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Unknown Love - Episode 38

Kavi was unconscious lying in the dark room. As the goons beaten him badly.
In office next day, Rajawat was discussing about Rahat's murder spot and asked got any update to proceed the case further. Ranveer and Harsh was checking the records of Rahat as he was sub-inspector in crime branch and ritred two years ago.
Ranveer and Harsh didn't found any information but they found related Shammi that he arrested him but release him on not getting any evidence.
Rajawat with doubt asked, "Ranveer check is related to his industry that manufactures accessories and jewellery sets....?" Ranveer say yes.
At farm house, Shammi seeing Kavi tells Jerry to inform Rajawat that his best officer are got caught and his plans to arrest got unsuccessful again. Jerry nods his head and follow his orders.
Rajawat's phone rings and see he it's his phone ringing but he seems that unknown number and receive the call. Rajawat listening to him get angry and disconnect the call.
Anshika was stress as she can't able to located their location. Anshika trying to track by GSP but no signal showing, as she feels tracking chip must got destroyed or not working properly.
Kashish saw her and asked what happened to her. Anshika tells her with panic feeling and Kashish saw Rajawat coming towards Anshika with anger.
Anshika with annoying feeling punch on the table.
Rajawat asked her what is going on and where Rajveer is gone?
Anshika tells with hestiation and annoyed feeling he has gone to rescue a old lady.
Rajawat show an video clip to Anshika and say with anger, " Really, then why Kavi is in this condition and what is you and Rajveer upto doing!"
Anshika seeing video clip say, " No...no shit means Kavi and Rajveer caught. But Dad...!"
Rajawat with anger again asked her, "Anshika, we already lost much but he gone for what tell the truth?"
Anshika falls down on the floor and say with hestiation, " Dad he has gone to rescue his mother and to gather the evidence against Shammi...I know about it so we both planned...but Kavi's condition so bad...but why you?"
Siya arrives to surprise them but listening to Anshika, she screams, "Kavi... What happened to him... Anshika...where he has gone?"
Rajawat with arrogance asked Anshika to answer her questions.
Siya say with hestiation, " Anshika... please I don't want to lose him as I already lost my family. I know for you and Rajveer this mission must be important but for me Kavi...more!"
Rajawat say with the arrogant attitude, "Thank god he doesn't know that Rajveer is...?"
Anshika asked with curiosity, "What...Dad Rajveer is...what?"
Rajawat tells with serious look, " Rajveer is Shammi's son. Rahat knows this but Shammi don't know but he have kept condition to find his son and bring to him. But...I can't!"
Anshika say with smiley face, " I have idea... Siya we can save Kavi... Dad tell Shammi that his son is coming. Siya come with me. Harsh please can you trace last location of Rajveer and Kavi."
Harsh nods his head and goes towards the Anishika's table then starts operating the computer.
Anshika asked Ranveer to bring his clothes and shoes.
Kashish walks towards Anshika and say, "What is going in your mind? Don't tell me that you have plan to go there but...!"
Anshika say with attitude, " By the way, I have nothing to lose but I have..."
Aditya comes running and switch on the TV and put on the news channel. Everyone seeing the news get shocked.
Anshika gives evil smile and say, " Hm... that's why I say don't test stamina of common people... see it happens due to it. My plans and Rajveer's actions always works."
Everyone looks to smiling Anshika and Rajawat seeing her get little surprised as he never thought about her reaction.