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Unknown Love - Episode 41

Shammi stops Rajansh and say, "Okay, go to meet her and remember she should not go out of the room, got it!"
Rajansh nods his head and in mind say, "Shammi...she now will not stay in the room now, as she will go away from here from you away...forever and you in jail."
Rajansh with emotional smile goes to meet Shammi's wife.
Nile take Shammi to a corner and say, "That Rajansh is not your son. He is a faulty person...next time celebration...I leaving for now!"
Nile leave from there with tensed feeling and Shammi with worried walks towards his wife room and see his wife was not there.
Rajansh was standing in the gallery.
Shammi walks towards him and put hand on his shoulder. Shammi slowly with other hand remove his hair wig and makeup with throwing up the water from the bottle. As Shammi saw Rajansh holding water bottle in the hand so he snatched from his hand.
Shammi seeing with shocked and say, "Anshika, you here...! Where is my wife and my son...tell otherwise I will shoot!"
Anshika laughs and say, "I know you can't shoot me and they both are save... Soon you will see and meet your son but...I want to ask why you killed Rahat uncle? Also I have seen on news channel Tani and Mr.Verma murdered what is real the matter. Why you killed them?"
Shammi seeing around finds his goons was unconscious lying on the ground.
Shammi say with anger, "That Rahat cheated me as he was in love with my wife. But I got married to her and he snatched my son from me by manipulating her mind as he wants her and revenge from me. When I got to know about that his evil intension. I started finding my son but never got any information."
Anshika say with evil smile, "As you snatch from many families their son, daughters and family members from them. You always suffer from the pain as its getting refund as gave to others pain. I know you will never accept your crime. I want information about Bela Nagar bomb blast plan and if you not tell me about it, then you will never able to meet your son."
Shammi tells with fear, "No...I tell Bela Nagar bomb blast Nile have cancelled as I don't know why? This... is true....please don't beat me...I am speaking true."
Shammi and Anshika had fight, he hits her with wooden rod in her hand and hand then run away.
Anshika take her mobile from her pocket, she informed her team by calling Ranveer informed that to follow her tracker, as she put in Shammi's coat to trace his next location.
Anshika get up by support of wall and walks slowly then take the car keys for the pocket of Jerry as he lying on ground unconscious in the entrance.
Rajveer was already sitting car, Anshika seeing get surprised. Rajveer say with attitude, "Let's follow him...!"
Rajveer drive the car with speed and see in front Shammi's car, Shammi's goons was following Rajveer and Anshika.
Shammi see back and smile, "Sorry, you both fool again fall in my trap but this time Anshika you will get killed!"
They reach an old factory area which was closed from many years. Rajveer feels it's a trap for them, suddenly a car hits their car.
They get injured badly and Anshika was badly hurt.