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Unknown Love - Episode 19

Rajawat and Rajveer reach to head office, there they discuss new case with Commissioner.
Rajveer get little bit happy, finally got a chance to reopen the case of Danger Dagger. Rajawat get tensed as this case change their life paths and Anshika lost her family.
Rajveer got an information from his informer that this Danger Dagger case, he will get to know about his father. As he got information that his father was indulge in this case as criminal and he will get to know about his mother's location also.
Rajawat asked what he was thinking and has he got a plan for this case.
Rajveer nods his head and says with serious look, " Sir, I think we should need an undercover cop to enter their gang that involve in this case, I saw a name Shammi is well known for his murdering a person by not leaving any evidence behind murder."
Commissioner and Rajawat look at him with curiosity.
Rajveer says with attitude, " Sir, I think I able to enter his gang as I have reserach about him but his identity is unknown for us. Means he don't reveal his face only his gang members know about his looks and location. I have got a information that he is having an meeting with an businessman, who is well known businessman in India and but have illegal business of land grabbing by people by making them compelled for signing land papers and builds big hotels and flats."
Rajawat was tensed as Anshika's life is linked to this case and says, " Rajveer, you need to get more information about this case and then plan something good. Sir, I think we need to revise the case details again and research for strong evidence against them."
Commissioner nods his head and says, " I got new information this case that they are planning this time for blast near Bela Nagar. As first also they was having target but our best officer Anshika stop it by with smart plan by making there dreams flop. But this time she is not there to help us."
Rajveer get shock about listening the name of Anshika, he feels it must be another girl.
Rajawat notice that Rajveer is thinking about Anshika.
After discussion, they return to their office. Rajveer check the details on the computer of this Danger Dagger case. He finds about Rajawat, Vikram and Anshika's name in the case details.
Rajveer thinks to discuss about this case in detail. Rajveer's phone beeps and see Anshika's message on phone. Rajveer read the message and get happy.
Anshika send him message of missing him and office work. Rajveer tells that Ranveer and Kavi successful completed five pending cases.
Anshika then calls him and Rajveer pick up the call and answers her by questioning about her health condition.
Anshika with sweet voice say, " I am feeling well. Rajveer, see day after tomorrow is our date and we are going to orphanage and old-age home for disturbing the gifts and then for dinner date. So, I am thinking about you means...what to say?"
Rajveer laughs and says with happiness, "Oh...my cutie pie you need to think while talking about me. I don't think as I know you from 3 months, I understand you, your mood and behaviour. From my reserach, you don't need any topic to speak as you always have something to talk."
Anshika get annoyed and disconnect the call. Rajveer laughs over her reaction and keep his phone aside on table.
Rajveer's cabin door someone knocks, it's was Ranveer and Kashish. Rajveer asked them to come in and take the sit.
Rajveer asked Kashish why she didn't take a leave as she still looking weak.
Ranveer says with hestiation, " Sorry, but she wants to come to office. So, I thought she should come and she will work by sitting on chair. But we are here to talk about Anshika's past life, she remembers her past memories. Actually, she have many painful memories, Rajveer. We all saw her after remembering everything she is happy as you are the main reason."
Rajawat was standing at near door and listening to their talk. As he wants to talk to Rajveer but after listening that Anshika regained back her old memories, that was surprising for him.
Rajveer says with emotional feeling, "Ranveer and Kashish you both know her well. But she just showing up that she is happy for you all and specially for Rajawat Sir and family. I don't know about her past life; but she promised me that she will soon tell about her past. But for me her present is important and past life is like written pages that tells about past moment happened that can't be changed ever in life, but that can't change her present life."
At Rajawat's house, Anshika was searching for good dress or suit for the date. Ayesha comes to her room and see Anshika is searching something.
Anshika see Ayesha has come to her room and she asked her about which is good dress or suit is best for date.
Ayesha asked her to clean up the room first then fold the messy clothes and keep it in wardrobe again.
Anshika does it with smile on face and Ayesha notice her changed behaviour.
Anshika feels Ayesha is thinking something serious matter. Anshika asked with concern to her.
Ayesha says with emotional face, " Anshika, I know you have regain your lost memories. See you don't have good acting skills. Anshika speak dear and show your pain. I am not blaming you for Vikram's death, as he sacrificed his life for you and give you a wonderful life. You know Tani cheated him and so he decided to you should not suffer. Tani and Nile killed him. He safe you from them."
Anshika get emotional and hugs her tightly. Anshika after hugging her says, " Mom, but reason behind Vikram brother's death is me. I know you love us both same, but...Mom, I definitely punish them as Nile is responsible for our pain. Mom for you and Dad I hide my regained memories are back, but I decided to start new life with Rajveer. Really, I love him his presences make me feel secure and give a reason to live a good life. Rajveer introduce myself by telling that I also have right to love. Thanks Dad and Mom for choosing Rajveer and you all are right he is best for me. But Ayesha Mom, I need to understand his feelings for me, is he loves me or not."