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Unknown Love - Episode 26

Anshika thinks and say, " I don't remember but you need to go home. It's late night."
Rajveer laughs and says, " No...I will not go till ice cream not get finish."
Anshika get happy and hugs him tightly, "Wow...for me you brought ice cream, I should get sad daily. You will bring ice cream for me daily."
Rajveer with mischievous smile say, "Oh...then I also need reward. Means... you don't kiss me yet."
Anshika get shy and goes towards kitchen to bring ice cream from refrigerator.
Rajveer see the file and say in lower voice, " I promise you Anshika. Vikram and your family will get justice. I will also stop this blast which they are planning."
Anshika come with ice cream box and she opens it and starts eating with spoon. Rajveer seeing her innocence get emotional and say, " Anshika, your smile is really matters for me. Sorry, that I does that fake drama to make you...!"
Anshika kiss on his cheeks and say, " Okay, but promise you will follow up my some idea for this case. Please, I know Dad will not allow as he lost his son , brother and the family members. But...this time I will not get weak as you are with me, right!"
Anshika keep the ice cream box aside and they both hugs each other tightly.
Rajveer after hugging, holds her face in his plam and kiss on her forehead, nose, cheeks and was going to kiss on her lips.
But the door knocks sound, they both listen and get away from each other. From them it was a awkward moment.
Anshika get up from couch and walks towards to open the door.
Rajawat, Ayesha and Avinash was smiling and they get in the house.
Rajveer get up from couch stand erect and say, " Actually, I am going to home. I was just waiting for you all. Sir, I want permission that day after tomorrow I am going for orphanage and old-age home for disturbing the gifts as my mother always go on her birthday. So, I need Anshika to come with me."
Ayesha says with happy face and tears in eyes, " Why not! Anshika will be very happy and we all want to see her happy. You are reason of her happiness and we all trust you. You will protect her and take good care of her."
Rajveer get happy and leaves form there by hugging Anshika and kissing on her forehead.
Avinash tickling over her stomach and Anshika blush with smile and her cheeks get red.
Anshika runs towards her room and remember that they was going to kiss each other but the door knocks.
Anshika feels special and here Rajveer feels upset as he used her used for getting details of this case for his own revenge.
Rajveer says to self while driving the car, "Anshika, I am really in love with you. I thought to cheat you but when I fall in love with you, I didn't recognise. I am liking this feeling. I got the person who loves me and cares for me."
Rahat was kidnapped by someone, Rajveer get message from Rahat's mobile that he will not return to for a month, as some important work is there and don't try to connect with him for some days.
Rajveer stopped the car to side of road and reading message get little bit doubt. Rajveer thinks he is hiding something from him and from Anshika's accident his behaviour has changed.
Rajveer reach home and get fresh. Rajveer then go to Rahat's room, for going old-age home, he wants the cheque book for donation as he remembered that he kept the cheque book in his wardrobe.
Rajveer finds a diary in wardrobe while taking cheque book.
Rajveer see some photos of his mother with Rahat. Rajveer read the diary and find out that Anshika's past is related to him.
In diary it was write that Rajveer's mother was forced to marry his father. Rahat was good friend of his mother, but Rajveer's mother knows about his father is big goon and so she didn't want Rajveer to get in bad company. So, she handover Rajveer to Rahat to take care and she requested doctor to speak lie to Rajveer's father, that his child is death.
Rajveer reading it get emotional and says, "Means, Rahat uncle gave all time to me and he helped Rajawat Sir also in same way for Anshika's life. Means my dad is involved in the case.I will safe my Mom from that goon Shashank who is my father by default."
Rajveer finds the photo of his father in that same diary and get annoyed seeing it.
Anshika text message to Rajveer by wishing good night and take care.
Rajveer reply to her with smiley and good night wishes.
Next morning, in office all was there Rajveer comes late for his duty. Anshika stand in front of him with coffee mug.
Rajveer just smile and take coffee mug from her hand, then walks towards his cabin.
Anshika feels last night she told her past life story, so must have got sad.
Anshika feels regret on self as she noticed that her talk make him more sad.
Anshika walks towards his cabin and knocks the door.
Rajveer asked to get in, Rajveer saw its Anshika.
Anshika says with upset face, "Sorry, Rajveer Sir, I not though before saying about my past life. If you are upset because of that, I am sorry. I never asked about your pain, problems only thought about self. I am not good partner for you. Sorry again! But your smile matters for me more."
Anshika go out of cabin and Rajawat was going to Rajveer's cabin, but saw Anshika emotional.
Rajawat stops and turns to his own cabin back.
Ranveer, Kashish, Harsh and Aditya notice Rajveer and Anshika were sad, but they don't know the reason behind their sadness.
Ranveer with courage walks towards Anshika, he says, " Anshi, what happened yaar. Have you both again had fight."
Anshika hugs him and say, " RV, I make him again sad. Because, I told him about my past life. Means about Nile also my and his relationship. But today my present is him, Nile never care for relationship and my feelings and emotions. But Rajveer do care about my pain, emotions and love me a lot."