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Unknown Love - Episode 39

Anshika say with the attitude, " Dad I said that Tani and Mr Verma murdered that is not a new thing or shocking news. As they having many enemies because of their bad behaviour and work. But that little kid should be good that's it as that little boy is innocent!"
Rajawat not answer to her and walks towards his cabin with tension.
Ranveer say with concern, "Anshi... really you going there if they get angry and does wrong with you and Kavi, Rajveer...and Rajveer's mother!"
Anshika say with attitude and confidence, "I know Shammi well as his every step has some intensions. Okay, don't get worry I have this tracker and a mic...so you can listen my talk and his next action too. Siya has good make-up skills. Please do it fast and trust me... guys Siya...you trust me?"
Siya hugs her and say, "Anshika, sorry that I was in tension said, but I trust you as you always protect us and promise me you will take care of self too."
Anshika promise her and they go to changing room. Siya make Anshika look like a goon and young boy. Anshika get ready with new avatar.
Everyone was worried for her, Rajawat was seeing everything from his cabin. Anshika leaves from there with smile and everyone wish her all the best.
Rajawat bless her and prayer to for her, Rajveer, Rajveer's mother and Kavi's safety.
Rajveer was with Kavi in the room locked he sees his hands are tie by chain and remembered he was with his mother out of farm house and away from farm house, here when...he came don't remember.
Rajveer try to wake up Kavi but he was unconscious lying on floor his hand was also tie by chain. Rajveer get angry on Shammi, suddenly in the room TV switch on automatically.
Rajveer see Shammi hugging a person and saying it's his son. Rajveer say in the mind with shock, "I am here then who is this person then?"
Rajveer seeing that person feels he knows that person that Shammi saying his son. Rajveer feels pain in his stomach and in head as goons beat him little bad way.
Shammi comes with his son to the room, Rajveer laughs, say with confidence and arrogance, "You fool Shammi this person you are saying is not your biological son. I know where is your son...!"
Rajveer laughs louder seeing that person feels he knows that person. Rajveer feels Anshika is near him and feels her presence around him.
Rajveer see that person carefully by making his eyes big, seeing that person's eyes and smile feels someone to similar.
That person seeing Rajveer and Kavi feels bad. Shammi gives intro of that person, that person's name is Rajansh. Rajansh say with attitude, " Oh... please don't hesitate please...!"
Rajveer listening the voice of Rajansh get shock.
Rajveer say in the mind, "Anshika...no it can't be...but Rajansh smile, eyes and action... seems her!"
A goon with anger hit on his hand suddenly Rajveer leans down due to pain, Rajansh runs towards him and show as if he doesn't care of Rajveer just pretending if fake care.
Rajansh say to Shammi with attitude, "Oh...dad please don't hit him and his friend so bad condition give both of them first aid. For seeing our achievements last time...I have a plan... please you understanding what I am trying to say?"
Shammi laughs and say, "Hey, Jerry... Rajawat already had found my son but never tell...but Rajansh is right give them first aid and but not to lose their chains as they will run out from here." Jerry nods his head and follow what he said.
Rajansh get little emotional seeing Rajveer and keep gently palm and rub it on Rajveer's face.
Rajveer say in low voice, "Anshika it's you...!"
Rajansh smile and say, "Dad this... Rajveer is emotional fool...I want to meet my mother too...who sent me away from you! I never got chance to meet you...I missed you a lot!"
Shammi feels proud that his son is like him, but that fool not understand that Rajansh is none other than Anshika.
Rajveer say in the mind, "Anshika coming here, you have not done right...!"
Suddenly a handsome man comes and say, "Hey, Shammi uncle I want a grand party celebrations!"
Rajansh means Anshika seeing that handsome guy get surprised.