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Unknown Love - Episode 21

Rajveer see she is angry and asked her where is kitchen and she tells the direction.
Anshika say by seeing towards flower pot, "Go straight and turn to right."
Rajveer thanks and Anshika was got emotional by seeing the serial. Anshika get irritated as utensils fall down and she get angry listening to noise.
Anshika get up from couch and walks towards kitchen and see utensils are fallen down, as it was of steel so it didn't break, but sound of it makes her irritated after fallen down on floor.
Anshika shouts with angry, " Oh... Rajveer why you came to kitchen when you can't manage...!"
Anshika get shocked to see Rajveer fallen down unconscious lying on floor. Anshika get worried and see he is sweating and walks towards him. She sit over her knees and unbutton his shirt and check his breath.
Anshika get tensed as heart beat was working but he was not breathing.
Anshika remember her past incident, when Vikram got death and she starts shivering.
Anshika gasped and sweating, she was scared that it can't happened again.
Anshika runs towards to living room to take her phone from couch.
Anshika falls down in living room and gasped in tension. Rajveer get up, laughs with naughty expression and says, " Anshika, I know how to make you feel better. I will surprise you and then you have to talk to me."
Rajveer keep utensils back to their position in kitchen drawer and walks towards living room.
Rajveer walks with style but seeing Anshika in bad condition get worried.
Anshika get surprised to see him normal and hugs him tightly with panic feeling.
Rajveer bring water bottle from kitchen and make her drink. Rajveer talks to her and says, "Anshika, I am fine. Don't get panic and scared I just prank to make you talk. Sorry...!"
Anshika throws water on his face and shouts, "I...I...feel I lost you for ever, have you lost your senses. I love you and I thought I again lost my love. I lost brother, family and my love but not want to lose once again. I don't show my pain and problems to anyone it not means I don't feel anything. Rajveer, I thought... Let it be it's time waste to speak!"
Anshika throws his bag and find the file, she walks towards fallen file. She pick up the file and see it's Danger Dagger case file.
Rajveer feels guilty and hugs her tightly and says, " Sorry, Anshika I was just I won't do it again. Please talk to me and I can't leave without you and I love you yaar!"
Anshika get emotional and hugs him tightly, Rajveer gives her a tight hug.
Anshika hits on his back and says, " You are really mad, you have come discuss the case right. Wait means you also love...!"
Rajveer kiss on her forehead and cheeks. He confess his feelings and says, " Well, I also feel but I got clear with my feelings for you in hospital. Really, you change me and my life. I am hungry."
Rajveer pick up her and make her sit on couch. Rajveer asked her what to order in food?
Anshika feels better and says, " Thanks, on time you divert my mind. I have planned to make Veg Pulao with Veg Manchurian."
Rajveer get happy tells her that he will make and she will direct him by telling procedure of recipe.
Rajveer tells manchurian is his favorite dish as his mother used to make for him.
Anshika asked him to clean his hand first and wear the apron.
Anshika tells him how to cut the vegetables, Rajveer admires Anshika.
Anshika asked him to concentrate on preparing food, as while cooking focus is important.
Anshika tells him that, " Rajveer, you were feeling to hestiate to asked about this case right. Don't this time the case of Danger Dagger will be finally get close. Well, oil is heated and put veggies to fry till and wash rice and till that time I will crush the veggies for manchurian."
Rajveer asked her to sit on stool and only direct him, Rajveer finally prepare dinner and get happy as he first time prepared good food.
Rajveer see his phone and video recorded successful.
Anshika says with smile on face, " I know you recorded to show to your mother and again prepare it in same way for her to surprise."
Rajveer nods his head and get emotional.
Anshika kiss on forehead and says, " I will be with you forever and if you are angry then also I will be with you and make you more... irritated with my talking as you don't like it."
Rajveer kiss on her lips and says, " I love it to listen and I love you. Let's have dinner together and we will feed to each other."
Anshika nods her head with shy feeling and says, " Well, I am hungry and mouth is already started watering after good smelling of food. Please, come on let's have the food."
After finishing dinner, Rajveer and Anshika eating Ice cream, Rajveer tells about reason of reopening of case.
Anshika get annoyed and says, " I know it must be Shammi planning as he like to do this type of disaster. Nile wants Bela Nagar and want to build his dream project. Well, he will not get successful by destroying other families homes."
Rajveer asked what happened in past that change her whole life.
Anshika says with emotional face, " You know everyone has dream to get successful in career and support their family. I was also having same dream and I completed training session successful with first class result. You know this team working with us now, we were all in same batch. But after training we got separate but only Ranveer was with me posted to same area. Wait, I keep this bowl in kitchen and wash it with other untensils too."
Anshika and Rajveer wash the untensils and clean up them, keep it in kitchen drawer back to their position.