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Our Age - Man and Machine

According to Indian ancient history of Vedic age and also of epic period, the present age is known as Kalyuga. Kaal or Kal means time. It also means sound created by machines. Finally it also means conflict (कलह).
Our ancient seers were very farsighted,. They could see the future and the sequences of events that would take place in future. Eg, one must have physical (sexual) relationship only with one matured lady. If this rule is violated HIV, STD, and other diseases are bound to overtake both man and women. That is why Lord Ram laid a strong foundation of having unshakable faith in one lady only. Secondly He taught not to see another lady with evil eyes otherwise conflict and war may lead to bloodshed.. Eg Lord Ram and Ravana war and Mahabharat.Therefore, avoid physical union with many women.
As said above this is an age of machines and almost all the machines are made of iron, iron is a symbol of Saturn (शनिचर). Anyone who is under the spell of Saturn is bound to be razed to ground. This is what our epics and astrology teaches. The whole world has been under spell of Saturn since industrial revolution.

The machines work fast. The operator who works on them is called a labor. The man who owns machines is called a capitalist. The capitalist cannot see his labor sitting idle. In other words capitalist has a soul under him that if kept idle will destroy the capitalist. It is just like an old story that a man wanted a gin from God. After lot of prayers God acceded to his demand, under the condition that if gin sits idle he will devour you. Man accepted the condition. Today man has become a machine. And machines are like a gin always busy . Fast, faster, fastest is the moto of Kalyuga. Finally Kal overtakes him. All the machines in the west were come to a halt will destroy the economy of the whole world. (The idle machines will destroy man). That is why there is always a war (कलह) in the world to keep machines at work.

Automobiles with two cylinders, with four, with eight etc promising that the car will touch a speed of eighty to one hundred km in only forty seconds, the car manufacturer nowhere says that; if not rationally handled or managed will kill all the occupants of the car. It is only because Saturn has overpowered man. As a result his mind is always working fast like a machine. From slow flying aeroplanes he has made jet, from jets to rockets etc everything should be fast. Flying fast in the sky to explore outer space and that too without exploring himself.

Fast is a symbol of monkey. Man's mind has a capacity to work fast upto certain limit, beyond which he is overtaken by stress anxiety and other mental problems. It would not be out of context to mention that burden is of two types ie physical burden and mental. In this age man has overburdened himself with mental one. In developed and materially advanced countries like US UK and other European countries man is on the verge of breakdown. Certain percentage of population is already living on life support of medicines that are required to keep the mind well balanced. There is a big force of psychiatrists working hard to keep large population mentally fit.

The biggest devil that has torn apart the society is mobile and its features like watsap and Facebook ect. Watsap and fb has made our mind and memory very small. Some of the apps that mobile has are pernicious for kids.The love and affection that binds a family has been shattered by mobile. It is a pity that when people get together on social calls or even in burning ghats/graveyards they are still busy in knocking the keys of mobile. This a pity.
It is not a good sign of progress. Mental burden should not be the end product of any form of progress, rather progress should not be at the cost of mental exhaustion or mental depletion. We know for certain that man is made to progress but it is equally true that he is not born to become mentally ill.

Kalyuga has many mischiefs hidden in it. Man has become restless and emotionless, he avoids meeting his near and dear ones, the very smile on his face is fading away. Whatever little amount of spirituality or socialization he had is gradually disappearing away. When the very fabric that joins society together starts breaking down all love and affection goes away.
This is not what our Saints, Sages Vedas Puranas and scriptures taught us. A Hindi verse correctly puts it straight forward as, (रूखी सूखी खाय के ठंडा पानी पी ) One must be content and happy in whatever one has. Cut your coat according to your clothe.
It is high time that we go back to spirituality, study Sanskrit and take refuge in our ancient teachings.