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Unknown Love - Episode 40

Rajansh means Anshika say in the mind with surprised look, "Nile...is here if he gets to know that's its me... Now I need to stay away from him."
Rajveer in the that dark room was remembering again Rajansh's smile and words. Rajveer suddenly see Kavi has woke up from unconscious and say, "Sir...I am okay don't worry...but you here. Sorry because Ah...ah...!"
Rajveer say with concern, "Hm... your friend Anshika here means she in new avatar of young boy. Rajansh... okay see, I think she having some plan so came here...! Wait I want to tell you that we need to help her."
Kavi say with attitude, "Yes... Sir I will do it but Sir first we have to get out from here."
Rajansh arrives to meet Rajveer and Kavi. Rajansh asked other goons to go as he wants to talk them privately and want to torture them.
That goons follow up his order, Rajansh laughs louder and Rajveer seeing Rajansh say, "Hm... your voice is really good...!"
Rajansh means Anshika say with smiley face, "Oh...then take this..."
In low voice Rajansh means Anshika say, "Please both of you scream as you are getting torture."
Rajveer say with emotional expression, "Is everyone okay and you...this Kavi's love Siya must be..."
Anshika say with tears in eyes, "Hm...she is good after knowing the you both are safe. Kavi sorry because of me...!"
Kavi say with care feeling, "Anshika...no yaar you are my friend. And I know Siya must said something so you...? But she must sacred of losing me, as she fear of losing me...? After losing her family. But for both of us your friendship is important."
Rajveer say with jealous feeling, "Anshika, you are worried for your friend and not for me."
Anshika laugh and say, "Oh...my love. I am feeling guilty on self that Shammi hurt you and your mother... don't worry keep trust on Kavi his hurt you so much don't worry he get get in return same pain that he gave you and Rajveer. I have something for you two...as I will shoot you both and you will thrown out of this place to hide this crime. Then come to cover me...this is tracker I am fixing back I putting in your vest as they cannot able to see.Okay...now scream after this fake drama and I am putting this bag under vest in front as I shot you!"
They get ready as Anshika shots with gun, all of goons comes to see Rajveer and Kavi then they seeing them unconscious lying on the floor.
Shammi and Nile comes running and Shammi seeing Rajansh means Anshika in anger and holding the gun in the hand.
Shammi say with annoying feeling, "What you have done? Why killed them. Now how we will send them back to Rajawat? Rajansh why...?"
Nile seeing Rajansh feels doubt seeing him and say, "Why you killed? As you are here and..."
Rajansh interrupt his talk and say, "He insult my Dad and Mom so...they have to pay for it...Jerry take them away and leave them such place where no one can come...means in the jungle."
Shammi sees Rajansh walk out with anger to his wife room. Shammi try to stop him but Rajansh say with emotional feeling, "I can't meet my mother and stay with my mother Dad!"