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Unknown Love - Episode 37

Rajveer get out of the car and swipes his tears, he hugs Anshika tightly and say, "Hm...I will follow my responsibilities and duties. Thanks, Rahat uncle will get justice...I will find out his murderer."
Anshika feels good and in mind say, "I am afraid...it should not involved Nile because otherwise... everything will get destroy again. Please God save us and guide us."
Rajveer wear the gloves and investigate at murder spot, he asked Aditya to send the death body to forensic lab and take the sample of fingerprint...and other samples of mud and that oily rods around the murder spot.
Sometime later, in office Anshika finds fingerprint match to Shammi and Mr.Verma. Anshika get scared as she was right but why they murdered Rahat for what reason she feels.
Anshika was tracing the location of Rajveer as he has gone to his mission. Aditya tells Anshika to come to Forensic lab as Dr.Kaira wants to talk to her.
Anshika nods her head and walks towards the lab.
Dr.Kaira tells Anshika that Rahat was kidnapped for many days as he was starving, dehydration as because no food and water available.
Dr.Kaira say with attitude, "Actually, the marks on the body on the stomach and chest show he has beaten badly. But then some chemical traces found on his clothes. At spot his body was found is not real murder spot. The traces found the chemical traces, the chemical used to make the accessories and jewellery sets."
Anshika get doubt clear that Rajveer is in danger and need to get alert with his new step.
Rajveer change his identity and avatar which he looks like a street goon.
Rajveer get enter to Shammi's gang by saving a gang members from police by doing an stunned.
Rajveer take Kavi with him as he had experience of this type of mission, Kavi say with code language, " Oye...Veeru... Listen my stupid boy. See because of me you got work in a famous gang. By the way thanks... Jerry and Limi... strange name?"
Limi with arrogance, " Oye... behave spolied and crazy boys...we have been got caught but both of save us..."
Jerry get doubt on seeing Rajveer and whispers in Limi's ear, " I have seen that other arrogant boy as I don't remember but I saw him...but his style differs?"
Jerry nods his head and they lock them in a room. Shammi seeing Rajveer and Kavi on CCTV screen of control room, he shouts on Jerry and Limi, that they brought them here at his farm by telling that they are the cops.
Rajveer asked Kavi to serach the evidence, if get...as it will help them against them to arrest.
Rajveer reach a room where he finds a lady singing a song, he seeing that lady get emotional seeing him. That lady get up and seeing Rajveer say, " Who are you and what you are doing here?"
Kavi get caught by goons and the goons hit him badly and he faints.
Rajveer show the photo of his childhood and he tell, " Mom...I am Veer...see I am here please I will tell everything in detail but we need to leave my friend is waiting outside the farm house."
That lady's name was Vina and she says, "Okay...this locket... yes my son you are my son... come let's go!"
Rajveer successfully reach out from the farm house area and try to contact Kavi but no signal gets from him. Rajveer get tensed and says, " Oh...no shit means he caught by goons!"