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Unknown Love - Episode 25

Anshika with tensed face, think why only this place he want to rule.
Ranveer, Kashish and Vikram notice that Anshika is thinking something, then Vikram asked her to sit in the car.
Anshika gives a smile and sit in the car, then reach to office.
Rajawat inform about Shammi has challenge to stop doing next murder.
Anshika says with serious look, " Sir, is there is any news about Verma industry or related to it. Means, I think we will get to know about why they are only want Bela Nagar area. Because this challenge is just to distract us from the case."
Rajawat says with shocked expression, "Anshika, very good and I think this will work out for case. Vikram any information got related Shammi."
Kashish serach the news on internet and she says, " Sir, Vikram, RV and Anshika, I got it. See in this article Mr.Verma told about new project. They are going to work on Jewelry and accessories exclusively with new designs. Also going to open the Mall in that area as Nile and Tani going to handle that Jewelry and accessories work."
Anshika gives an smile and with attitude says, "Sir, this new project is planned for this Bela Nagar. I am getting it and we leaving there from so many days and this area is catching for market as sales will be more. Shammi and Mr Verma already have illegal business as I before told before. Vikram bro you told about Nile that he going to work with his father!"
Vikram says with intense feeling, "Yes. That's why Nile act so badly with us and his father don't want him to work as cop. So, he planned this for him and Anshika. Means, if Anshika get involved in their family, their illegal business will get exposed."
Ranveer and Kashish get surprised. Rajawat say with attitude, " Oh...so he challenged us to safe that person which going to get murdered. I have a plan, we will do as he wants means we will investigate and then expose him. But, we have to team up with two groups."
Anshika says with reacting to Rajawat talk, "Sir, me and Vikram bro will investigate on this matter means about what are they really planning. RV and Kashish will complete his challenge."
As they team up with two groups and start working on the case.
Anshika and Vikram get a person, who knows also about Mr.Verma and Shammi's plan.
Anshika and Vikram reach to that person's house, but already there was Shammi's goons were waiting for them.
Anshika and Vikram get trapped in Shammi's plan. They both get unconscious because after confrontation that change to fight.
Anshika and Vikram was got kidnapped, they were got badly hurt, as goons were stronger than them.
Nile reach at kidnapper spot and seeing Anshika in bad condition get anger on Shammi.
Nile asked Shammi to rescue Anshika. Nile think to leave her at safe place.
Shammi does as he told and Nile take Anshika with him as he don't want to take risk.
Nile see Anshika's wound and give her first aid. Nile was at his farm house and taking good care of her.
Tani seeing Nile taking care of Anshika get annoyed and with anger make a call to Shammi, then she tells him to kill Anshika's family.
Anshika wake up with shocked and screams Vikram's name.
Nile wake up from his sleep and asked Anshika, " Are okay? Means..."
Anshika holds Nile collar tightly and says, "Where is Vikram bro? What I am doing here...oh ...this is your plan!"
Anshika get up from bed and walks towards to open the door.
Nile says with emotional face, " If you plan to expose against us, you will lose your family and Vikram's life."
Anshika turns and see towards him with annoyed look. Anshika says, " Oh... don't dare to do that. Then, I definitely need to expose you all of them, then. I know it's my weakness but many families are there who have trust on me and on whole department."
Anshika walks towards outside the house and take Nile car, then reach to home.
Anshika reach home and see Ayesha, Rajawat, Ranveer and Kashish sitting on couch with tension.
Anshika asked them what happened and why there are sitting in tension. She remembers about Vikram.
Vikram was kidnapped and he trying to get ouside the farm house godown, as grains and vegetables were stored there.
Vikram get rescue from there, by fooling goons and reach to farm house, see Tani walk in the house, then he followed her.
Anshika with tears in eyes says, " Rajawat Uncle, Vikram bro...is okay! I am feeling not good please speak up. Someone yaar!"
Ranveer shows the recording on TV, Anshika seeing that get shock and screams, "Nile...you...! I warned you to avoid it...but I now definitely will expose you all . If my life get over then also."
Anshika walks towards out of house, then she sit in the car with anger and make call to Manu.
Anshika asked Manu to release the video recording that she given to him to social media and news channels.
Manu says, " Okay, sister...I will do it! Take care of self."
Tani, Mr.Verma and Shammi get shock to see news as they was excepting that Anshika will confess guilty for blaming them, but she release video recording of Mr.Verma and Shammi talking about new project that planning to build mall and small industry of jewelry and accessories in Bela Nagar.
Shammi seeing the news run away from the farm house. Mr.Verma and Tani see each other with annoyed face.
Tani says with evil smile, " Uncle means Dad we need to kill Anshika. Now and if we didn't get Bela Nagar but our business will able to safe at least."
Mr.Verma says by breaking the wine glass, "Anshika...you have lose the family then also. But, I will not risk my business and my son's career life. Tani come on we will kill her."
Vikram was standing near door and hide self plants planned near entrance of side of door, he was not available to walk properly.
After few minutes walking on road he finds a car, Vikram hide self and find a person talking on phone and the car door was open. Vikram sat in the car slowly then take the care by driving self. He thinks to safe Anshika first, Vikram was badly hurt, one wound was deep near to his stomach.
Anshika's car get suddenly stop at place, where there was no one only trees and blank road, there near was no market area or houses for taking help.
Anshika get more angry and hit the punch on car's door.
Tani and Mr.Verma was in car, then Tani saw Anshika on road walking, then Tani text message to goons to attack front girl who is walking.
Goons reach and attack on Anshika, but she try to protect self but a knife coming to her, she got cut on both hands.
Then a goon hit on her head and leg. Vikram reach by tracking her as in her neck was a pendant. Anshika's pendant was having tracker, that was gifted by Vikram on Rakshabandhan.
Vikram can spot her location on his smart watch which he was wearingnin left hand, as tracker was connected to smart watch by GPS.
Anshika didn't know about her pendant in neck was having tracker in it.
Vikram speed up the car and goons get away, Vikram open the door of his side sit.
Anshika sit in the car quickly.
Tani and Mr.Verma get shocked to know about Vikram again saved her.
Tani gives evil smile and says, " Dad, in car there is bomb making material, that Shammi has given if we just hit the car. Then, we will burn the car and it will get blast. No evidence against us and no prove."
Mr.Verma laughs and then make a call to someone and tell the car number and location that Vikram and Anshika going.
Vikram see Anshika crying and says, "Bro...Nile killed my family, but we have to save other family's homes. The evidence need to give to media."
Vikram says with emotional and sad face, " I didn't know we will able to reach and my phone battery is death. But don't worry we will try reach to office and ah...oh..offo...we will release it soon on... social media."
Anshika see Vikram was in pain and he has wound near his stomach which was bleeding.
Anshika serach for something to tie around his wound and see at back sit there is a tonned shirt, which was dirty then she asked Vikram to unbutton his shirt and remove it.
Anshika was feeling like till fainting, but she try to distract self and then he gives his shirt to Anshika and she tie it on his wound try to lower his bleeding.
Vikram saw a truck coming from front which was faster in the speed coming towards them.
Vikram asked Anshika to jump from the car, she ignores it. Vikram says, " For me Anshika, please jump...it's a trap. See evidence if destroyed also and thrown to dust bin can be recovered but life destroyed can't be recovered. Please...I swear soon they will get expose as you will expose them."
Anshika open the car door and jumps from the car. The car hits to front truck and it get exploit as Tani shoot on petrol tank of car.
Anshika seeing this get break down into tears and falls down from the cliff.
After that, police comes and Rajawat get emotional after listening about Vikram's death and they found Anshika in bad condition and her condition was critical.
Rajawat get tensed if Mr.Verma and Shammi gets to know about Anshika is alive then, doctor and nurse promise them this will not get expose about she is alive.
The evidence got destroyed and case got closed. Nile get breakdown after listening about Anshika is death.
Rajawat separate fake news of her death, to keep her safe.

Flashback over, present time!

Anshika was got emotional while telling to Rajveer the past story of her life.
Rajveer gives her tight hug and say, " Don't worry, thus I will make sure case get solve but no one will scarifice their life. Anshika, I think evidence is not destroyed!"
Anshika says with emotional feelings, " Rajveer that incident change my whole life and Rajawat uncle means Dad's life too. I don't think so it has years passed away. Evidence must destroyed with Vikram Bro' death as blast was dangerous!"
Rajveer tells her to remember the last words of Vikram that he said to her.

What you all think, has evidence destroyed or not?