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Unknown Love - Episode 20

Rajveer was in his cabin and says, " Ranveer and Kashish, don't worry I will try to understand her situation and problem. Well, what about you two means, I have seen you both patch up good. Ranveer, Kashish you both are made for each other. I want a suggestion about how to make Anshika happy and what I should wear that she will like it."
Kashish smile and says, "She don't have choice means you can wear any comfortable a good shirt and pant. For her cleanliness is important and you should look stylish simple look. Don't forget to buy coconut barfi as she loves to eat. RV is something else remaining to tell..."
Ranveer with naughty expression, " Well, don't forget to appreciate her beauty and herself. As, she like it to listen otherwise you have to..."
Rajveer get little bit stressed and Ranveer-Kashish laughs seeing him, then Ranveer say by controlling his laughter, "Rajveer... really you got serious. Listen, I was just teasing you. Just express feelings that you have for her that you feel for her and speak free to her. She is really a good friend as because of her today I got my love Kashish back."
Rajveer congratulate them for their patch up. Rajveer says with emotional face, " Guys, don't worry about her. But I want a idea to make her surprise please suggest good something."
Ranveer suggest with serious look, "I don't know that you will to do it means...she is very filmy and dramatic. Can you sing a song or say dailogue from the movie."
Kashish gently hits on Ranveer's head and says, " RV shut up and keep this idea with you. Sir, I think you should express your feeling for in different style means making feel special. She will also like shayaris...I think you should try it."
Ranveer and Kashish start fighting for suggestion that her idea is better than him and he say his idea is best. Rajveer watch their fight with tension and in lower voice say, "Really, here all are drama kings and queens. Hm..."
Rajawat enters to Rajveer's cabin and say, "Ranveer-Kashish stop fighting. Rajveer take this file and we will discuss it later. You should go for shopping its way to gift her according to your choice it will work better."
Rajveer says, " Sir, I want some time to study the case and gather some more details. But thanks for suggestion as its best."
Rajawat nods his head and walks towards his own cabin.
Ranveer and Kashish walks out seeing each other with annoyed look. Rajveer smile remembering Anshika's face in mind. Rajveer remember she had got angry on him and thinks to meet her.
Rajveer take his car keys and walk out from office, Ranveer and Kashish seeing change in Rajveer get surprised, as an arrogant attitude person suddenly change to cool guy.
Rajawat was tensed and remembering that Anshika regained memory back. Rajawat decided to talk to Anshika, but his phone rings. Rajawat see it's Ayesha calling him, he pick up the call and says, "Ayesha, Anshika have regain her past memories. I am tensed..."
Ayesha interrupt his talk and says, "I know about it and she has decided to start a new life with Rajveer. Firstly, calm down and feel relax. She has decided to start a new life with new hope. You want that she decided and you know she is excited for her date. When, I was just going to her room, I saw her happy and saying that she loves Rajveer!"
Rajawat was sliently listening to her talk and get happy after listening that Anshika loves Rajveer.
Rajawat says with emotional feeling, "Ayesha, I will talk to you later but for now I have some work. I am thinking to go for dinner tonight. Inform Avinash and Anshika."
Ayesha smile and says, " Okay, I will inform them. Well take care. See you!"
After a talk on phone, Ayesha inform to Avinash by messaging him on phone.
Anshika was watching TV and enjoying the action movie, her phone beeps. Anshika see it's Rajveer message her, " Anshika, sorry to make you upset. I am coming to meet you at your house."
Anshika get annoyed and says, "Hm... trying to buttering me. You don't know Mr Arrogant I will not forgive you."
Ayesha see Anshika is sitting on couch and watching movie on TV. Ayesha sit beside her and kiss on her forehead, "My lovely daughter your Dad is taking to us dinner tonight. I think it's for you."
Anshika says with annoyed face, "Mom, I am not coming actually...!"
Anshika phone again beep, Ayesha see Rajveer has sent message to her. Ayesha read it with excitement, "Oh...he is coming to meet you. Okay, don't worry we are all going for dinner tonight and you two have fun and it's great opportunity to understand each other."
Anshika nods her head and thinks something to punish Rajveer, as he today make her upset.
Anshika see Rajawat is here with Avinash. Rajawat asked, "Oh...no you are not coming. Now Rajveer is important person. Okay, Anshika take these your favorite dessert rasmalai."
Rajveer was at Sweet shop and thinking to take his favorite dessert. Rajveer buys his favorite dessert and laddus. Rajveer then see a ice cream shop in front of him, as was going to sit on his bike.
Rajveer also buy Ice cream box.
Anshika see her father means Rajawat wear a black color suit. Ayesha weared fancy saree and elegant jewelry. Avinash seeing both of them laughs. Anshika asked reason behind his laughter.
Avinash says with happy face, " Anshi, see our parents are looking like newly wedded couple."
Ayesha says with annoyed face, "Rajawat, are you seriously wearing this suit. Please first see yourself. You should be aware of that your age means now your kids are going to get married soon."
Rajawat get upset and Anshika says by making him feel happy, "Mom and Avinash, you both are jealous of his young look. Age is just a number and my Dad now also look like my favorite hero Sunny like him handsome and young. My Dad action move makes everyone scared by his angry look."
Rajveer reach and see Anshika. He admires her and says, "A Unknown feeling of love is so beautiful Anshika."
Avinash listening to his words says, "Come from out of dream as you are in love with this Anshika. Irritated, drama queen..."
Anshika pick up the pillow from couch and throw towards Avinash and says, "I am drama queen first see to yourself. I know your secret don't dare to otherwise I will expose it."
Rajawat and Ayesha seeing Anshika happy get emotional. Rajveer says with concern, "Sir and anuty, I promise I will always stand by her, protect and I will love her by care and concern."
They blessed Rajveer and with Avinash leave for dinner.
Anshika ignore Rajveer by annoyed look, then get to watch her favorite dramatic serial.