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Unknown Love - Episode 30

Rajawat comes to the office with worried feeling for Anshika, but seeing Rajveer and Anshika together having funny and he feels relieve.
Ranveer, Kashish, Kavi, Harsh and Aditya arrives to the office but seeing Rajawat get emotional tensed. Ranveer whisper in the lower voice, "Guys, Uncle... means... DCP sir, if got to know about Nile and Tani, we and Anshika meet last night. What would be his reaction towards her and Rajveer?"
Rajawat turns back and seeing them says with lower voice, "What are you all discussing? Let me know, One minute what happened last night means Anshika was looking sad!"
Kashish says with emotional feeling by hiding the last night moment, "No Sir... nothing like that actually we have nice time and enjoyed."
Rajveer get up and offers help to Anshika to get up, but she smiles and ignore his help.
Rajveer say, "Attitude ha...!"
Anshika kiss on his cheek, and say, "No... attitude it's self help!"
They laughs seeing each other, Rajveer appericate her thought. Ranveer interrupt their moment by saying, "Oh...my friends really so talkive and Anshi please stop your philosophy talk."
Kashish hits on his back and say, "I am really worried Anshi for myself; as you got good partner who have sense but this RV...really a Dumbo!"
Ranveer and Kashish starts fighting over silly topic who is better?
Kavi, Harsh and Aditya shouts, "Stop it yaar!"
Kashish gives annoyed look and walks towards her table.
Rajawat goes to his cabin and Rajveer also goes to his cabin. Everyone get back to work.
Rahat get released from the trap of Mr.Verma but Rahat don't realise that Mr.Verma is trying to frame him.
Rahat walks towards his home and reaching there he thinks to first visit to Rajveer's office and inform about his father who is it!
Rahat call up a cab but a white car was following Rahat, but suddenly the cab stops.
Rahat asked driver why he stop the cab, driver tells there is technical fault and battery problem.
Rahat come out of the cab and suddenly some goons grab him and starts beating him badly.
Rahat thinks its Mr.Verma's trap against him and trying to kill him. Rahat try to get away from that goons but a goon stabs a knife on his neck and Rahat get death on the spot.
Rajveer was thinking about how to contact to team by informing them about his location, but suddenly feels something scary feeling and his hand shiver.
Rajveer comes out of the cabin and Rajawat was discussing some with everyone, Rajveer also join them.
Rajveer say, "Sir, great plan but Sir. Shammi having a boss which is very powerful means...only Shammi's goons and his name is known not his boss. You don't think it's doubtful!"
Rajawat nods his head and asked Anshika want is her point if view.
Anishika say with interrupting his talk, "Sir, Rajveer Sir is right, see I have found that Shammi is going to meet this person Mr.Nile Verma. Actually, I think his Dad is making self safe side and planning to do something big!"
Rajawat agree on their talk and say, "Hm... Okay! Anshika are you sure, you want to work on this case because..."
Anshika control her emotions and say, "Sir, I understand what you are going to say. But for me my emotions are not so important, for me my duty is important. I will definitely work on this case and help Rajveer to guide to face that evil guy Nile and Shammi."