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Unknown Love - Episode 24

Rajawat says with doubt by making eyes small, "Nile if you are right then this letter you are giving to me, why? Vikram is right and listen to me, Nile leave now. Nile this emotional drama will not work here. I notice your behaviour too. From two months, we are trying to find out the evidence, if get any lead gets in the case, again there is twist with no evidence. So, you have taken good decision and go help your Dad in business."
Nile get annoyed and see with sad face towards Anshika, but she was just looking to him with silence.
Nile walks towards her and says, " Anshika, see I have try to prove self innocent but not sure what will happen next?"
Anshika walks towards the washroom and Nile get surprised with her silence.
Ranveer-Kashish was seeing this get surprised and feels Anshika's pain.
Nile leaves the office with anger and Vikram give a clam smile but worried for Anshika.
In washroom, Anshika cries badly and she blames self for blind trust on Nile.
Nile dail up the Tani's number and calls her in cafe.
Rajawat says with upset face, " Vikram, we can't arrest Nile on the basis of recording. We need a strong evidence against him and that criminal Shammi."
Nile reach to cafe and was drinking cold coffee, Tani reach there and see Nile in tension. Tani feels it's right situation to make him against Anshika.
Nile's father message her to execute plan of them to make Anshika out of his life and he want Tani to be his daughter-in-law.
Tani reading message on her phone get happy and in mind says, " Wow, Nile will be my and I will help him to complete his dreams."
Tani walks towards Nile, Tani sit in front of him and hold his hand tightly.
Nile seeing her with smile on face and says, "Tani, you and Dad are right. Anshika is not right girl for me. She not understand my dreams and supporting her brother Vikram. Rajawat Sir, gives lecture on this honesty and sacrifice but it looks good in movies and books in reality it not happens an happy ending."
Surprisingly, Anshika arrives there and says, "Yes, really reality is different from reel. But listen this honesty and sacrifice gives goodness reward. But this bad deed happiness is short time and after that there is pain and suffering, we get it. It's better way to understand as soon as possible Nile. I giving you chance till engagement ceremony."
Nile shouts at Anshika, " Anshika just shut up come out of from your story land. You like to give lecture on philosophy but keep it to you, I don't need it. About our engagement forget it. Today, I wanted support of you, but you have more trust on your cousin brother not me. We love each other right, but I think I was fool to join this job for you; because I love you but you don't yaar. Just get out from here and my life too."
Anshika with tears in eyes and annoyed feeling walks towards outside the cafe but stop at entrance.
Nile break down into tears and falls down on floor. Tani handle him by hugging him, Anshika stop at entrance and turns, then seeing Tani hugging him get more annoyed as she was looking to her with evil smile.
Anshika walks out from cafe and walks towards car with anger and sit in car by banging car door. Vikram notice there must be happen something tensed talk with Nile.Vikram drive the car, after she sit in the car and she dail up a number with annoyed feeling.
Anshika calls her informer and inform him to gather the information of Shammi and asked him to appoint a person to spy on Tani and Nile.
The informer says with tensed voice on phone from other side, "Madam, I think you should be alert as Shammi have very powerful gang and was going to inform you about his next move that he is planning to rule on Bela Nagar by snatching the home from people living there."
Anshika get angry and says, "Don't worry Manu he will not get successful because he has to face me and Vikram bro. Well, is someone in Bela Nagar who will help us to gather evidence against him."
Manu says with tensed voice, " Madam, there is a boy who have all information about him but it's risky as his life must be fall in danger."
Anshika was sitting in her car with Vikram, Vikram was driving the car as she doesn't know to drive the car.
Vikram asked after her talk on phone with Manu, she tells him about what Manu said.
Vikram then asked her what Nile said to her.
Anshika tells with sad face, "Vikram bro, he broke up with me and cancelled the engagement too. As, I know Tani must spoiled his thoughts by spicy talk against us and this case. This Tani also cheated you bro as she was hugging him and giving an evil smile look to me. As, I think she and Nile's Dad is also involved in this case. You know got information about his Dad having illegal business of building the hotel on land with was not permitted to him, and he forcefully try to snatch land for many people and also have illegal business of duplicate items means jewelry and accessories."
Vikram get surprised in short time Anshika gather so much information about them.
Vikram feels proud that she in one year got so trained officer and working with decidication.
Few days later, Anshika and Vikram was going for their duty but see some goons standing in front of their house.
Anshika and Vikram walks towards them and asked the reason why they are here .
The one goon was going to hit Vikram but, Ranveer stop him by holding his hand and hit him back.
Anshika seeing Ranveer feels relieve and Kashish says with attitude to goon leader, "Hello, I think you are leader listen we know who sent you here just tell them that soon he will get arrested."
The goon leader with anger says, " Hey, you young girl Anshika listen don't get involve with our boss. You will lose your precious love one's, got it think over it. Your team should also get aware as this is warning."
Anshika with annoyed feeling says, " You all gives warning and backmail us by emotionally. But listen emotions are weakness but when it get change to power, your all evil thought will get destroyed by only one move. Got it!"
Goons sit their car and go from there, people get happy as she with her team protect them from that bad goons.
Vikram was tensed with Anshika's move and says, "Guys, I think we should be more alert now. They will plan something to distract us from this case."