter listen I know your choice and he is prefect as I saw he takes good care of you."
Ayesha also support Rajawat. Rahat asked Rajveer to come with him, he takes him to corner and say, " Veer, are you understanding me. As, I want a person who will love, care for you! See I know you are finding your mother; but if she was here she also support my decision as Anshika is best for you and she also cares for you. There is not much to speak as action speaks louder. We understand you like each other but you are both unknown about love feeling for each other."
Everyone return to Rajawat's house and have breakfast together.
Anshika says with emotional face, "Mom...it's enough you have given me breakfast at hospital. But this Kesar Badam Milk...no.please. Dad please I don't want to drink..."
Avinash get annoyed with his mother and say, "Mom, you always do this I like to drink this milk but you never give me. You give to Vikram brother and Anshika not to me."
Anshika listening to Vikram's name get emotional and says, " Mom, give it to Avinash. I miss Vikram brother, he always protects me but he..."
Anshika starts crying and Rajawat look at Avinash with annoyed face. Avinash remember he took name of Vikram.
Rajveer asked about Vikram, who is it?
Ayesha, Rahat and Rajawat get questioned what to tell him.
Anshika says with emotional feeling, " IPS Vikram Rai my and Avinash's brother. He was very smart and intelligent but he sacrificed his life for saving me from Nile. I have no blood relation with him as sister, but he never showed it that I am not his sister. Every Rakshabandhan he buy the dress according to my choice and we spent time by trekking."
Anshika feels like she speaks that makes everyone surprised. Anshika get suddenly shock, as if she didn't want to speak.
Anshika say by fake expression of surprise, "Dad, who is Vikram? What I spoke is true or imagery thoughts!"
Rajveer suddenly starts coughing and says, "Anshika, I am thinking you should stop watching the movies and Tv serials as you are very dramatic talking and acting. Rajawat Sir am I right!"
Anshika drink the milk fast and Avinash starts eating breakfast suddenly and after finishing the breakfast he runs towards his for office.
Rajveer asked Anshika he will take her towards her room.
Rajawat, Ayesha and Rahat was shocked and nods their head with shocking reaction.
Rajveer take Anshika to her room, Anshika shows the direction towards her room.
Rajveer and Anshika reach to room and he close the door. Rajveer with annoyed feeling asked her what she was talking about!
Anshika get emotional and hugs him, Rajveer suddenly get surprised with her closeness.
Rajveer make her sit on bed and he sit beside her and says, " Anshika, see you have to control your emotions. If you didn't able to control your emotions then we can't work on your plan. Means, I know you are planning something!"
Anshika nods her head and asked him to open the door. Rajveer open the door and says, " I am leaving for now, but we will talk on phone. Okay, take care and take medicines on time and have given a chit to Ayesha Madam of which tablet to give on which time. In chit the time is written."
Rajveer leaves from the room and Anshika feels his warm feeling of his hug.
Anshika says with emotional feeling, "Rajveer, Nile destroyed my life and career. But this time he see a new Anshika with confidence and gut feeling of fearless."
Rajveer asked Rajawat can they leave for head office, important meeting to attend for purpose of new case.
Rahat already left with tension for his office. Ayesha asked Rajveer to take care of Rajawat.
At Kashish's house, Ranveer and Kashish was having special breakfast made by Ranveer.
Kashish like his cooked white sauce pasta, Ranveer with sad face says, " Kashish because of my parents our marriage postpone.Why they can't see my happiness is with you. Only rich status and money matters for them first they have problem of my job and now they want me to marry Jiya but I want to marry you because I love you.
Kashish keep her plam on his shoulder and says, " Ranveer, they are your parents and they want Jiya to marry you. But you engaged with me as you love me but scared of losing me so..."
Ranveer interrupt her talk by kissing on her lips. Kashish get emotional while kissing. Kavi, Siya,Harsh, Aditya and Dr.Kaira reach to her room. As, the main door and her room door was opened and Ranveer forgot to close the door.
All friends together get happy seeing them together, and so Harsh screams and says, " If your romantic moment of kissing is over. Can we talk and meet her!"
Ranveer and Kashish feels awkward. Ranveer asked can't they knock the door, Aditya says by teasing him, "Oh...we knocked the door but you both didn't stop kissing so we enter directly in room and we all sorry to disturb you."
Kashish says with hestiation, " Sorry, guys but listen please have a sit."
Kavi says to divert their mind, " Well, me and Siya has come to invite you all for wedding rituals before and after. Kashish your leg got facture now how will you dance."
Siya says with mischievous smile, " Oh... come on guys Ranveer will make her dance. As know he is taking care of her now and helping her."
Ranveer get happy and his eyes fill with tears.
All friends get stressed and asked why he is crying?